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Peppers finishes 10th in Top 100

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Julius Peppers was named the league's 10th best player in NFL Network's Top 100 Series, one ahead of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and one behind Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Peppers, who had eight sacks, 54 tackles and two interceptions last season, was one of four Bears players to make the Top 100, as voted on by NFL players. Devin Hester was 32nd, Brian Urlacher 49th and Lance Briggs 92nd.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was voted No. 1 overall with Colts quarterback Peyton Manning second and Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis third. Ravens safety Ed Reed, Steelers safety Troy Polamalu, Texans receiver Andre Johnson and Jets cornerback Derrelle Revis rounded out the Top 10.

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Its no surprise Julius Peppers got the highest ranking of any Bear. Peppers turned the Bears defense around, without Peppers in 2009 the unit was subpar, with Peppers in 2010, the Bears defense became a top 5 defense, and I don't think its any coincidence they became top 5 with Peppers. The guy is a beast, I mean yeah he didn't get the sacks a lot of fans would have liked, and 8 really isn't bad, but the guy had 23 QB pressures, and that means a lot for a defense that simply needs to create pressure to be effective like Chicago's in their cover-2 scheme. Peppers opens a lot of things up for the Bears, if you double team him, it opens things up for another defender, if not, your quarterback is gonna be throwing the ball a lot faster than he would like, either way, Peppers makes an impact. I think Peppers is the best all around DE in the league and the best 4-3 pass rusher in the NFL right now.

In the last 2 off-seasons Bears GM Jerry Angelo has made a splash, first with the Cutler trade, then with the Julius Peppers signing. I'd like to see him do one more this off-season if and when the labor dispute gets settled. I say go out and bring in Saints guard Carl Nicks, this move would set the Bears offense over the top. Nicks is coming into his prime as an interior lineman, the Bears should ink him and let him come in and do what he does best, blow people off the line! If Angelo can sign big Carl Nicks, I will guarantee 2 things, first, Matt Forte will make his first Pro-Bowl, and second, Chicago will go to the Super Bowl. I feel that strongly about Carl Nicks and what he could do for the Bears offensive line, especially with the likes of Suh and some of the other NFC north DT's the Bears will face. Just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

ahhhhhh...taht is LIE!!!!!!!!!! peepers isd a BUST ans i now hre isa BUST sense THAT looser ANGELO got him. i never wanted peepers i wanted kampan and sense i never wanted him taht a means he SUCKS!!!!

ahhh is teh crap-ton logic....and it is trues sense i am alleays right ans i only give FaCTs!!

ahh ands hster at 32????? wow waht a joke he is teh BIGGEST BUST EVER!!!!

urlacher or shoold i say ur LOOSER is old ans needs to tetire....briggs is ok but sense he is on teh bears ans angelo drafte him i wll al so say hi sucks.

but you ghuys now me old rap-on justrying to gbe posative...

ps iff i were to to rank teh bears tehy woul be dead LAST uncer angelo...evey team is th crap-tn logic.... :)

Im not taking anything away from julius but Brian wasnt there in 09 so having him back didnt hurt either

Brees and Rodgers should be switched. Rodgers had the better year and has the ring, not to metion he is just entering his prime. Peppers positioning may be one of the few things the NFL network got right with it's rankings.

I agree the it was a combination of Urlacher and Peppers that turned the defense around, not just Peppers. Urlacher had a very strong year, but I have been noticing a dip in the overall play of Briggs. He still makes the amazing play every know and then but has not been as consistant in coverage as he has been in the past. Two years in a row and his coverage skills seem to be diminishing. I am not worried about it this season but the time may be coming to draft his eventual replacment.

Wait sorry I am dealing with Angelo, the time may be coming to sign a FA to replace him in the next two years.

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