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Caleb Hanie on his training camp: "It's not going well"

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A day after the coaches handed his usual second-string snaps to rookie Nathan Enderle, veteran Caleb Hanie didn't exactly bounce back the way he -- or anyone else with the organization, for that matter -- wanted.

"It's not going well, I wouldn't say," Hanie said of his training camp so far. "It's kind of middle of the road. I'm kind of just working through some stuff, I feel like. I feel like I'm still getting through it and getting timing back, rhythm back, and all that stuff."

On Tuesday night, Hanie was intercepted three times.

Hanie, though, didn't want to flesh all of those mistakes out.

"If I start talking about picks and stuff, I'm going to have to explain the whole offense to everybody. It's a very complex system and it's very much involved with timing and everything. What goes into an interception, there's a lot of different parts that go into that," he said. "So I'm not going to get into what happened on this play, what happened on that play."

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Hey I like Hanie, but this is good. A legit competition is a whole lot better than where we were last year. Hopefully Todd Collins is able to get a good T-time.

I wouldn't run Caleb Hanie out of town quite yet, in Martz's scheme the routes are timing based, that means the quarterback and the receiver have to be on the same page, if not your gonna see a lot of picks. Hanie throws to a spot, hopefully the receiver gets there. Most of the receivers Hanie's throwing to haven't played in this scheme and have had no off-season to get in sync with the QB's or work with the coaches. I mean the deck is stacked against these quarterbacks, they're getting no pass protection and have like 1 second to hope a receiver gets to a spot! Thats not exactly easy, especially with a crew of receivers that haven't had an off-season to learn this scheme. I think with time to gel with these young receivers, Hanie will start to look better. I think Hanie would be fine with the starters if he ever had to come in GO BEARS!!

Big Week for Hanie on Monday night coming up, with the O-line trying to show some improvement Hanie better be prepared to help them out with some quick throws to open BEAR receivers and not throwing picks. I like the way he moves in the pocket and his scramlbe ability, but he seems a bit slow in his progressions, this causes him to make late throws, which allow corners to get picks or tip passes that lead to picks. He needs to pick it up because we do need a quality back-up at the position.

I never thought I'd say this Sean, but the BEARS seem to be a training ground for QB's in the league, look at what Orton's done in Denever, and believe it or not sexy Rexie still has a job in the the words of Vince Lombardi........"What the Hell is goinging on out here!"....


ahh,... hey kevin you wanna now waht i tyhink??? i thin you are WRONG!! hanie is a looser bust who i blame 1000% for LOOSING the NFC championchip game!!! get t aht BUIM off othe team NOWW!!!!

im crap-ton ans i approve this massage!

Hey crap ton, your full of...yourseflactually!
Kevin is right on with his assessment

My only concern here is that Hanie is not handling this very well. Lack of maturity is what had a lot of people piling on Cutler last year and the year before, so that is not a good way to endear yourself to the Chicago faithful (or the media for that matter).

Martz is notoriously tough on his QBs, and he does very little to protect them. Hanie needs to be as tough as Cutler has been about all of this, and just own up to it. Either he made bad reads, or bad throws if it's on him. If it is on the receivers, the QB still takes the blame, and describes it as a "route miscommunication" rather than "Knox bailed on a slant again..."

Hopefully this is just some frustration coming out, but if Caleb wants to get a chance to start somewhere else down the road, he needs to handle it better.

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