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Olin Kreutz's agent breaks down talks with the Bears

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Longtime Bears center Olin Kreutz is represented by Mark Bartelstein, the founder of Chicago-based Priority Sports, one of the country's largest sports representation agencies.

After hearing general manager Jerry Angelo's comments, Bartelstein said he wanted to explain his and Kreutz's side.

"I want people to understand the facts of this thing," he told the Sun-Times.

Bartelstein took exception with Angelo's approach toward the contract talks, and he made clear that Kreutz was willing to take a one-year deal to stay with the Bears, even though he wanted at least two years.

Bartelstein said the Bears first offer was Thursday afternoon, one-year, $3 million.

"He's going to have the same role, the same job, but they're going to ask you to take a 50 percent pay cut?" said Bartelstein.

Last season, based on his long-term contract, Kreutz's annual average was $5.8 million.

But on Friday, Bartelstein said he talked to Bears coach Lovie Smith.

"Lovie said, 'We're not going to talk to another center. I know it's frustrating. Just keep working.
He can't practice until Thursday,' " Bartelstein recalled Smith telling him. " 'Just keep working at it.' "

Bartelstein counter-offered Saturday morning: one-year, $4.8 million.

Then, a few hours later, the Bears called back: one year, $4 million.

And they had one hour to make a decision.

"I knew what Olin's response would be, after 13 years," Bartelstein said. "I talked to him. I didn't even tell him the deadline. After everything he's done for the Bears, he didn't want to have a gun to his head.

"The ultimatum is ultimately what convinced Olin that they didn't want him back. If you value Olin Kreutz, and you're a couple hundred thousands a part, you do something. But you don't say, 'Take it or leave it.' "

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Unfortunately this agent doesn't understand how things are operating this year. Good talent is getting signed hourly. Very fluid environment. The agent didn't tell his client of a deadline?
Both parties need to go back to How to Communicate 101.

**"The ultimatum is ultimately what convinced Olin that they didn't want him back. If you value Olin Kreutz, and you're a couple hundred thousands a part, you do something. But you don't say, 'Take it or leave it.' "**

LOL! Yes you do, if you're a meathead front office! LOL! They have the diplomacy of Jack the Ripper.

Wow, NFL Sunday Ticket suddenly looks pretty pricey this season for what I think I"m going to see in terms of OL play this year.

Nice agent talk... way to lie... The guy's salary last year was 3 mi last yearl.. not 5.8 so it wasn't a 50% cut.. Sean how do you let that lie into your blog ?

The guy is talking like a political hack...and you don't challenge that ?

JA has issues but let's not let the man be lied about here by the agent...

The Bears spit the difference on what was being asked for and offered ... seems fair to me... 4 mil...

Does Olin think SF (which never offered a contract) is now going to pay him 4.5 or 5 ? He won't even get 4... he was always worth more to the Bears than anyone else...

A gun to his head ?? How silly .. everyone is trying to get their players in ...and these guys want to wait until the last minute to bend over the Bears...His agent blew iit...misread the situation..

Sorry to see Olin go he was a gr8 Bear.... but he has been slippin the last couple of years... unfortunately he let is ego go too far and made a bad read... hope plays out somewhere and leaves on his terms...

Go Bears !!

The people that should go are Angelo and loveie.
Da bears jokes of the NFL .

Joe, I find it funny that the Bears make it to the NFC championship last year, and now because the Bears didnt make the moves you like you want the head coach and GM fired.


The Bears made it to the Championship game because they were lucky as hell. They played against so many 3d string QBs and against other backups replacing stars that I lost count. On top of that, they had no serious injuries to any offensive or defensive starters. You think either of those things are going to happen again? Without all the luck the Bears would have been lucky to be .500 last season.

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