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Mike Martz doesn't believe Bears need a big receiver

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Mike Martz told the Associated Press that "size doesn't make any difference" in his offense.

"It makes absolutely no difference," the Bears offensive coordinator told the Associated Press. "With Matt [Forte] as a runner and our ability to run the ball, we get a lot of one-on-one coverage, and you have to have receivers that can beat corners one on one. And generally, the guys that can change direction and run fast - those are the kinds of guys that you're looking for.

"If he's a big guy that can do all that, that's a rare find. A lot of times, those guys are more 5-10 guys."

Free agent receiver Plaxico Burress told ESPN 1000 earlier in the week that the Bears were among his top three NFL destinations. But, sources have indicated the Bears don't have a strong interest in him. Burress is 6 foot 5 and has been a tremendously productive player throughout his career. But the last NFL game he's played in was in November 2008.

Martz said he would also like to get the ball more to Devin Hester and that emphasis wouldn't adversely affect the receiver's contributions on special teams.

"We don't want to do anything to diminish that," Martz said.

As for the offensive line, Martz said he assumes center Olin Kreutz will re-sign and that rookie Gabe Carimi can fit in quick. He admitted to the Associated Press that the offensive line was "the biggest issue." But he said Roberto Garza helped the unit run the ball better.

Finally, Martz told the Associated Press that his offense only needed one day to prepare for the preseason opener against the St. Louis Rams.

"You don't do game plans for those games, anyway," he said. "It's not like a regular-season game at all. There's not a whole lot of game preparation. You look at personnel, things of that nature, and clean things up execution-wise. The preparation for preseason games, particularly the first one, is not real hard."

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Yeah, because you can sign 30 rookies or free agents, give them all their contracts and jerseys and trot them out onto the field the next day and expect it to look like a game. Brilliant Martz, simply brilliant...

A big receiver that can beat corners one on one and can change direction and run fast, that would be Andre Johnson, the leagues best receiver, and no, this type of wideout is hardly a dime a dozen.

Chicago can win with the wideouts thay have, the key this year is gonna be the line. That all falls on 2nd year tackle J'Marcus Webb, who is probably gonna be Jay Cutlers blind side protector. Also rookie Gabe Carimi coming on will be key.

I do agree with Martz, spending a load of money on a bigger receiver might not be to the Bears best interest. Rather than go after a receiver like Plaxico Burress, Chicago should go after a guard like big Carl Nicks. Carl Nicks could set the Bears offense over the top along with Webb and Carimi coming on. Nicks is going into his second contract, he's coming into his prime as an NFL interior lineman. With the type of DT's in the NFC north like Suh, Nicks is probably a higher priority than a receiver that is a few inches taller than the ones already on the roster GO BEARS!!

Well whether you agree with Martz or not, forget about Burress being a Bear. If last year is any indication, what Mikey wants, Mikey gets on offense. (think Todd Collins). Burress is not going to be a Bear.

Martz is good copy because he so often fails to engage brain before operating mouth. Saying that size doesn't matter in any conversation about the NFL is pretty foolish. The NFL is all about big, fast and agile. But OK, when it comes to wide receivers, I could see that fast and agile is a lot more important than big. He could have said that, but it wouldn't be news.

It's all about priorities. Somebody is going to take a chance and pay Burress some serious money. I think the Bears would be better off spending their free agency cash on controlling the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Bottom line is that they can't win until they do that.

The only way to win this division is to beat the Packers. The only way to beat the Pack is to keep their offense off the field. This means ball control and the running game has to be better than last year. If we cant block and get 3rd and short yards, its gonna be a long season if we cant run the ball effectively. Hopefully the rookie from Wisconsin signs quickly ...

Regardless of Burress, let's hope there is a season. Otherwise, all this talk about a big receiver is merely academic.

Personally I'd love to see the Bears beef up the line on both sides of the ball AND add a big recieving target!! The coin flips both ways, you have a SERIOUS BIG recieving threat like Buress then the defense may blitz less giving Cutler more time to make good throws. I dunno just a thought.

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