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Amobi Okoye may play both defensive end and tackle

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The Bears have been thrilled with the addition of defensive tackle Amobi Okoye, the 10th overall pick of the 2007 NFL Draft.

In fact, the Bears like him so much that they may count on Okoye to provide some snaps at defensive end, too.

With Corey Wootton sidelined for a few more weeks, the Bears have more depth inside than outside. Currently, unheralded players Mario Addison, Nick Reed and Jake Laptad are behind starters Julius Peppers and Israel Idonije. But, the Bears are expected to at least take a look at Okoye on the outside, as they approach Saturday's deadline to trim its roster to 53 players.

Another option, of course, is Henry Melton. But the Bears may call on him as a last resort, since he bulked up this past offseason and is still adjusting to the nuances of playing defensive tackle.

Addison and Reed need to come up big in Thursday's preseason finale against the Cleveland Browns.

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I don't like the sound of that to tell you the truth. OK, I get it. This is the pros. There are no do-overs and somebody needs to go play. But.......

Do we start calling him Lovie "La Russa" Smith?

If Okoye could play end why did the Texans let him go? And that would have been in a 3-4 where bigger is better. Now they are going to put him in Lovie Smith's lean/mean 4-3 as an end? Hopefully it would be just a few snaps a game in short yardage and stuff.

The last thing Melton needs is another postition to worry over. They slowed Izzy's development by at least a year jacking him around exactly like this. Same with Danieal Manning. We have already been through all this drama with Melton. They finally found the spot for him, let him play there.

Why can't Jerry Angelo find a defensive end without hitting the lottery in Canada or spending $100 million?

This rediculous coaching staff has made a living on continually playing guys outa position. Poor Izzy... made him get up to 290.. for DT.. then shoved him back to end. Danny Manning... shoulda been left at SS.. kicked all over the field. Hester??? nothing further to say there.. I still cant fathom how Lovie still has a job.. His vaunted cover 2 D was old the day the Bucs won the super bowl using it. Then he gets out coached on his own scheme against the Colts.. classic. The Bears win on athletic ability only.. when it comes to coaching and scheming... Lovie loses time and again. Okoye looks really good as an under tackle.. if they put him at end.. he will do nothing..

Amobi Okoye plays the three-technique, and the 3-tech plays over the outside shoulder of the guard, so basically a 3-tech rushes the QB much like an end, only they're inside. So I don't think its any stretch of the imagination to think Okoye couldn't play a couple snaps a game at end. Probably left end.

Now, I doubt he's gonna be the 3rd end till Corey Wootton comes back although, that will probably be rookie Mario Addison. Yes I agree Addison needs to show something during a game. He has shown the ability to hurry the QB, but a sack or tackle for loss would be nice. I think the Bears have seen enough in camp of Addison to keep him on the 53-man roster. Chicago likes his speed and ability to bring heat off the edge to at least keep him around, and I doubt they'll be able to sneak him on the practice squad. Obviously Chicago likes somebody at end with the Vernon Gholston cut, probably Addison GO BEARS!!

Gholston must have been BAD that undrafted rookies beat him out!

I won't even get into the position-flipping that has killed the development of so many young players on this offense, but this could turn out to be a critical free agent signing for us this season. Having someone who has starting experience at DT, can play the nose or the 3 tech, and can also fill in at left end on running downs and short yardage? Sounds like a pretty good signing to me.

In short yardage, we can put Toeaina, Paea, Adams, Okoye, and Peppers down on the line, or let Pep stand up and move around, and let Izzy play down...And that's taking Melton off the field! That's a lot of power, disruption, and chaos that can be created by 5 guys...

This is basically going to be an insurance policy if Wootton doesn't get all the way back, or doesn't start generating pressure. I don't think Addison or Reed or anyone else will be active on game day. If they need a 4th end, they go big with one of the tackles, and try and wear out the OTs for when Izzy and Pep are on them later in the game.

Umm Kevin? Using that logic Tillman only plays one position to the outside of the D-end? Want to try him for a few snaps? The Bears do have versatile lnemen, but there is a differnce between tackle and end.

And what is a few? There is data out there, but without looking my guess is that either Peppers or Izzy is on the sideline for 30-40% of the defensive snaps. Marinelli likes to use a rotation.

Sean how many snaps are we usually seeing for the 3rd defensive end?

MSBearsFan, I think you misunderstood Sean's article and what I was trying to say. We're not saying move Okoye to end, all thats being said here is if the guy can help out outside, why not? I realize theres a difference between end and tackle, all I was trying to say was the 3-tech and end both rush the passer from the outside shoulder of the linemen. Yes a 3-tech has it easier becuase most guards have shorter arms vs tackles, but, same concept. Thats all I was trying to say. Okoye is not a starter, so if the guy can help inside and outside, why not? You do realize the Bears can only keep 53 players right? Now, I do not wanna see Okoye at end either, they need to keep him inside, I agree with that. Idonije was a great example, his best position is outside at end and I hated it when the Bears tried using him inside. Again, like with Izzy, I don't think it's a stretch to think Okoye could move outside if needed, for depth, like with Izzy. Thats probably why Izzy was moved inside, a lack of depth inside at the time. Thats whats probably going on here, the Bears are thin at end, so maybe Okoye does get a few snaps at end.

As far as a few snaps? I don't know the data either, but I'm assuming, IF, again IF, they did use Okoye at end, it would be situational. Maybe on goal line or short yardage situations, with Okoye's bulk he could probably hold up vs the run pretty good, and maybe to give J-Pep or Izzy a breather. I say keep Okoye inside, but, if he can help outside I see no harm. If your a backup in the NFL, you have to be veversatile. Just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Not to stick up for Kevin but Kyle Williams is one of the best 3 techs in the game and he started as an end and played that position for years, he also still moves outside to end sometimes.

However Kevin this was your flash of insight "Amobi Okoye plays the three-technique, and the 3-tech plays over the outside shoulder of the guard, so basically a 3-tech rushes the QB much like an end, only they're inside"

So basically what your saying is UT's are like ends but they play on the inside. Thanks I was always wondering where the UT's lined up, I could never find them. I think we may need a little football 101 to fix this blanket statment. The 3 tech lines up over the the weak side guard shaded to his outside shoulder, he does this to help avoid the center doubling him up and so he can shoot the B gap in a one on one. At end Okoye will be asked to line up as a 6 or 7 tech depending on where the TE is, he could even line up as a 9 tech but would not be able to set the edge against the run. At DLE Okoye would have two jobs, set the edge against the run, or when rushing the passer, to split the double team. Kevin the Jobs are not that much alike. The 7 tech lines up on the inside shoulder of the TE and outside shoulder of the RT and is often doubled. In Okoye's case he would be asked to set the edge for the run more often than not at the end position, so you see in one case he would be a pass rush specialist facing a one on one in most cases, and at end he would usually set the edge to defend the run and be a facing a double team. Not really the same job, except for the fact that shoulders are involved.

Lovie is trying to generate some pass rush and at the same time he is trying to get his ends some rest because they where over used last year. Melton played the same position last year but he made Melton a starter, Melton spotted the starting ends and rushed from the inside in nickle. Also if you notice he is also kicking Peppers inside and trying to generate some inside push.

Okoye should probably be the starter but once again Lovie handed someone a job they didn't earn, Melton has not shown much pass rush, so now they are going to try using an over worked Peppers and Okoye will be in on third downs as the pass rush specialist on the inside.

All linmen are on someone's outside shoulder to an extent. The 1 Tech lines up on the outside shoulder on the strong side of the center to pull him away from the 3 tech. The 3 Tech is on the outside shoulder of the weakside guard, the 7 Tech is on the outside shoulder of the RT, pulling hm away from the 3 tech, the 9 tech is on the off shoulder of the LT pulling him away from the LG, the LG can drop down to be a secondary blocker on the 9 but usually takes the shorter path to double the 1 tech. 3 tech isolation on weakside guard has the most space to work with and the shortest path to the QB. All linmen in the tampa 2 are pass rushers even the 1. It's 4 down system and that's why they wanted Peae who is a tweener undersized 1 tech who can also rush.

Okoye may add depth that is true but I thought Rod was the guy that makes pass rushers out of thin air. Boy what a job he has done with Peppers and man did he make Rice into a player in Tampa. I guess there is no other option, or is there? Alex Brown was just released from the Saints, he could add depth at end cheap and I am pretty sure he knows the system and would be cheap.

they should have done this with tommie!!!!!!!

Let's all play D-line scrabble. Or Creighton's version of the hokey pokey. "At the 6 tech you put you left shoulder in and shake it all about....."

You guys are missing the point with all your jargon. This is not a technical issue. Traditionally the Bears 3rd defensive end has been a wild, high motor, quick as a cat, young player. If they know 3 technique from apple butter I would be greatly surprised. Examples have been Idonije in his early years and Mark Anderson. Melton qualified last year before he bulked up.

The coaches send this dude in on obvious passing downs and essentially say "sic em". They then fly around and get hussle sacks, chase plays down from behind and cause fumbles, just generally making plays with speed and quickness because they have fresh legs and youthful exuberance.

For starters it's really fun to watch them play. They also tend to make a game changing move every now and then. We are not going to get that out of Okoye at defensive end.

Well how did Mark Anderson work out for you, and Melton, he had what 4 sacks as a pass rush specialist and that was in optimal situations. Then you got Wootton, not exactly quick as a cat, you also had Izzy who was doing it at 295 pounds a couple. years ago.

A specialist, does not just play end, in fact Melton, Izzy and Anderson all lined up at DT in nickle 3rd down pass rush situations. I don't know how fun it was for you to watch Anderson not get pressure year in and year out, but I thought he kinda sucked.

Okoye wil give both ends relief and in 3rd and long, he will kick in to 3 tech, Melton will slide over to the 1, and Izzy and Peppers will be at end. That's what the Bears do and have done for years. As for his age he is 24 and he weighs 290 pounds. His 40 time is faster than Izzy if your worried about speed, he is also faster than Wootton. Melton played at 280 pounds last year.

Not sure what you want, it is not ideal, but when has the nfl been ideal? You make do with what you have and he has been the most disruptive of the players they have for the job. Why worry about age, height, weight, you should worry about how they play. And right now it's hard to tell, they can always switch him with Melton if Melton does not get the job done. Hey maybe they can get back Gilbert he was young tall and fast and could jump out of a pool, I bet that will make him effective.

Or ask yourself this, why has Rod not developed all these players he was brought here to develop? They handed him Peppers, just like he was handed Rice and the dude is getting credit for improving the defense. All he did to improve the defense was get a healthy Urlacher back and someone gave him Peppers. Don't say Izzy either, me and Bradd wrote for a year how should be a starter before Rod ever showed up and with all respect to Izzy if you take Peppers off the line he is not getting 8 sacks. Also Don't be surprised if Okoye is the starting 3 tech by years end. He is a perfect fit for this system and has first round talent, as soon as he learns the system he will be very good in it.

Creighton said: "All linemen are on someone's outside shoulder to an extent."

No Creighton, the 2-tech lines up directly over the guard. So please don't stick up for me....please.

And Creighton, I never said the 3-tech and end position were a lot alike. But the positions do have some similarities, why do you think players like Israel Idonije and Kyle Williams have played both positions? Again, no kiddin there two different positions with different responsibilities, but the two positions do have similarities, again, why do you think so many players like Idonije and Williams can play both positions? All I was saying is they do rush the passer the same way a lot of the time, not all the time, but a lot.

And Creighton, no kidding Marinelli never made Peppers, remember, Peppers doesn't fit in Chicago's scheme =-) Can't wait to see all the Bumstead post after I post this one ;-) GO BEARS!!

Kevin I posted your exact quote and nothing more, then I gave a break down of 4-3 linmen.

Your Quote ""Amobi Okoye plays the three-technique, and the 3-tech plays over the outside shoulder of the guard, so basically a 3-tech rushes the QB much like an end, only they're inside"

I responded to this quote and whatever you think I wrote is up to you, I notice you say I said a lot of things but you don't post the quote of me saying those things. So am I saying them or are you just a sensitive little girl who cries whenever he feels challenged.

This is my quote that you used.
Creighton said: "All linemen are on someone's outside shoulder to an extent."

I did say that, but I assume you don't understand what "to an extent means" do you. Bears use a 4-3 tampa and almost never line up with a 2 tech, however if the 2 tech looks to his right or left depending on where he has lined up he is going to be lined up just outside the shoulder of the center. Or have you not thought of that? Think before you speak "smart guy" and learn to read, your cry baby whinny attitude is growing thin. You don't want a response, don't post anything. Actually you not posting would literally mean zero would be lost from the conversation, all you do is repeat what you hear. You never give credit to the people you steal it from either, you just hear something and pass it off as your own. Then pretend like you thought of it, or that it was an original thought. You don't even change what you hear you use direct quotes without qouting. Every time I read your posts I am always like oh wow I read that yesterday or I heard that this morning on the radio.

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