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Olsen traded to Panthers for player, pick

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The Bears have traded Greg Olsen to the Carolina Panthers for a third-round draft pick.

Olsen was quickly becoming one of the top tight ends in Bears history but how he would fit into Mike Martz's offense has been a question since the offensive coordinator was hired before last season. Apparently, we finally have an answer.

Olsen was one of quarterback Jay Cutler's favorite targets, especially in the red zone. His 20 touchdown receptions in three seasons is second only to Mike Ditka's 34. Although Olsen and Cutler are also close friends off the field, someone familiar with their relationship said he didn't expect the Bears parting ways with Olsen to negatively affect the quarterback.

"Although they have a friendship, Cutler will expect Greg to do whatever he has to do for himself," said the source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

Olsen caught 41 passes for 404 yards and five touchdowns last season despite playing in an offense that does not highlight the tight end position. It was his lowest total in yards and receptions since his rookie season in 2007. Despite the dip in production, Olsen tied for the team lead with five touchdown grabs.

"I thought after what he did last year they would be OK with who he was as a tight end," the source said. "I don't know if he was OK with it but he made improvements last year and he showed he can play in the offense."

It is not known which player or draft pick(s) the Bears will receive in return for Olsen, whose rookie contract expires after next season.

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So next year or the year after when Martz is gone, we'll have to begin searching for a receiving tight end all over again.

Bummer. Mr Martz better perform this yr. Don't understand why he has any input whatsoever since he couldn't show one single ounce of knowing when to change gears until Cutler was near death and even then he was collared by LovieDovey and only then did they start winning. Don't understand this move...

PeeEss - Why is it damn near every other team can utilize even a half way talented TE but not the Bears and certainly not Martz?

Here we go again, whats next? OK, tell me Bears what are you doing? You get rid of you best receiver period, you don't like to run the ball with consistency and you don't have a wide receiver threat. Stuff like this is what makes fans question if the front office really wants to win at any cost. To me they know the Bears have such loyal and great fans that what matters is the money. Am I wrong?

Kellen Davis is a better blocker and a pass threat. If the Bears get a 3rd rounder in this deal, its a winner, otherwise it looks like the Bears are on the cheap once again.

Worse. Decision. Ever. It'll take time for Olsen to shine in Carolina because of the QB situation...but he will shine and the Bears will regret this move.

Time for Bear fans to give up already. Not only does Mickey Martz get rid of good player, but for a THIRD round pick. Great! Another chance to prove how inept this organizaton is in draft selections. Then again, why not sink the team, most of these coaches won't be here for the next draft.

Olsen for a 3rd round pick, no player. Why does the whole world know this before you report it... kinda makes a guy wonder who is worse the bears front office or the sun times reporting!

Jerry Angelo (statistically one of the worst drafting GM in the league) just gave away TE Greg Olsen FOR ONLY A third-round draft pick. TE Manumaleuna, who we just signed in 2010 to a five-year $15 mil contract ($6.1 mil guaranteed, $2 mil signing bonus, $3 mil first-year roster bonus = $11.1+ mil in his first year alone), was just RELEASED. He only had 5 receptions, 43 yards and 1 TD in 2010. RB Matt Forte boosted 1,069 yards & 6TDs rushing, 547 yards & 3 TDs receiving in 2010 and only made only $470,000. He currently ranks 5th in the league in yards from scrimmage (4,731) since 2008. Forte will only be making $550,000 in 2011. RB Chester Taylor, who we also just signed last year, made $14.1+ mil in 2010 alone and produced only 267 yards & 3 TDs rushing and 139 yards & 0 TDs receiving in 2010. I can keep going on. The Bears ownership and management needs to go because that's far beyond pathetic. McCaskey's are money grubbing owners who know jack about football and Jerry Angelo can't draft or trade. This is a f--kin joke of an organization and the laughing stock of the league.

unless the bears are up to something big.. ill keep scratching ,My head.. so far a punter And a thrid string tight end WTF?

I couldn't agree more.

You get It !!! The Bears front office is pathetic. Nice first round pics, Angelo just sucks!

George McCaskey has brought an even worse stigma to what happens in that front office than the previous McCaskey's in there. Get rid of a known and producing commodity for an absolute unknown in the third round next year? Good thing George Halas created this business because a McCaskey running anything else would have been bankrupt after the first year. Disgraceful. Now spin it Jerry, spin it. I dare you to get on the line with Boers and Bernstein.

How does losing Olsen make the offensive offense better?

Thank you Lovie and Company again. Getting rid of a stand up guy who kept his mouth shut even when he was not getting the ball and should have been. As a bonus you picked up a blocking tight end to replace him. God forbid we keep a player that worked every single day he was here and actually performed and earned his pay. Well i guess this is goodbye to Forte also. Lovie, Angelo, and Martz you all are freakin idiots. Thank you again i mean it sincerely Get the hell outta Chicago.

None of it makes sense. The Bears get rid of Olsen for the Martz offense. They like the Martz offense until the don't like it: viz., when it's getting Cutler killed on 7-step drops on every down of three-and-out-again.

1. Get rid of Angelo.
2. Get rid of Lovie and Martz.
3. Make Tice offensive coordinator.

Did these idiots forget that they still don't have an OL yet?


You guys need to settle down. The Bears went to the NFC title game last year.

Jerry, I liked Greg Olsen, and thought he was a decent TE, but even he admittedly had trouble blocking and running some of the routes in Mike Martz's system last year. In addition to catching 42 passes, he ADMITTEDLY caused interceptions and sacks.

Again, Chicago went tot he title game last year. You don't clean management house after taking the division and making the final four.

I understand the concerns, but you need to settle down.

I don't have a ton of optimism going into next year, particularly with what's been done (or not done) with the OL. HOWEVER, don't start dog piling on management and coaching over Greg-freaking-Olsen.

He's no savior.

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