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Could Chester Taylor be appealing to the Houston Texans?

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Earlier this evening, when I heard the Houston Texans lost another running back to injury, I immediately thought of Chester Taylor.

That's because I remember that Taylor makes his offseason home in Houston.

There's been a lot of focus on the Bears running back depth chart. Matt Forte is clearly No. 1, but Taylor is not so clearly the backup anymore. The Bears signed Marion Barber to a two-year contract, and he's definitely looked impressive in training camp, and he had 45 rushing yards on seven carries Saturday night.

In addition, Kahlil Bell played well, and he is something the other three are not: he's a core member of the special teams.

With Derrick Ward leaving Monday's game against the New York Jets, it's fair to wonder if the Texans are looking for running back help. Pro Bowl running back Arian Foster is hurt, along with Ben Tate and Steve Slaton.

Currently, the Texans two healthy backs are Chris Ogbonnaya and Javarris Williams. Ogbonnaya had 17 carries for 37 yards, including a touchdown, and he also caught six passes for 67 yards and one touchdown.

Taylor is due to make $1.25 million this season, and the Bears surely would have to consider taking a late-round draft pick for him.

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If Chicago could trade running back Chester Taylor to the Houston Texans for a late round draft pick, it might not be a bad idea. Not just to add to the collection of draft picks the Bears got going on right now, but so the Bears can hold onto some of their younger backs like Kahlil Bell and Harvey Unga who both look to have talent, especially as inside runners. I don't know if Chicago is gonna be able to hold on to both Bell and Unga if they keep Taylor and Barber on the 53-man roster. And so far, Marion Barber looks like he has made Chester Taylor expendable. Also, to me, Bell would be a better option over Taylor simply because he's younger and seems to have more burst through the hole, same with Unga. Taylor is 31 and not getting any faster. If Chicago can get something for Taylor, I say go for it GO BEARS!!

Take a 7th rounder in 2020 if it will get the trade done. And I know you can't do that, I'm just saying Taylor is no longer needed.

Texas ain't stupid...they'll wait until he is cut then pick him up for nothing!

Foster and Slaton are do back this week, they had minor hamstring pulls, no point giving away a draft pick when you have those guys coming back.

I'll tell you who is waiting for Taylor to be cut, the Lions, Vikings and Packers. I'll bet the Bears have thought about that too.

Kevin let Unga and Bell run with the one's and then get back to if they are good enough to play. Unga is a Fullback and not competing with the running backs, he is trying for a spot as the H-Back against Williams and Ta'ufo'ou. He is currently third on the depth chart.

Taylor does not play special teams so as a third back he does not make sense for the Bears, Bell does play special teams. The concern lies with Barber while when he is healthy he can really pound the ball, the question is how long will he be healthy for? He always seems to have some kind of injury that slows him up.

Just looking at the Depth chart the Bears have and the numbers they probably will keep at those positions.

DT 5 guys
DE 4 guys
LB 6 guys
CB 6 guys
S 4 Guys

K 1 Guy
P 1 Guy
LS 1 Guy

QB 3 Guys
OL 9 Guys
TE 3 Guys
FB 1 Guy
WR 6 Guys
RB 3 Guys

They could try and keep 4 backs but it will be real tough.

Go Bears Kevin? Wow don't make me laugh. the only place the Bears are going is 3rd or 4th in thr NFC North.

Taylor was pretty bad last year but Forte was just as bad and he sucks hard near the goa lline. Oh but no no Creighton Forte is super awsome at catching the ball! Hahahaha the Forte fan boys crack me up. Wow he can catch the ball guess what so can I. His job is tor un the ball and he's not even top ten at doing that. Cut or trade him. Give Barber the starting job.

Your King hasspoken. that is all.

It is being reported that Titans RB Chris Johnson is seeking $13 mil a year for the first 3 years of a new contract, if not more!

Since Matt Forte thinks he is one of the TOP backs in the league (maybe #3?) he's going to be asking for crazy money. I heard on Mully & Hanley a dollar figure presented as perhaps the Bears are offering $13 mil guaranteed and Forte wants $23 mil guaranteed.

And that sounds like DeAngelo Williams money, probably $8.6 mil a year.

I've already seen Ahmad Bradshaw's production numbers are similar to Forte and he got 4 years at $4.5 mil a year and $9 mil guaranteed.

All you Forte fans seem CLUELESS as to how much Forte really wants. Just how much are you willing to OVERPAY for this slightly above average RB?

Patriots G Logan Mankins just signed for $8 mil a year. That's the top money for Guards. And how are we going to afford a TOP O-lineman in the future when we're blowing all the money on a overpaid RB?

Especially when you've already got Chester Taylor whose career production numbers nearly match up to Forte. Both running and receiving.

It's FORTE who needs to be traded and not for 7th round picks! Get a 1st rd. and a 3rd for him since he's SO GOOD.

This is going to be just like when we traded Thomas Jones and kept Cedric Benson instead. You guys want to trade the wrong man.

When you watched Jones and Benson play you saw Jones was the better performer. And when you watch Forte play versus what Taylor did with the Vikings you see Taylor is the more dynamic one.

And remember, the Bears want to REDUCE Forte's touches of the ball.

You don't think Taylor, Barber, Bell and Unga can handle that reduced work load as well as Forte could?

And did you see how Johnny Knox freaked out when he was told he was going to get less touches of the ball? And why? Because then he won't get PAID THE BIG MONEY! He already has his eyes on a BIG contract extension after the season!

This is the same reason Forte is pushing so hard now for a BIG extension. He knows his numbers will go down too and he'll get paid less.

The Bears need to trade Forte before this gets real ugly and the Bears lose trade leverage. Maybe they could send him to the Titans to replace Chris Johnson since the Titans don't want to pay Johnson.

And another reason Forte will be screaming for an extension now is because how bad this O-line is right now. Forte could easily get hurt trying to block for Cutler as Defenses blitz right past the line full speed untouched.

And if I were the Bears, I would seriously consider not playing Cutler in ANY pre-season games until there is actual proof that this O-line can stop somebody.

If Mike Tice is so great at taking low round draft picks like Webb and turning them into All-stars, how come Chris Williams, a 1st rounder, is playing Guard and not Left Tackle???

They say Webb is SO athletic. Isn't that the exact same thing they said about Chris Williams?

And why can the 49ers and Saints start with brand new Centers but the Bears new Center is a backup? Where's the coaching-up there? Is it politics? Sending some kind of message to the GM?

Is it that Spencer is a better pass protector than runner and Tice wants to run and doesn't know what to do with guys who pass protect? Hence, Tice's opinion on Louis being an "Elite" pass protector? Does he mean for an O-lineman who can run block?

What a mess.

Tough decisions here. Barber looked great, butTaylor has some solid benefit as well. I guess I would seriously consider a decent trade for Taylor, hoping Bell can continue to perform and develop. Barber is injury-prone because of his "pull out all stops" style of play. He is also tough and able to pound away and still keep going.What shakes down here should be interesting.

Last years pre-season record was 0-4.
Last years regular season record was 11-5

Pre-season means nothing. There is no scheming. Guys are just playing straight up on an island. The point is to get used to hitting each other.

Lovie Smith's regular season records combined is 63-49. Over 7 seasons. His teams average 9-7. He has 3 regular season NFC North titles. He has 3 playoff appearances. He has a 3-3 post-season record. He's been to 2 NFC Title games, and 1 super bowl.
Now take into account that his first season, he had no quarterback (Grossman, Quinn, Krenzel, and Hutchinson...yuk btw), and still went 5-11. Since 2005, his teams have gone 58-38. Or 9.67 - 6.33 per season. Just slightly ahead of the Packer's record of Mike McCarthy, which is 48-32 (9.6 - 6.4 per season). And McCarthy has always had great QB play.

Not trying to say the Bears have been great (you have to win a superbowl to be great), but his teams have statistically been the best in the NFC North since 2005. And I don't believe they'll be bad this year either. They will figure it out just like they did last year.

Creighton, I'm not saying Kahlil Bell is the second coming of Neal Anderson, all I'm trying to say is he might be a better option than Chester Taylor. Taylor just doesn't seem to have the same burst through the hole like he did when he was in Minnesota, if the Bears can get something for him, why not?

And Creighton, I told you last off-season I thought Harvey Unga had h-back written all over him. Again, if they keep both Taylor and Barber, there will be no room for Unga on the 53 man roster, even if he is an h-back. And I doubt he'll make it to the Bears practice squad. Thats all I was saying GO BEARS!!

I didn't say anything about Anderson, what are you talking about? I said let them run with the one's, seriously I mean that. That's how you can find out if they can play or not. If you know anything about the Bears then you know the third back needs to play special teams. Taylor doesn't Bell does. And Kevin you didn't know about the H-Back role until I pointed it out to you that Martz likes H-Backs over Fullbacks, I did an entire break down of his offense the day he was hired. The only reason I mentioned Unga is because everyone not just you is squeezing him into the RB position and talking about him like he is competing for a job with Taylor and Bell, when he isn't. If Taylor goes Bell makes it not Unga. Unga has nothing to do with Taylor and the third RB position.

I also pointed out that Taylor should be the one to go, so not sure what your problem is once again other than you only read part of what I wrote before getting upset and rushing to your own conclussions. Did you not read the part where I said "Taylor should go". Or how about last year Kevin when I was the only person on this board that said they should not sign Taylor. I had a debate with Sean about it for weeks, I still have the emails.

So excuse me for trying to point out where Unga is actually competing for people who seem confused. Or for saying give them a shot at the ones to see how they do. Oh no not that, don't want to figure out how your players play with the first string, what a crazy idea, don't want to know how they would sub in or anything like that.

Next thing you know I will be saying something really crazy like the line should do a better job protecting the QB. Or I may say something like Tice is not a good mix with Martz in terms of blocking schemes. Oh wait I did say that, the day they hired Martz. How coocoo can one guy get.

Kevin can you get anymore uptight about my posts? All I did was point out a couple of things to you and you go off talking about Neal Anderson.

On another note, wow Creighton posted at the exact same time as me, freaky.

Ryan 3 division titles in 7yrs means nothing. Look up belichicks record in his first 7 yrs with NE. 3 superbowls in 4 years, as a bear fan thats what I want, 1st season as a head coach at NE is his only losing season there. In the 1st game, on the 1st play loses Brady for the year and goes 11-5. AS A BEAR FAN THIS IS WHAT I WANT. I understand this does not fall just on lovies shoulders but at some point he needs to tell JA he sucks at drafting and knows nothing about building a NFL caliber o-line.

Pretty sure Belichick's track record is what we all want. Just pointing out Lovie Smith hasn't been nearly as bad as the pessimists make him seem to be.

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