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Olin Kreutz's agent offers insight on three-day window

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Whenever a new CBA is finalized, clubs are expected to get a three-day window to try and re-sign their own players.

The highest-profile Bears free agent is longtime center Olin Kreutz, and he'll gladly re-sign -- for the right deal.

"Olin's spent his whole career with the Bears, and he's turned down a lot of money to stay with the Bears. He loves being a Bear," agent Mark Bartelstein said. "But, the reality is, there was an opportunity before March 1, and [the Bears] chose not to do it, which I understand, because they didn't know what the system would be.

"But if they want to aggressively come and give him a fair deal for who he is - as a player, and a leader and a rock to the organization - then, knowing Olin, he's going to want to get it done," Bartelstein said of the three-day window. "But, he wants to feel good about it. He wants it to be equitable. If not, then those three days will go by fast, and he'll be on the market."

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Ryan Kalil, C, Panthers. Age: 25.
Franchised by Panthers

If the Panthers don't franchise Ryan Kalil, teams will be lining up to sign one of the top centers in the NFL.

Olin Kreutz, C, Bears. Age: 34.
It's not saying much, but Olin Kreutz was Chicago's best pass-protector in 2010. He's a declining player at this stage of his career, but he just doesn't miss any games; Kreutz made his 129th consecutive start in the season finale.

Lyle Sendlein, C, Cardinals. Age: 27.
Arizona's best offensive lineman, Lyle Sendlein hasn't missed a start in three years. He needs to be re-signed.

Kyle Cook (RFA), C, Bengals. Age: 28.
Kyle Cook has been a solid, dependable starting center for the Bengals the past two years. He deserves an extension.

Jonathan Goodwin, C, Saints. Age: 32.
A serviceable starting center, Jonathan Goodwin still has a couple of quality seasons left in the tank.

Chris Spencer, C, Seahawks. Age: 29.
The injury-prone Chris Spencer had a rocky start to his 2010 campaign, but improved toward the end of the season.

Samson Satele, C, Raiders. Age: 26.
Samson Satele has done a decent job as Oakland's starting center the past two years after struggling in Miami.

Scott Mruczkowski, C, Chargers. Age: 29.
Scott Mruczkowski barely played this season, but filled in really well for an injured Nick Hardwick the year before.

Only a couple of players on this list would be an up grade, but as a leader no one on this list tops Olin. He is a great locker romm guy and a leader on the field, all that is good but he has to produce on the field. It would be sad if he moves on to another team, if the Bears can find a better center I say go for it.

"PFF' free agent needs for Bears."

"Which player do they need to resign?"

"Sam: It took them years of moving him around to work it out, but in 2010 the Bears finally found the niche that Danieal Manning excels in. Manning has always been a tremendous athlete, and he was able to really show well as a deep safety, using his range for the Bears last year. Why let him go now you’ve finally discovered how to use him?"

"Khaled: It’s hard to disagree with the Monsoon. So I won’t."

"What area is the team’s biggest need to upgrade?"

"Sam: Just in case it wasn’t clear last year I’ll say it here – the Bears’ O-line was awful! They need to fix it, and fast."

"Khaled: Yeah it’s the offensive line. None of the guys who finished the year starting were much good. They could stand to upgrade at every position."

"How do they upgrade that area?"

"Sam: They’ll hope they went some way towards that in the draft, but it’s not enough. They could easily upgrade at any of the five starting spots, meaning guys like Jared Gaither, Marshal Yanda, Evan Mathis, Willie Colon, Harvey Dahl are all in play. I’d try and secure two of them, see if they can bring in a pair of guys like Yanda and Mathis without breaking the bank.""

"Khaled: Spend lots of money on it. Even if Gabe Carimi is a star from day one, they still have four areas they could do with upgrading on. Pick any of those guys mentioned by Sam and add names like Justin Blalock and Doug Free to it. If they have the money, Free could be a very sound investment."

To many people are focusing on Center, the entire line needs to be upgraded. I still want Yanda in a Bears uniform.

Sean I just read your piece on FA and had a question. If the cap keeps going up isn't that a detriment to a team like the Bears? While they are in a big market they have never maximized revenue and with the small stadium the only thing they can do there is jack up the prices on everything. The new cap really gives teams like Dallas an edge because they have a big market, a huge stadium and more revenue. The Bears are a big market team that acts like a mid market organization in terms of revenue. I believe Forbs had them ranked like 11-14 the last few years. The cap usually just goes up so basically the fans of the Bears will have to deal with lots of price increases in order for the team to stay competative. Unless they become draft oriented which they say they are but Peppers and Cutler say otherwise.

According to Forbes list the Chicago Bears are worth $1.08 billion and are the 13th most valuable sports franchise in the world.

So about the 9-10th most Valuable team in the NFL right? But you have to look at the revenue which is about 254 million, which is bad considering they are the second or third largest market in the nfl and about 100 million less than the skins. Your reply also does not address the problem of the Stadium size, it's not getting any bigger and is the smallest in the nfl. Oh and the Value is actually about 1.067 according to Forbes you using 2010 info. Bears usually rank right around the Broncos, Colts, Pack, Bucs, Panthers and Ravens, in fact and this is so wrong, the Packers actually make more money than the Bears if you include opperating income. So those are all mid market teams except the Packers who are a small market team but their entire state follows them and they really pull Milwaukee which makes them really a mid market team. You want sad the Raves are worth more than the Bears and generate more revenue. The Ravens an expansion team, from Maryland that has to compete with the Jets, Giant's, Eagles, Skins and Pats for fans pulls more money and is worth more than the Bears.

You don't see a problem there? Baltimore has 621,000 thousand people living in the city. Chicago has 2.7 million the Metro area is pushing 10 million and Baltimore pulls better money than them. The Bears are about as valuable as the Browns. The Bears actually dropped in the rankings last year. They rank 16 in nfl tv viewer ratings, that's a crime. Between east coast bias at ESPN and poor marketing by the organization, the Bears are not close to being the power player they should be. Did you know more people actually tune into Packers games than Bears games. The Packers are ranked 5th in TV rankings.

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