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What's holding up Kreutz deal?

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Other teams may be entering the picture, perhaps even the San Francisco 49ers, who will have to replace starting center Davis Baas, who has reportedly agreed to terms with the Giants.

The Giants released longtime center Shaun O'Hara on Tuesday.

Re-signing Kreutz is important for the Bears, who may have found themselves with more competition for the 13-year veteran than they expected.

Kreutz has turned down more money to remain with the Bears in the past, and will likely do so again. However, the market may be driving up his value.

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They better sign olin or they will be in serious trouble and with all these lineman on the board y, they havnt jumped on these players is beyond me ahhh

He play and remind me of the player of the past. That it is about the game!!! Not the money!!!

Let him go. It still boggles my mind that anyone thinks he's any good. Not only is he hated by all the young players for his thuggish frat-boy attitude (broke Fred Miller's jaw), but he's the only constant over the last decade of inferior Bears lines. He can't pull, which has crippled our outside running for years, and can't make a block in space. Letting him go is the most important thing we can do to rebuild the line this offseason. I simply don't understand how anyone thinks otherwise.

greg....ur retarded

I suppose it would be nice to have Kreutz back, but if he leaves it's hardly a catastrophe. He's been mediocre at best for the last few years, so one mediocre center would replace another. Big deal.

agree @greggs post i woulndnt overpay for him but they better have a backup plan
he got manhandled last season!!

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