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My apologies on your comments not being approved

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I'm not sure what happened, but something with Movable Type must have changed.

I wondered why there weren't that many comments from all of you, over the last week or so.

Previously, when you commented on a blog I posted, I would get an email to my Sun-Times account. I would read it, make sure there was nothing profane, then approve it with a click of a button.

At some point, though, something has changed and now I don't get those emails as consistently. I've gotten a couple, which I've approved, but I just noticed there are a bunch.

I will figure out why this is happening, and we will come up with a solution. So, comment away, and Mark Potash and I will check every few hours and approve them. Be patient, though, as we get this figured out, and we still navigate through the most ridiculous stretch I've ever experienced in 13 years of covering the NFL.

Mark and I will post frequently, and we definitely welcome your insights and even criticisms.

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I thank you and appreciate the update. Respectfully Submitted

Got it.... No worries.

While you're at it, could you and Mr. Potash try to find out why we commenters have to enter the captcha twice to post on your blog? Usually the first time, there's an error message declaring that the captcha was wrong, regardess of how carefully and accurately it was entered. The second time it usually goes through.

I can't help but think that this discourages a lot of thoughtful, quality posts from people who don't know enough to hit the back button to recover their comment and just re-enter the new captcha that appears.

Hang in there and keep up the great job!

The captcha has a very short time before it times out. By the time you write your message you need a new captcha. If you click preview before you post you then get a new one automatically.

If you could adjust the time of the captcha to be good for an hour there'd be no problem.
Even 30 minutes may suffice for most posters. But I'd make it an hour at least.

Preview your post befor you post it. Works 99% of the time.

Sean, that is OK because everything has been going down hill with CST since Brad Biggs left for the CT and I am sure this blog comment will not be posted. It seems that propaganda on these blogs is now common place, not allowing for all blogs to go through even without swear words. It is obvious to me that when anyone is critical of the McCaskey family and Jay Cutler, most likely the blog will not be posted, why is that Sean? Are you a Viking fan? Is this not the United States of America, the last time I looked I thought we had freedom of Speech in America, well I haven't read the papers today maybe there is a new amendment removing that basic right as guaranteed by the constitution.

Don't know your name, but I'm a big boy - I can take your criticism. You didn't swear, and you're entitled to your opinion. I try my best, to serve my readers. If you're going to be in a public position like mine, you have to be able to handle the praise and the criticism.

Have a nice day.

Yes you do. And your best is pretty good. Ironically those whom we really like are the ones who have the ability to disappoint us the most. We only need to read the story on Cutler last week to see that you are not only a talented artist, but a one who is passionate about the job.

This is sports and obviously not life or death, but it is disappointing and frankly a bit lame. We are in the midst of arguably the "newsiest" week, maybe ever, for premier sport in the world. I can't hardly believe that someone on the editorial staff or some level of management didn't notice a bit earlier. Obviously nobody in your supervisory chain is a Bear fan?

Fortunately I, probably along with most of your readers, am fully experienced in the whole screwup recovery thing. All you can do is offer a sincere apology and promise to do better. You did that, so we move on.

It's going to be a great season and I think the Bears have really improved their roster this week. I look forward to hearing your continued missives as the year goes along.

You know he didn't just cover the Vikings Dahli, he covered the Packers to. Covering the Vikings makes him evil, but covering the Vikings and Packers? Man that's like more evil than evil, it's double evil. And he went to Northwestern so he clearly likes Purple, Purple+Vikings=Super Evil. So Sean=Super Double Evil and has a secret plan from the united forces of the Packers, Vikings and Wildcats? To destroy all of Beardom.

Just a little insight Dahli, Sean is from Cali and grew up a 49ers fan and I don't think it is right ot compare him to Brad. Biggsy has covered the Bears for a decade and started this blog.

Now I know for a fact Sean and Mark are planning on doing a lot more work on the blog this year, including more interation with the fans and as you can see from his posts more one on one with the bloggers here.

So give it a little time, after a dead off-season and then a crazy few days and training camp just opening things have been off. Now I know for a fact that there is a problem with posts unrelated to anything Sean has done because he actually sent me an email asking me where I have been and how come I have not been posting. So shortly after that I tossed a few short posts and none of them have been put up. My last post isn't up either, I hope this one gets put up. But clearly it's a technical problem and not a personal one. Or maybe it's because I refered to him and Potash as the Care Bears in my last email to him.

I also think that if Sean hated the fans here so much he wouldn't be thinking of doing some sort blog get together where everyone meets up with him and Potash. First round is on Sean, Second is on Potash and the third one would probably be on me, maybe not sure yet. I would probably have to show up though if for no other reason than to spike Brando and Kevin's Shirley Temples. Sean feel free to delte this last part if you don't want that thrown out there yet or at all.

Thanks for the honesty Sean, I appreciate it. Your comments have gained my respect and I do feel at times in the past that Cutler and the McCaskey family has been somewhat protected from scrutiny and criticism, whether it was intentional or not.

Geez, Creighton. Way to sell out our convo. I have reached out to several people and encouraged them to post.

And I am, as many people who follow me on Twitter know, generally a person who gives people the benefit of the doubt and certainly not one to judge someone. Or even pile on or jump on a bandwagon. I write a lot: blogs, tweets, breaking stories, features and columns. I can't expect anyone - not even my own dear mother - to like ALL of them. But, I try to keep you all plugged in and to consistently provide distinctive stories.

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