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Rod Marinelli talks about Monday night mess

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After his defense surrendered 41 points on Monday, Rod Marinelli had plenty of tape to evaluate on Tuesday.

"What you really look at is individual. You're still trying to evaluate people, your evaluating scheme. Bad practice, you want a good practice," said the Bears defensive coordinator. "That's what you're trying to get."

While the Bears escaped without any major injuries -- the New York Giants, meanwhile, lost starting cornerback Terrell Thomas -- they tackled poorly and gave up several big plays.

"The first I've always believed is, you go right back to your fundamentals, right back to your base. See what you have to correct, show it to them, and make sure you explain it to them correctly," Marinelli said. "'Then you make sure the drills are done right, and make sure the tempo and the pace is correct, then you get better."

Marinelli said the chief problem were angles.

"We kind of over shot the ball, a little bit," he said. "Really, they're a good cut back team. The backs aren't overly fast backs, but they are cut back guys. So that was a big part of it."

Other highlights from his presser:

* On where Marcus Harrison has improved: "His intensity. He feels the intensity of the situation right now, and he's been playing hard. I mean, that's what I like."

* On the impact of Vernon Gholston: "Just solid, right now. He's making progress, but it's got to be bigger. All these guys, this week is important. A lot of these men have to make another big step for us, so it's going to be a critical week. It's professional football.

* On safety Major Wright's consistency: "His, and for our whole defense, everyday. Every week, we've got to come out... that's kind of been our stamp, that we can count on a certain effort, a certain level of tackling. All the things that we do. You won't play good defense, without being consistent.
And every man - coach, player - we all to be that way. It's being accountable."

* More on Wright: "We have to be consistent because we break down if we're not. It's a defense built on accountability. It's complete accountability, from effort to individual skill, to assignment. That's No. 1. We have to. Everyone has to know exactly what they're doing, and be precise. Precise and detailed. So it's our job as coaches to stay on top of it. And there's always good competition, too. Usually, that raises the level."

* On his non-existent pass rush: "The first group hasn't had the look yet, and as many as I would like to have right now. But, it's just solid. I'm not going to jump over a fence and throw them bouquets right now. We got a lot of work to do and they're working on it. But it's still not good enough."

* On moving Henry Melton outside to defensive end: "Well, Henry's done it. that's what we brought him here for. So, he's got that ability to do it, but right now I don't want to move anybody. I want to see if we can keep getting better and improve. We've got options in there. One, is when Corey gets back. Two, we got a couple of young guys coming. And three, Henry can always do it."

* On generating more turnovers: "You can't get a strip, without an attempt. That's the No. 1 thing. The more attempts, the more strips."

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Monday nights game was an overall subpar performance by the entire defense, except for maybe cornerback Tim Jennings, who had a nice breakup of a pass for Hakeem Nicks and a nice open field tackle. Julius Peppers pressured Eli Manning a couple times, but other than J-Pep, the pass rush was nowhere to be found. I did notice rookie Mario Addison picked up a double team a couple times, word must really be getting around about the youngster from Troy.

Vernon Gholston I think will be solid, I don't know if he'll ever be a force as a pass rusher. I think with pass rushing either you got it or you don't, you can't really coach a guy, its kinda like speed, you simply can't coach it. I still think rookie Mario Addison can be the edge rusher they've been searching for to compliment J-Pep. I know they're both listed at right end, but J-Pep plays both sides. I'd love to see Addison and Peppers bringing the heat at the same time. I think with more reps Henry Melton will be a factor as a pass rusher also. Should be interesting to see how they play vs the Titans with more reps GO BEARS!!

"I'm not going to jump over a fence and throw them bouquets right now. "

Sean you tell Rod not worry I got just the guy for that job. Not gonna name names, but we all know who he is.

Who has been talking about moving Melton? They want to make him a swing again? I thought he was the next great UT? He will spend this week going against Jake Scott. The Titans O-Line is a joke and the Bears should be able to apply pressure. If they can't that is a bad sign. Roos has seen his play fall off and Stewart as well the interior is joke, worst run blockign line in the league last year. Bears defense should have a good game. Throw in a basic game plan for game 3 of the pre-season, a little more blitzing, and mre line stunts and you should see pressure.

Intresting side note I was watching NFL top 10 clutch QB's. And Elway was number, but they talked about how early in his career, he kind of choked and made bad decisions in big games.

Intresting comment on the missed tackles, probably why the Texans let Amobi Okoye go.

None of the starting units played well in that game. Preseason is only glorified practice, but we have to hope once again that the Bears aren't as bad as they look. Under Lovie Smith, preseason games have not been very indicative of how good or bad the team is, so this likely means nothing. I'm concerned about special teams, though. They looked awful and the Bears may have let too many good special teams players go.

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