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Nick Roach signs two-year deal

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The Bears ensured continuity at linebacker by signing former Northwestern standout Nick Roach to a two-year deal worth $4.5 million, including $2 million guaranteed.

Undrafted out of Northwestern, Roach opened his career on the San Diego Chargers practice squad in 2007 but was added to the 53-man roster by the Bears during the season.

Roach had his best season in 2009, when he had 75 tackles in 15 starts with two sacks and three forced fumbles. But he only started six games last season.

Six teams were interested in Roach, but the figures weren't compelling enough to leave the continuity of the Bears.

"It's an opportunity to be the guy," agent Josh Wright said. "He really wanted to remain a Bear, so it would have taken a very special offer for him to leave."

Roach has already arrived here in Bourbonnais but it's unclear if we'll get a chance to speak to him.

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This is not looking good. Still no Kreutz signing? And I understand the concern about all the Tinoisamoa injuries (including this offseason), but he was really good when he played and should have been given one more year.

On top of this, the Bears are looking to be cheapskates again. There are some top offensive and defensive linemen out there, and that's who they need to sign. What they DON'T need is any more of these failed high draft picks, who almost certainly will continue to fail with the Bears.

To me, Nick Roach should have been given an extension after the 2009 season. Not only did he have the 75 tackles, Roach also tied for the team lead in tackles for loss with 10. Roach is very active and seems to be around the ball a lot. He was banged up in camp last season and Pisa Tinoisamoa was able to take the strong side job from him. Tinoisamoa is a good player himself, he simply cannot stay healthy anymore, he's been on IR a couple times the last couple seasons.. Again, Chicago should have committed to Roach and parted ways with Tinoisamoa after the 2009 season. They did the right thing going with Roach this time and giving him a contract GO BEARS!!

I'm glad the Bears got this deal done.

Vernon Gholston's Combine notes:
Blessed with incredible speed (clocked at 4.56 in the 40-yard dash), long limbs and superb strength, Gholston is the prototype pass rusher that professional teams look for -- big, fast, strong and explosive. An avid performer in the weight room, he boasted the best bench press on the team at 455 pounds. He also put on an impressive performance for teammates, squatting 405 pounds 20 times.


I'm glad they got him back.

roach may end up leading all the Bears' defense in tackles. He was virtually unstoppable ina couple of games last year and should improve even more with more playing time.

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