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Bears still have $24 million in salary cap space

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After a flurry of veteran transactions -- including the trade of Greg Olsen, the release of Brandon Manumaleuna and the addition of players such as Roy Williams, Marion Barber, Amobi Okoye, Chris Spencer and Vernon Gholston -- the Bears are still $24 million under the salary cap of $120 million, according to two league sources.

Entering free agency, the Bears were among the top five teams in the league, in terms of space, with $34 million.

Despite the volume of players, the Bears handed out mostly modest, short-term deals. They also kept their own, signing starters like Anthony Adams and Nick Roach, and adding other key role players like punter Adam Podlesh, tight end Matt Spaeth and receiver Sam Hurd.

Although they have plenty of space, the Bears can use up much of it with an expected extension of running back Matt Forte soon and other extensions for players later in the season.

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I know you are tired of the Ryan Harris questions...

so how about Brian Waters? Yes, he is old. Yes, he is also WAY better than Chris Williams, and he could be a Ruben Brown type temporary bolster on the line.

The Bears can NOT go into the season with a line of Webb-Williams-Spencer-Garza-Carimi. That isn't any better than last year, and last year was awful!

Why offer 30 mil to Colon and then not offer anyone else anything? Isn't there SOMEONE out there better than the clowns we have--they were the worst line in football, how can nobody be available that is better than they are?

I don't know what Jerry will do with that money, but there are still plenty of good Offensive Linemen available to the Bears to fill the obvious holes in their O Line such as Brian Waters, Carl Nicks, and Mike Brisiel. I don't think Jerry wants to make a temporary fix at O Line so we won't get Waters. That leaves Nicks and Brisiel. The problem with getting both is that they are both Restricted Free Agents. Carl Nicks, according to many experts, is a perfect fit for the bears as he is young (26), talented, and a pro-bowl caliber type player.

If the bears want to get him they will need to trade for him not use cap space. The Saints will most likely want a 1st round pick for him due to his high value, but in my opinion he would be worth it. Jerry has spent the last several drafts picking O-Linemen that have been busts, Chris Williams being the latest. If we can trade our first round pick we can at least get a proven pro bowl caliber player instead of potentially drafting a bust (like we always seem to do.) Then with our 24 million cap space we can sign him to a long term deal. He will be a bolster for the O-Line for years to come. DO IT RUSKELL & JERRY!!! QUIT IGNORING THE FANS, ANALYSTS, AND EXPERTS FOR ONCE!!!!

As for Forte we need him and Jerry will probably end up overpaying him when he restructures his contract. A lot of that 24 million cap might be gone on forte.

Forte is probably going to cut into that number. After trading Olsen you have to believe Kellen Davis has a shot. I hope what happens is that some of these young guys like Knox and Bennett really come into their own and merit extensions this year. That has been the Bears history, to lock up guys before their contracts run out. Angelo would look like a genius if one or two of these one year new free agents worked out and earned extensions mid year. Williams, Okoye, or Gholston for example.

It would be really sweet if a couple of these young O-linemen surprised people and earned extensions this year. I bet the Bears would love a guy like Webb to take a major step and give them reason to use the golden goose.

Or they could all fall flat and we will all be ticked off because the McCaskeys are so cheap.

Please. No more trading high draft picks unless it is a surefire home run. I know Angelo has had his troubles in the draft, but the Bear's only chance to be good for the long haul is to build through the draft.

Also, I believe Angelo has learned from past mistakes about giving too much money to a player. Tommie Harris and Nate Vasher come to mind. They played good until they got paid big money. Then, complacency set in and they weren't nearly as effective.

He is clearly not going to break the bank just to keep one player. Even if it is Olin Kreutz.

With all the Bear-bashing going on in these blogs, it is hard to see that the Lovie Smith/ Jerry Angelo Bears are the 6th or 7th best franchise in the NFL since 2004. 63-49 regular season record. 3-3 post season mark. 3 playoff appearances. 2 Conference championship game appearences. 1 superbowl appearance. The teams ahead of them are the 1) Steelers, 2)Colts, 3) Patriots, 4) Packers, 5) Giants, 6) Maybe the Saints, but they were a one hit wonder.

I know that isn;t bragging rights, but it is something to think about.

Nicks is NOT available. He is back with the Saints.

Did I see correct that Peppers is only making $900,000 this year against the cap?

I would have to say the Bears have done a great job on keeping the cap under control year after year.

And here it comes...

Who is going to be the Homer?

$24,000,000 and they couldn't part with an extra $500,000 for a top guy like Olin. I 'm from England and have been an avid Bears supporter since 1983 and had some good times and quite a few BAD times, watched while free agents that could have topped the team off (Muhammed instead of Burress just one instance). I have never faultered in my support for the team but this with Kruetz is certainly making me angry so i can only imagine how the guys in the locker room are feeling. Come on Jerry DON'T be cheap, we all know Olin's getting on but for the harmony of the TEAM sign him, and at least we have quality for the future and let Olin retire with pride. HE DESERVES IT.

You sure about that? You forgot the Eagles with 64 wins, and more playoff apperances. Seahawks have 57 wins yet managed to make the playoffs 5 times, compared to Smiths 3. Ravens have 65 wins and 4 playoff apperances they also have the same amount of Super Bowl victories as the Bears. By the way I can't believe your comment on the Saint's, maybe they have been better than the Bears? They won a Super Bowl, and Payton has not been with the Saints as long as Smith, you want to compare the Smith and Angelo Era and count from 2004 when Payton has only been head coach since 06, the Saints and Payton got it done, Giant's got it done, Colts got is done, Packers got is done, Steelers got it done, Pats got it done and the Bears are just like all the others, looking up at the winners.

There is only one goal for every team in the NFL, win the Super Bowl. That's the goal, it's not to have a mediocre record in a mediocre era of football in an over expanded league. You want to win the Super Bowl you need to make the Playoff's and 3 playoff apperances in 7 years is not getting it done and the fact that they let their division rivals make the playoff's and then let them knock them out of the playoff's at home and then went and one a Super Bowl is not getting it done in the biggest way ever. On of the worst coached playoff games you will ever see.

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