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Olin Kreutz: Bears or bust

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Olin Kreutz worked hard this offseason, he said, because he expected to be a Bear.

Finding out today that's not going to happen, Kreutz is now seriously contemplating retirement.

"Everything is a possibility right now," he said. "I would say I'm leaning more toward retirement.

"The easiest way to put it is, it's always been the Bears."

Asked if he's too emotional to make a decision now, Kreutz said, "I'd like to walk away on my own terms.

"Maybe this is the hint I needed. I just found out that the Bears don't want me. But I always had a feeling that my time was coming to an end. I did bust my tail this offseason, but I busted it thinking I was going to play for the Bears."

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dumb move by Bears.....they shoulda paid the same time, maybe Olin shoulda took the money or asked for some more incentives????? I don't know but I know I liked Olin and think his personality fit the Bears perfectly....this Spencer guy seems boring.....hope it all works out for the best......letting Olsen go was dumb too.....but, I must admit I like the signings of Williams, Gholston, and Okoye......our D-Line could generate a lot of pass rush.....we could have some great DEs and LBs and decent DTs and secondary

going into 2011:

Front Office: C+
Coaches: C+
RB: B+
WR: C+

DTs: C
DEs: A+
LBs: A+
CBs: C+
S: C-

ST: B+

Overall: B-

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