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Chester Taylor still a Bear

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Chalk this up to one of the most bizarre stories in recent memory.

I was told this morning that the Bears had informed running back Chester Taylor that he would be released. Later on, his agent Ken Sarnoff posted this on his Twitter account: "Lovie Smith told Chester Taylor this morning that he Is being released.

"Chester thanks the Bears and their fans and wishes them well."

Around noon, the Bears announced five players they released, to get to the NFL maximum of 75 players. Taylor was not among them.

In the Bears locker room, running back Khalil Bell held court for a few minutes, although he made clear he didn't know anything about Taylor.

Now, at 1:10 p.m., Sarnoff just wrote: "Here's a first for me - the Bears just called me and said they have NOT released Chester.

"He did talk with Lovie though...misunderstanding?"

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Am I the only Bear fan that wants him to stay on the team? I like that the Bears are loaded at RB. And his pay looks significantly lower this year than last. I say keep him.

I think the injury to Marion Barber might have played a little into the Bears not letting Chester Taylor go just yet. Chicago might tell everyone Barbers injury isn't serious, which it probably isn't, but, Barber has had durability problems throughout his career. So maybe Chicago figures they'll hold onto Chester Taylor a little longer just to be safe. I think had Barber stayed injury free, Taylor would be gone. Another thing this might show is Chicago might not be 100% on Kahili Bell either? This should be interesting.

The Vernon Gholston cut didn't surpries me, he never really did show anything in the way of a pass rush in camp or the pre-season, and he never did in New York either. I never understood the signing? If a guy can't pass rush, he can't pass rush. Either a guy has it or not, you really can't coach the ability to be an effective edge rusher, if that were the case the league would be full of them. This cut does show how much Chicago likes rookie Mario Addison although, I figured if anything the Bears would keep Gholston around for depth, especially with Corey Wootton being injured. The Bears must have a lot of confidence in Addison. Like I've said before, Addison probably had the edge from the get go because the ceiling is just higher for him vs Gholston potential wise, Gholston I think is as good as he's ever gonna be. It should be interesting the closer we get to the ol 53 GO BEARS!!

If he can't do it, could Jerry Angelo at least hire somebody who can count to five?

This is the second time this year the Bears front office has looked like buffoons. The business of predicting players has enough inherent unknowns to make all NFL teams look dumb. They don't need to do stuff like this and remove all doubt.

Maybe they are taking their usual tactic of announcing a player will be released, and THEN trying to trade him? Kind of like the Olsen thing eariler this offseason, where the agent made a huge announcement that the Bears were looking to run a blue-light special on him, only to have him pull the announcement back at the last second. I am shocked that Carolina gave us a 3 for him after that debacle.

Taylor needs to go, as he has no real place on the roster any more. They will use the money they save to either bring in a player who gets cut for the line, or add it to Forte's offer to try and get it done. This is a temporary situation I think, and yet another in a long series of poorly handled transactions....Just ask the Ravens...

Just a guess. They will trade him to Baltimore for future consideration... Square away draft situation hard feelings.

Attention, NFL, Bears need a new gm to straighten out this pr madness, and team. send qualifications in immediately. Must be versed in intelligence.

Kevin I agree that if barber stayed healthy taylor would be gone. I have to disagree that the bears might not like bell as a #3 RB, taylor is not a special teams player and makes way to much money to just sit on the bench the whole game. I would have to agree with Joe on taylor, threw his name out there to see if any other team was interested.

Seems like the right decision to me. We had four RBs in '08 with Forte, Kevin Jones, Adrian Peterson and Garrett Wolfe, and we can have four again. Only this time the backups to Forte will actually get some carries because they can be trusted to carry the ball. You can't go wrong with several talented running backs and the running back, in my opinion, is the best athlete on the team. If Taylor does indeed stay, I'm sure he'll have no problem carving a spot for himself on special teams.

On another note, yo Sean, how come there's no reports about Lance Briggs throwing another overdramatic tantrum for more money? Or is that another issue that "happened" but "didn't happen" like with this Chester Taylor release/nonrelease?

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