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Rank free agents

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Bears free agents

Teams can begin negotiating with their own free agents Tuesday but can't sign them until Friday. Here's a list of Bears free agents. They're listed alphabetically here, but feel free to list them in order of importance as if you were the general manager.

DT Anthony Adams: Solid player and lockerroom favorite who wants to return to the Bears

S Josh Bullocks: Backup didn't challenge for starting spot in 2010

TE Desmond Clark: No reason to come back after being inactive for all but five games

QB Todd Collins: After last season, expect him to retire

WR Rashied Davis: A standout special teams player who proved he can help out on offense

DB Corey Graham: Special teams ace wants to contribute on defense, too

Brian Iwuh: Rock-solid special teamer and backup linebacker

C Olin Kreutz: Unquestioned leader is aging but best available option

DB Danieal Manning: Turned down offer from Bears and will test the market

P Brad Maynard: The kind of steady performer that is not missed until he's gone

LB Nick Roach: Bears would like to have him back but he wants chance to start

LB Pisa Tinoisamoa: Has been strong-side presence when healthy

LB Rod Wilson: May get chance to win job in training camp

RB Garrett Wolfe:Doubtful he will return after failing to find a niche on offense

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C Olin Kreutz
DT Anthony Adams
Nick Roach- I think the Bears will give him a contract, but I believe there is better in the F.A. market.
DB Danieal Manning- He just might test the open market...I still think the Bears will atleast offer him a contract, see if he bites.
DB Corey Graham
Brian Iwuh
WR Rashied Davis-The four letter network had a blog post saying the Bears might be interested in Brad Smith:
LB Pisa Tinoisamoa-I wouldnt pay him.
LB Rod Wilson-Gone
TE Desmond Clark-Gone
RB Garrett Wolfe-Gone
S Josh Bullocks-Gone
QB Todd Collins-NO! Gone
P Brad Maynard-The Bears told him Today(Monday) that he is Gone.

I would like to see if the Bears have a chance on getting this list of players, to be in the front running on getting these players in a Bears Uniform.

Bucs UFA Gaurd Davin Joseph. He is a solid all around gaurd that has a nasty streak. I say go for it if they have the chance.

Mike Sims-Walker and Brad Smith. Sims-Walker should crack the starting lineup and I think he will be a good fit in this system. Brad Smith looks good only because of the new QB rule. Smith can also be a valuable return man for the Bears.

Bucs UFA LB Quincy Black. Physically all around better then Nick Roach. On paper Black, Urlacher and Briggs that would no doubt be the best 4-3 LB crew in the NFL.

Im thinkin the Bears will resign Olin, Adams and Nick Roach. Quincy Black can play the weak side or the strong side making him a value to the team.Im sure Black can beat Roach to be the starter and if anything happens to Briggs, move Black over and insert the Roach.
All but Brad Smith on this list I would expect to be starters and Smith being the main Kick Off return man. As for role players that is anybodys guess.

Been thinking about this all winter, thanks for asking.

You want to keep your starters unless either there is a player waiting in the wings, or the player is no longer effective. To me that says Adams and Kreutz are priority signings.

I guess they are saying Maynard is done. That leaves Manning as the remaining FA starter.

It's hard to say with him. He is a late bloomer who had his most consistent year as a starter. He is an effective player who is still young. The only way I let him walk is that he wants too much money, or the coaching staff says one of the players in the wings is ready to start.

The Bears have devoted a lot of draft choices and other recources to the safety position in the last several years. If they don't have a player in the wings, then maybe they need to make a change in the front office?

I think they should apply the baseball theory on the developmental players like Davis, Graham, Iwuh, Roach, Wolfe, and Wilson. That theory is: if a player is at the AAA level for 2 or 3 years without cracking the major league lineup, then it is time to cut them loose. If you don't do that, your team stagnates. I might give Corey Graham another year depending on the cornerbacks on the roster behind him.

Bullocks, Clark, Collins, and Tinoisamoa fall into the category of veteran street free agents. You sign players like this, for not much more than the league minimum, based on holes in the roster. Given the Bears roster, that means Tinoisamoa would be the only one I'd try to keep, and only if he is healthy. I will always have a soft spot for Des Clark, but he probably needs to move on.

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