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Bears receive roster exemption for Harvey Unga

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Since making a solid appearance against the Buffalo Bills, Bears running back Harvey Unga has been excused from the team for personal reasons.

Now, according to a league source, the Bears will get a roster exemption for him.

With final cuts to 53 due Saturday, the Bears don't have to make a decision on Unga until he returns to the team.

Still, it seems Unga does not have a spot on the 53-man roster. Matt Forte and Marion Barber are locks, and Kahlil Bell is in an awfully strong position. Meanwhile, veteran Chester Taylor is counting the days until he's a former Bear. Via trade or release, Taylor will be gone by the weekend.

Unga, a seventh-round pick in the supplemental draft, is practice squad eligible, though.

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This doesn't sound good. Unga has already had some tough luck in his football career and personal life. I hope and pray whatever challenges he and his family are facing work out for them.

Is Harvey a complete idiot?

Chicago will probably try and sneak Unga onto the practice squad. He did look solid vs Buffalo. I think Chicago brought Unga in because they've been wanting a strong runner, especially between the tackles, for short yardage and goal line situations. When they brought him in with his size, 240lbs, they probably thought he would give them that type of runner. Well, they found that type of runner in free agent Marion Barber, and with Unga missing so much time, he's gonna be behind anyways. So yeah Unga is practice squad bound. GO BEARS!!

ahhhhh.....well wll harvey unga...more like harvey DUNGa am i rite loosers? man i can semll a BUST from miles ans this one REEKS of TOTAL LOOSER BUST!!!

hey kvein BUMstead (hy hyu hyu i am so funny)....look at you wishing that harvy unga does good as a waht a looser. Did you now Kevin?? Only loosers cheer for the team they are a fan of.....real cool super awsome people leik me TEAR TEHM DOWN AT EVEYRM OMENT!!! why you ask?? O hbecauswe it makes me feel better sense i havs low self-esteem and no girlfrend!!!

oh ans msnbaerfan are you going to hope ans pray? ohh boo hoo well you be ter pray...paray ataht i tont SMACK you ans kevin arond a bit lei i do to taht BRADNO!! OH i HATE that BRANDO!!! hate hat haet that BEANOD!! i will SMAKC him arond tow!!!

but you guys now me old crap-ton...just trying t o be posative

ps in ow i talk a tuff game but deep down im lonely. i have no frends ans i dont no ow to make any....hey kevin wont youo be....oh please wont you be....won tyou be...m ynaybor...sniff sniff :(

I dunno if you could classify a 7th round pick of the supplemental draft a "bust", anything past 3rd round no one cares about

Crap-ton... where the hell did you learn to speak?

I hope Harvey ends up making it to the team (eventually) its too bad he had to leave from BYU early, he had some promise...

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