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Bears' Roy Williams getting in shape quickly

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Bears wide receiver Roy Williams took the blame for giving the impression that he's not yet in football shape three weeks into training camp. But he still seemed slightly miffed that it's an issue after two preseason games without a catch.

''I'm fine, man. I'm fine,'' he said prior to practice Wednesday at Halas Hall in Lake Forest. ''I played a half. I'm good to go. I don't understand what the hell's going on [with that line of questioning]. But it's all good.''

Williams' conditioning became an issue after he broached the subject last week. Asked what was the biggest thing he had to work on, Williams said, ''think my conditioning. Getting my wind right. You have to be able to run in this offense. Run all day long.''

He later said he gets into football shape in camp, not during the offseason.

''You can run all the hills and mountains that you want to, but when you get out here and play for four seconds and jog back to the huddle, that's what gets you in shape,'' he said.

On Wednesday he said he was just kidding and that the conditioning angle ''got blown out of proportion,'' but he was fine with it.

''Yeah, that's my fault,'' he said. ''I'm a sarcastic guy. I like to smile a lot. So I won't do that anymore.''

Of course, the intense scrutiny is because Williams, a former Pro Bowl receiver in Mike Martz's defense in Detroit in 2006, is considered the Bears best chance in years to have a big-play receiver.

I love it,'' he said. ''I've been in that situation all my life. Here I actually have a chance to put my name on something. It's in my hands. I just have to stay ready so I can get ready.''

Williams knows he hasn't lived up to expectations yet. But he thinks he will. And even if he doesn't, he thinks the Bears' offense will be a big hit in 2012.

''I haven't even caught a ball yet,'' he said. ''But it's coming. It's coming along. And once it happens, the fireworks will go off and this offense will be off and running -- whether I'm catching the ball or not. We're an offensive team that can run the football. We're a great screen team and a great passing team. I don't want the focus to be on me. I want it to be on everybody. But it's a team sport.''

Williams said his relationship with quarterback Jay Cutler is developing, but it's going to take time as well.

''It's coming along good,'' he said. ''I think everybody wants us to just click right now. it's going to take a little time. We're progressing day by day and trying to get to Sept. 11, so when the bullets fly we'll be ready to go.''

Williams interview with the local media ended on an awkward note when he was asked about his drops against the Giants.

''Drops? What happened?'' he responded.

''There were a couple drops on third downs. Was that just rust on your ...''

''Who had a drop? I had a drop?'' Williams replied.


''I didn't have a drop,'' Williams insisted. ''If you want to count it, you can. I think the DB made a great play to knock it out as soon as it got into my hands, so I didn't drop the ball. If you want to call it a drop, go ahead. You say I had another one too?''

''The one on the slant?''

"The slant? Yeah, I've got to catch that ball. My fault."

It was a fitting conclusion to the interview. His sarcasm, a little difficult to discern last week, was clear to everybody in the room.

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Hey Roy that makes two of us. No one seems to get my sacrasm either on these boards. Maybe I should start dropping a lot of balls and just plane suck like you do and than people will get me.

Problem is I am always on my game and will never become a has been like him. What can I say I'm a perfcetinist. isnt that right Hash browns?

Roy needs to wake up and realise he aint in Texas no more. This is Chicago, the media and fans are gonna rip him up and down if he dosnt perform. Hell even if he has good game or two any sign of him regressing and he is gonna get torn apart.
I"ts the Chicago way"

I guess I don't understand what the problem was...were people giving him a hard time for saying that he "gets into shape" at camp? I think that's awesome that he can admit that...I'm sure he's not totally out of shape during the off-season but for goodness sake, it's called "conditioning" for a reason!

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