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Chris Spencer starts at center... but only for the day

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New Bears offensive lineman Chris Spencer took snaps with the starters Wednesday, but only after starting right guard Lance Louis got ill during practice.

Spencer stepped in at center, and Roberto Garza swung over to right guard.

"We kind of got lucky, a little bit. Lance is going to be OK," Bears offensive line coach Mike Tice said. "It's nice to take a look, without turning it into a saga."

Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz said the offensive line was only responsible for three of the nine sacks allowed against the Buffalo Bills. But, the Bears expect the offensive line to take a step forward, against the New York Giants next Monday at the New Meadowlands.

"We should still be embarrassed by that," Tice said, referring to the Oct. 3 game in which quarterback Jay Cutler was sacked nine times on 21 drop backs in the first half of a 17-3 loss to the Giants. "Now, you have a chance to go in there and play better and redeem yourself, to some extent - I mean, it is a preseason game - but they're not going to be balls to the wall with blitzes and those sort of things.

"But it'll be a great challenge for us physically."

While he knows the move isn't permanent, Spencer said he enjoyed getting to work with the starters.

"It was good. Just get comfortable with the guys, and knowing what they're doing and letting them hear my voice and my calls," he said.

Spencer said he's getting very comfortable with the offense, and he's able to make all the calls without any help.

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Still think tinkering is in order. Edwin Williams is the best center on the roster with a NT in his face.

LT - Chris Williams
LG - Spencer
C - Edwin Williams
RG - Garza
RT - Carimi

Hopefully, Lance's illness came shortly after watching the abomination he put on display against Dareus...

I still think we have two holes, especially with Webb's technique flaw. He still makes his first move to stand up rather than to move laterally in pass protection. Carimi is much more sound technically, and has a nastier disposition. I would feel a lot better about him protecting Cutler's blind side, even as a rookie, than I do with Webb or Williams.

Didn't Louis also get pulled last night during passing drills as well? Problem with Spencer is he has never been very good, good, or even decent. I know, I know Tice is making everyone a All Pro candidate. What made Louis so sick, was he watching game film of himself? You know if I was Louis I would want to play this week, and I will tell you why. Linval Joseph, he is the starting LDT for the Giants, well at least right now he is. A 2nd year player with zero starts and he got destroyed in his first pre-season game, he is big but he sucks. Louis could get a little redemption and feel better about himself. If you want to watch the line this week watch the tackles, they will have their hands full, that Giants interior is nothing to write home about. However next week they Bears have a problem to deal with, the Titans front four may not seem like much, but they were buzzing around in there first preseason game. Morgan looked pretty good, but the intresting guy to watch is Jason Jones, lookout when he slips inside during their nickle package, Chris Willaims will have his hands full.

Webb is stil having problems in practice from what I have read, kid better step it up.

Oh it is really good to know that only 3 sacks were the O lines fault. Tice should run for office he may be a great candidate for Congress or the President, always blaming everyone else, never my fault or my teams fault.

All I know is that I would rather get a sharp stick in the eye than watch this O line pass block, it scares me to know that the Giants are coming to town on Monday. I think rather than fixing the problem by actually finding a real center, there are a few out there, the Bears will probably take the easy route this week working on quick passes, easy plays that will not expose the O line, which is truly suspect.

I have to agree with Joe that Carimi might be the ticket at LOG, at least give him a look and the nasty demeanor is great, reminds me of someone the Bears used to have named Kruetz.

Angelo and your buddy in HR whats his name the one from Seattle, why don't you find a real NFL center and move Garza back to ROG where he belongs.

Still too early to sound off about big changes . The O line may be better than they have looked so far. With more contact experience and Tice's instruction, they might all come together with depth enough to keep everyone fresh. Monday's game should tell us a lot if the O line gets to play more. I'd like to see Cutler the whole first half unless the line is allowing him to get pounded the way the Giants did to him last year. If the first sewries or so looks like a repeat of that, then use the other quarterbacks or give Urlacher a shot at quarterback. Just joking.

Moving Chris Spencer to center and sliding Roberto Garza back over to right guard might not be permanent..yet? But at least we know what is gonna happen if Lance Louis continues to struggle.

To me, the million dollar question is, what is line coach Mike Tice gonna do if left tackle J'Marcus Webb continues to struggle? I'd like to see Tice flip flop Webb and rookie Gabe Carimi, to me, Carimi is the best tackle on this team. But, Webb is still the second best, he should be moved over to right tackle. I gotta bad feeling this isn't gonna happen. I have a bad feeling Tice is gonna move Frank Omiyale back into the starting lineup at left tackle. Omiyale looked good since he's been moved to the second team, I'll say it again for emphasis, second team. Tice even pointed out that Omiyale played well vs Buffalo. I just don't think Omiyale is a NFL caliber starting left tackle, swing tackle, but not a starter. I hope Webb comes on, if not just switch him and Carimi. The thing is, Tice is going out of his way to say Carimi will stay at right tackle. This should be interesting GO BEARS!!

Kevin I completely agree give Carimi a shot at LOT and move Webb back to ROT where he did well last season. I have to wonder how this center position will play out, it may be worth taking a flyer on Shaun Ohara who was a mauler in New York prior to his injury to his achilles tendon, but says he will be ready by September.

The Bears cheaped out with Kruetz and they destabilized an already bad situation with the offensive line by allowing him to move on. It is pathetic what they did with Kruetz and Angelo and his buddy in personnel should pay the price. For $500K they lost him, here is a team that was shooting for the Superbowl and they let him go WHY

This seems to be a political move by Angelo if it was and it does not work out lets finally get rid of Angelo, he has never done well with the O line anyway, always a weak link with the Bears.

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