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August 1 Practice Observations

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It was a muggy night here at ONU, under the lights. Several of the players complained coming off the field, including second-round pick Stephen Paea.

* The best play I saw tonight was by Jimmy Young, a 6 foot 1, undrafted rookie receiver out of TCU. He looked over one shoulder then the other and still made the catch. Very high degree of difficulty, and he didn't bobble it at all.

* Undrafted rookie receiver Dane Sanzenbacher out of Ohio State also made a handful of catches, looking very solid out there. He also took advantage of Roy Williams and Sam Hurd not being able to practice until Thursday, running with the starters when Johnny Knox had to get worked on briefly on the sideline.

* Nickel corner D.J. Moore picked off a pass from quarterback Matt Gutierrez. Moore made the catch look routine, which makes him such an exciting player, as he showcased often last year.

* Running back Matt Forte, who is cut up like a rock, showed his explosiveness down the left sideline. It wasn't full contact, but he definitely seemed to surprise safety Major WRight with his speed.

* Receiver Devin Hester hauled in a 50-plus yard touchdown. He made it look easy.

* Cornerback Tim Jennings had a forgettable evening, giving up a handful of plays in a one-on-one drill. Jennings was also beaten on Hester's 50-yard touchdown. And he also dropped a pick.

* The equipment staff might want to fit rookie offensive tackle Gabe Carimi with some new cleats. He slipped several times during two-on-two blocking drills. Or maybe it's because Israel Idonije and Corey Wootton just overwhelmed him.

* Left guard Chris Williams, who is currently running with the starters, ended up on the ground on consecutive plays during two-on-twos.

* It was a bit frustrating, since so many key players can't practice until Thursday, due to the new CBA rules. So fans -- and reporters -- who showed up didn't get to check out receiver Roy Williams jump over defenders, Adam Podlesh drop a punt inside the five, or how Chris Spencer looks snapping the ball.

* Punter Spencer Lanning looked solid, and I erred in saying he was Podlesh on a Twitter posting.

Game ball goes to... the young kid. Dane Sanzenbacher. I'm sure he'll cry when we give him the award.

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You should make something like an award - or just a certificate (i better looks really cheap) for the Gameball winner. :D

Ha ha. Nice. I'll have to check our budget and dig through the loose change drawer at our office.

Dane Sanz, training camp superstar. How is Zach Bowman looking Sean?

You know Carimi was raised on Field Turf. Do you think he is just making an adjustment to natural grass? OMG....just made the connection, he has to play at Soldier Field!!

I bet Forte's agent really hates that he passes the eye test. Can you imagine the conversation with Stein as they watch practice?

"I see your point Cliff, even if you don't sign my client you still have Chris Williams and Marcus Harrison highlighting that draft class." "And you have done so well with your second rounders. What numbers do Bauzin, Manning, Bradley or Tank Johnson wear? You guys nailed it in 2007 too, but I can't seem to find....... Oh they must be guys that can't practice till Thursday?"

Hopefully Cliff doesn't break his arm reaching for the checkbook.

With Danieal Manning in Texas, the stakes are a lot higher on D.J. Moore's performance.

This is really good stuff Sean. We may have to keep you.

Naw go for it. You are doing good and it's a great time for football. Gloat a little.

Well you might consider waiting a couple more days to let the swelling go down from last week, but probably it's OK. Most Bear fans have developed the attention span of a house fly just as a survival mechanism.

We now have EIGHT, count'm, EIGHT former first round draft picks on the roster.

Stakes might be higher fro DJ, but he seems like the type of guy to rise to any occassion.

Consider this, Daniel Manning was one hell of an athlete BUT he failed at every defensive back position. Eventually he stabilized his play at strong safety, but remained effectively useless in cover. He never gained the instincts for the ball and fell for headfakes, got jukes & outrun, etc. Lovie spent all of camp last year trying to mold him to a specific spot that he still couldn't claim, or else they would've resigned him. I think that Maynard was the bigger loss to the Texans (who will be great this year). But Manning could do well if their scheme keeps him in the cox.

Enter DJ Moore, who came out of nowhere last year and made so many plays at nickel they had to give him more chances. He may not have the ideal size, but he moves like lightning to wherever the ball is (or the quarterback ). I get the feeling Love and/or Hoke have been waiting their Bears-caoching lives for an effective corner blitz. I would love to see the nickel package more often just because of DJ Moore... I wonder how the 2010 defensive stats compared for that vs the standard cover 2 or zone they ran most of the time.

Hey, I called it first: Dane Sanzenbacher for "The Mike Hasse All Preseason Receiver Award". However, he loses the award if he makes the opening day roster and he can actually play.

Sean I got a question for you. Ae the Bears making a concerted effort to get Jay outside the pocket this year? And how is Cutler looking, everything I have read says he looks as good from a physical stand point as he ever has and that he is making a major effort to take a leadership role with the team this year.

If you got the time to answer it that is.

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