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Bears set to release RB Chester Taylor

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The Bears have informed running back Chester Taylor that he will be released, according to a league source.

Taylor, surely, isn't shattered up about it.

"I don't wonder or doubt," Taylor said Saturday night in Nashville. "I'm just going to do what I do: practice and work hard. And whatever they do, they're going to do. I can't control it."

Taylor was disappointed that he dressed for Saturday's game against the Tennessee Titans.

"I practiced all week, thinking I'm going to play today. So, they could have gave me the heads up sooner," he said.

Taylor also said he didn't believe he got a chance to prove himself, considering his limited snaps in the other two preseason games.

On his Twitter account, Taylor's agent Ken Sarnoff wrote: "Lovie Smith told Chester Taylor this morning that he Is being released.

"Chester thanks the Bears and their fans and wishes them well."

Although Marion Barber left Saturday's game early with a calf injury, he had made a strong impression in training camp and in the two preseason games. Kahlil Bell has also produced, although he's important because he is important on special teams.

Taylor was signed to a four-year, $12 million contract last year that included $7 million in guarantees. But Taylor averaged a career-low 2.4 yards per carry.

Taylor was signed on the first day of free agency, alongside defensive end Julius Peppers and tight end Brandon Manumaleuna. But, after just one season, two of those players are no longer on the roster.

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I think it was really between Barber and Taylor, meaning it wasn't even close.

One of the younger backs was always going to make the team. NFL teams can't have a 3rd running back that doesn't play special teams. It would be like giving up a roster spot. Taylor wasn't worth that.

Someone will pick up Chester real fast and he'll have a great year. It's strange for Bears to pay him all that money and never really utilize him.

Be intresting to see who Detroit goes after, they could use a back.

There were two things working against Taylor:
1) he was showing a 2 year decline in his YPC average before coming to the Bears (after a career high 5.4 YPC in 2007), meaning he was losing his burst and effectiveness to some degree, and
2) He was basically the same kind of back that Forte was. You don't take your best receiving back off the field on 3rd down and replace him with a receiving back who isn't as explosive or dangerous.

Change of pace backs don't work well when it is the same style, just slower. Barber makes a lot more sense as a change of pace, because he runs a lot more violently than Taylor or Forte, and has been an outstanding short yardage back for most of his career. Has he lost some of that? Yes, but he still runs with a physicality that no other back for the Bears has run with since Walter retired.

I may have actually loved this signing when it happened because I thought it not only weakened the Vikings, but strengthened the Bears depth. It did give us an experienced player behind Forte to spell him, and it did hurt the Vikings a little, but neither element met the expectations.

Manu was a wasted signing, and showed when that out of shape tub of goo was cut this year, but Taylor's signing had a lot of promise. It just didn't materialize.

I wonder who gets signed off the street first....Taylor, Portis, Willie Parker, or Tiki Barber? I would take Taylor over the other three, even with his skills declining.

Cry-ton it would be intersting to see if you can shut your big mouth for two seconds!!!! Bears will win the Super Bowl and you will be proven WRONG once again!!! Just like last year do you remember??? How is that crow still tasting??

It's still not official, but I do see a market for Taylor when he gets released. I think Arizona could use him and he would get some carries there, not sure about the Detroit fit. I could also see him going to the Bengals who are in need of a quality 2nd back as well.

Gholston's gone earlier than I thought, so this tells me the BEARS will be looking for depth on the waiver wire on the defnesive side of the ball. My big concern from the games last week, is that we have no playmakers on defense who are under 29 currently. The jury is still out on Major Wright and Bowman did not show me he is ready to get back into the line up also. I still say we need a corner and a veteran(young) back-up LB to help us get through the season. next years draft at this point looks to be focused on defense as I see it. O=line is improving, but will have growing pains this season, Tice will be a success if he cuts the sacks down to mid 30's of course he'll need Martz's help with the play calling to get this done!

If Tice can get the sacks into the mid 30s, he should get a statue outside of Soldier Field for his efforts...On paper, this O Line is not capable of cutting their sacks in half, and on the field, I will be thrilled if they can get the sacks under 40 for the year.
I also agree with you on the CB and LB, but I expect at this point, we are going to hit the season with the youth we have at those spots.

Jerry has gotten away with focusing on the defense in the draft for far too long in my opinion, and needs to lock in on offense for 2012. HIs best player 3 years from now is going to be Cutler (assuming he survives this season). Peppers, Urlacher, and Briggs will likely all be gone or declining, and they will need to build up the offense, similar to what the Colts had to do with Manning. Not comparing the two players, but comparing the two situations as teams. The Bears will be an offensive-heavy team by 2014, so Jerry needs to focus his efforts around making that side go.

Carimi, Forte, Cutler, and whatever sticks from this receiving corps will be the base of what we do going forward. If it isn't, we are going to get bad in a hurry after next season.

Speaking of the receiving corps, rumor has it the Rams are going to try and sneak Pettis or Salas (or both) onto the practice squad, so we should be prepared to pounce and get whichever one gets released, since we were interested in both of them during the draft. Roy Williams is not a #1...never has been, never will be again. He is a split end though, and we have none of those on the roster. Pettis and Salas could both be split ends, and give the others a chance to get a free release into their routes.

I was right last year, I said the Packers would win the Super Bowl, you said the Bears would. You where wrong, the Bears didn't win the Super Bowl, your wrong every year cause you say that every year they will win the Super Bowl just like now.

That's why you stopped posting again. You know the Bears lost last year and didn't go to the Super Bowl right? You sound a little crazy.

I think a lot depends on play calling Joe, Tice has gotten them looking better, but Carimi will have his struggles as a rookie, they all do. Webb will have his problems against speed rushers and top end talent. Louis does not belong on the line and Garza is a stop gap. It also all depends on who they line up against.

With the Titans game Carimi had some issues early and didn't really play that well in pass protection and the Bears are trying to get Williams and Louis outside on runs because inside they are not very effective. Teams will attempt to disrupt the timing of the Martz offense by jamming and blitzing and the Titans really didn't do that very often. We really have not seen how teams will attack the Bears offense yet. We also have not seem elite 3-4 edge rushers or 4-3 ends yet. Not to mention Williams looked bad against Buffalo and needed help on almost every play against Kyle Williams and that has been the lone high end DT he has faced, not sure what will happen once teams turn on the pressure and defense are playing full speed.

You know looking good against the Titans ends is not a big deal, because both starters for the Titans sat. Cutler should make it through the season the Bears are not going to let what happened last year happen again, if the teams are getting to him they will run more and use shorters drops and fewer passing plays. Martz probably has a tight leash around his neck, he won't be able to get away with all the crazy drops again if they can't protect it.

Still not sure what the tards up at Halas hall are smoking, every summer training camp opens and they try to sell Hester to everyone, but he never looks really good. Then along comes Bennett last year and he was clearly the better reciever and the reciever Cutler is most comfortable with and he can't get on the field.

You know it's not hard to be a 1000 yard reciever in this offense, it really isn't, if Mike Furrey can do it then I think a lot and I mean a lot of players should be able to. This preseason has to be the most dropped passes I can remember on the Bears offense in a long time. What the hell is wrong with those guys. I don't see Pettis going ot the practice squad, he was just drafted and is a 3rd round pick, then again McDaniels is a tard so who knows. Nice size, really good change of direction, kinda slow, and a good jumper. Don't know about his hands. Salas went to Hawaii rught? Bloated college numbers. One thing for sure is one of them will be the fifth or 6th reciever and it will probably be Pettis.

Anyway one thing is for sure just looking at the schedule Louis and Webb have their work cut out for them, the list of edge rushers for Webb reads like a LT suicide note. Bears will probably stick a TE next to him a TE with a degree in therapy. Louis gets to deal with Suh twice, Kevin Williams twice, BJ Raji, Tommy Kelly and Richard Seymore, McCoy, almost forgot Ryan Pickett, andLiuget who looks pretty good. Should be a fun year for those guys.

Oh and Tripper I posted again just for you. In fact know that I know your back from your hole in the ground, I am gonne redouble my efforts at posting. More posts than ever, way more and all of it just for you. Cause I know how much you missed me. By the way don't think I forgot how you hung Cutler out to dry after the NFC title game.

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