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Darryl Drake blasts newspaper story on Johnny Knox

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Ever-passionate Bears wide receivers coach Darryl Drake was irked by a Chicago Tribune story Thursday that cited sources indicating Johnny Knox will ask to be traded if he doesn't beat out newcomer Roy Williams for the starting ''X'' receiver job in the Bears' offense.

''I don't even know where this crap comes from,'' Drake said outside the mess hall at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais. ''Johnny Knox never said one word [in the entire story]. "Nothing ever came out of his mouth.

''If you guys keep making this stuff up and bringing this stuff up, you're going to deal with me and it ain't going to be real nice.''

Knox was the Bears' leading receiver last season, with 51 receptions for 960 yards and five touchdowns. Williams, a former Pro Bowl receiver signed as a free agent after he was released by the Dallas Cowboys, supplanted Knox as the No. 1 ''X'' receiver early in training camp.

''Guys like Johnny need to learn to be consistent,'' Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz said. "He certainly has the ability. He just is still learning to play, adjust and do the things we ask him to do."

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Biggs should have asked knox himself instead of that source crap- that is lazy and irresponsible

Biggs getting caught with his pants down...hahaha I love it...Its about time someone called these so called "reporters" on their lies. Mariotti did it for years...Go Drake!!!

The 'source' of the comment was probably from a Halas Hall janitor who heard it via a musical chairs game.The article about Knox is just another liberal media fabrication.

Biggs' "source" a.k.a. wishful thinking

His big self should realize that Knox going to the front office and asking for a trade because of Roy Williams doesn't make sense. It's only his 3rd season in the league and doesn't deserve to do so. it's not like he's putting up eye-popping numbers. It's unfair, but everything isn't given to you in the NFL like what lovie said, or Martz, I forgot.

I don't know how true the whole Johnny Knox wanting a trade thing is, but nothing would surprise me. I do know you have to be realistic here, Knox can't be happy. The Bears talk about how they're big on guys "earning" a position and that they won't ever just hand a guy a starting spot, and then they hand Roy Williams Knox's starting split end position before any pre-season games are even played, again, that can't sit well with Knox. All Knox can do is come out and make some plays, and maybe get his spot back?

It seems pretty obvious Chicago wanted more size at the split end position, Knox probably knew this to, thats probably why he hit the gym in the off-season and bulked up a little. Roy Williams at 6-3 is your prototype for the split end position, Knox isn't. You want your bigger receiver at split end because the split end is right up on the line. The Bears probably want a guy that can get off jams with a little more consistency than what Johnny Knox showed last season. Maybe Williams can be that guy? Maybe? I'm not sold on Roy Williams until he can put together a 16 game season. Do I think he's a better fit for the position, yes. But he's got to stay healthy and catch the ball with a little more consistency. We know Cutler likes the bigger target, so maybe Williams will work? Should be interesting GO BEARS!!

There goes the media again, making up something. what ever happened to the press corps' adherence to truth and the tradition of verifying facts before printing. Rumor mongering is despicable at best.

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