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Matt Forte joins Maurice Jones-Drew on Sirius

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Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew was one of the more critical players of Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, who wasn't able to finish the NFC title game with a Grade II MCL tear.

Interestingly, one of Jones-Drew's close friends in the NFL is Bears running back Matt Forte. This week, Forte made an appearance on Jones-Drew's SiriusXM NFL Radio show, 'Runnin' with MJD.'

"I know you better than, I guess, the general public does. You were stating your opinion. I'm like, 'Hey, that's Maurice. He's an outspoken guy.' He's a little crazy, at times. I like you, but you're a little crazy," Forte said. "I think a lot of times when stuff happens like that maybe sometimes guys should keep their mouths shut. If your opinion may upset a lot of people, maybe it's better off that it not be said.

"You may not want that type of attention drawn toward you. But I think you like that attention so, it was good for you."

Jones-Drew then added, "Nah, I just like to tell the truth."

On the show, they replayed a comment from Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, who defended Cutler's toughness then added that Jones-Drew missed a couple games late in the season with a knee injury.

"He was telling the truth," Forte said. "We were the most sacked team in the NFL. I don't think in the championship game, he would fake an injury."

Jones-Drew also asked Forte about a new contract.

"I hope the Bears feel I deserve a new contract," Forte said. "This league is based on production, and the last three years, I've produced very well for our offense. I think production speaks for itself."

Finally, asked about not making the NFL Network's Top 100 List, Forte said, "I'm not really bothered too much by it...

"Nobody wins an award for making a top 100 or an extra bonus check."

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Now, first off, Matt Forte is probably my favorite player, I wanted the guy coming out of Tulane. But, Forte doesn't deserve the money of an Adrian Peterson or the amount Chris Johnson is gonna be up for. These guys have been or among the leagues leaders in rushing throughout their careers, Johnson has been a 2,000 yard back, Forte hasn't. But, with all that being said, Forte does deserve more money. Matt Forte is one of the leagues best receivers out of the backfield, and, in the second half of last season came on as a runner, Forte had a 5 yard avg over the final 8 games last year and went over 100 yards a couple times. If Forte can carry that into this season, he'll be among the leagues elite. Also, I bet over half of the leagues teams out there would love to have Matt Forte in their backfield, I guarantee it. Chicago needs to do the right thing and pay Forte, at least more than where he's at right now, Forte is worth more than his rookie contract. Just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

Matt Forte's third season in the NFL saw him rush for 1,069 yards while racking up 547 yards receiving and nine touchdowns.

Forte now has 4,731 total yards and 25 touchdowns over the last three seasons, securing his place amongst the NFL's elite running backs.

To put these numbers into perspective, consider what Pat Kirwan of had say recently:

Matt Forte, RB, Bears

"Forte is an all-around back who lives in the shadows of greats like Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson and Michael Turner. To appreciate Forte, you really have to look at the total yardage picture and not just the rushing totals. Over the past three years, Forte has gained 4,731 total yards with 25 touchdowns. Steven Jackson has 4,783 yards and 18 touchdowns over the same period of time. Turner has 4,102 yards and 39 scores. Jamaal Charles has 3,981 yards and 17 TDs. Darren McFadden only has 3,050 yards and 15 touchdowns."

Maybe Forte should be in the top 5 paid runningbacks in the NFL. He gets it done without missing games. The one area I would like to see improvment on is his rushing TD's. Iguess we should find out soon I hope.

Forte should be paid in the top 5, if he was in the top 5. Over the last two or three years the best backs have been.

1. Jamaal Charles

2. Jones Drew (Not a joke)

3. Adrian Peterson

4. Mike Turner

5. Dangelo Williams

I would not put Forte in the top 10. A top five reciever out of the backfield yes but a top 5 back? No. He is a good runner but not a great runner, and his blocking is his biggest downfall. A three jobs are part of a backs job, while rushing is the most important aspect of his job the other two do matter. MJD is like Forte he is not a great rusher but a very good rusher a little better in that aspect than Forte, however he is an outstanding blocker, and is as good a reciever as Forte, he is also much better in short yardage than Forte.

Forte has some solid skills but he also has some glaring holes to his game. He will get a new contract but I doubt it will be when the season finally starts as all the teams in the NFL will be in crazy mode to fill out their rosters.

Forte Ranked 15th in rushing yards last year, which is solid but not great, in attempts he ranked 13th again this good but not great, his yards per game ranked him 18th, rushing TD's 17th, his best skill asset is his recieving ability which is noce but it is not the primary skill of a back.

Plus if you consider some of the new guys who really only saw their first action last year like Arian Foster(he is sick) or Blount, Hillis, then where do you really rank Forte?

If I had to rank Forte I would say he was about the 14th best back in the league today. But who knows this year with new guys coming in and older guys breaking down.

Probably middle of the top 32 backs.

DeAngelo Williams? Really? No Chris Johnson Creighton? No Adrian Foster Creighton? Forte not a good blocker? Did you do a wake and bake or should I call it a blog and bake, Creighton.Jamaal Charles a guy the Bears could have drafted, doesnt even come close to the body of work Matt Forte has done in the last 3 years.Charles 6.0 avg per run and Forte's 4.0 avg per run I think has to do with the offensive lines and blocking schemes.As far as MJD he did get paid for his body of work after his 3rd year, and that is what I was talking about and that is what you responded too, sorta. MDJ and Adrian Peterson I cant argue over the fact that they have clearly been a better back then Matt Forte. Michael Turner is a pure runner. He is not a steady blocker and isnt a threat at all in the passing game. Mike Martz loves a running back that can catch the ball, Turner is not that guy.
They way I see it Matt Forte is not a system running back, fit for just one system, he is a back you can install in any system.
Creighton remember that Forte avg. over 10 yards a catch, that is huge. D.McFadden had a 10.8 ypc with over 40 catches and Matt Forte had a 10.7 both had 3 TD. Matt Forte also was the only running back last year to have 150 yard recieving game.
I would have to say that a running backs job is to run the ball but it is such a big part in Martz offense, and that could land Forte a big pay day, a bigger pay day then what you(creighton) thinks he diserves.

Matt Forte reminds me of Marshall Faulk in many ways. If Forte with the Bears has a career like Faulks, that would make many Bears fans proud.Im gonna put numbers side by side in the first 3 years in the NFL, here are Marshalls Faulk's and Matt Forte's numbers.

Rushing yards (3 year total): Marshall Faulk- 2,947// Matt Forte- 3,236

Yards per carrie(3 year avg.): Marshall Faulk- 3.6// Matt Forte- 4.0

Rec. Yards (3 yr total): Marshall Faulk- 1,425// Matt Forte- 1,495

Rushing TD's (3 yr total): Marshall Faulk- 29// Matt Forte- 18

Rec. TD,s (3 year total): Marshall Faulk- 4// Matt Forte- 7

Total TD's: Marshall Faulk-33// Matt Forte- 25

All Purpose yards( 3 yr total): Marshall Faulk- 4,372// Matt Forte- 4,731

Who says Forte cant have a simular career to Faulk, only time will tell. What it looks like now Forte is building a reputation on being one of the best all around backs in the NFL. He also has yet to miss a game and durability is a key factor.Pro Football Focus ranked him as the 5th best blocking back in the NFL.
I say with the body of work and his durability he should get paid maybe not in the Top 5 but with in the top 10.

ahhhh....wel if isnt brando...brand obrando BRANDO,,,..

you sdare qustin me looser??? fo you now taht i am KING ans watever i say is FACT? so wehn i say tat foete sucks ans evry other r=unning back is better is TRUE sense i say it is!!!!!!!!

ahhhhh... mendenhall ohhh my sweet sweet mendy...waht a HUNK! tahts who ASNGwelo shoold have drafted atnd not raht LOOSER BUST forte!!!


so bradno i hope iyou lerned a lesson today.....ohhh ans dont mess with me, teh king, unless you want me too SMACK you around.....ohhh how i likes to amack it...tee hee

im crap-ton ans i approve this massage!!

Your right Brando I didn't mention Adrian Foster, I did mention Arian Foster though if you read further you may have noticed his name. I am sorry I didn't think we where debating Hockey Players. Now maybe if you noticed the part where I mentioned backs over "the past two or three years" you know the first line I wrote, that may answer some of your questions like why Arian Foster who has only been given one year to really show what he can do is not on the list. Yes the one game he played in 2009 does not really fit the bill.

Yes DeAngelo Williams made the list, he was injured last year but in 2009 and 2008 his 5.3 yard per carry average just kinda screamed he is pretty good. The 27 TD's in two years really helped including 20 in 2008, plus he is a very good blocker. So yes those little factors helped him make the list.

Chris Johnson, I don't have in the top 5 because he doesn't block, ever, I do have him ranked 6th though. I see you have mentioned Pro Football focus a few times, an excellent site and glad I could help you find it. Would you like me to give you there list of top backs. Oh I think I will. And guess who is number one on their list as well, hahahaha.

You don't think Jaamal Charles can hold a candle to Forte are you smoking crack? True KC has a better line but last year they had a worse line and he was still great. The boy has started 16 games in two years and has 2600 yards and a 6.2 yards per carry Average. It don't matter how good your line is, the best line ever is not giving the back 6.2 yards per carry.

Here is the pro football list of top 10 backs. Like I said great site.

Oh and now I see you have Forte being pretty much the same as Marshall Faulk. Oh look you put up stats. You know in order to compare stats you tend to need a little more info Brando. Like the fact that Faulk had nagging injury that lasted for two years in 95 and 96. You also didn't use the one available stat that you should. Both players First year in the same offense, the one stat that screams that this is the stat to use you avoid like the plague.

Oh you didn't like my Turner pick, well PFF sure did cause they ranked him 4th too, in fact I only disagreed with them on two picks. Maybe you should call PFF and complain about their methods. Hey see if you can find Forte on their list. Oh wait he's not on the list. Oooops.

I can't believe you think Jaamal Charles sucks along with DeAngelo Williams. Wow I mean wow. You know next time read the second half of my post.

"Forte Ranked 15th in rushing yards last year, which is solid but not great, in attempts he ranked 13th again this good but not great, his yards per game ranked him 18th, rushing TD's 17th, his best skill asset is his recieving ability which is noce but it is not the primary skill of a back."

"Plus if you consider some of the new guys who really only saw their first action last year like Arian Foster(he is sick) or Blount, Hillis, then where do you really rank Forte?" (Oh look I did mention Foster)

If I had to rank Forte I would say he was about the 14th best back in the league today. But who knows this year with new guys coming in and older guys breaking down. (Oh look I left room in my post to point out how the league fluxuates, and how players get worse or improve from year to year)

It's true you can argue with any of those picks you want, but then you need to argue with PFF and not just me. C'mon Brando after all these years haven't you learned that I always stack the deck in my favor? I don't speculate, I don't assume and I don't use cheap stats. I use the best comparable stats available, and try to look at it with an open mind.

I didn't dis Forte, I said he was very good, but I also know the league is loaded with good back right now. You actually changed your opinion you said top 5 and after my post you said you think he is top 10. Do you think there is a big difference from being ranked 14th and being ranked 10th? I ranked him 14th out of 319 Backs and you find that insulting? That puts him in the top 5 percent in the NFL, how in gods name could that bother you?

Sorry this is so long "Mr.Hayes".

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