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J'Marcus Webb aiming for Pro Bowl

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From Mark Potash:

Offensive tackle J'Marcus Webb, a seventh-round draft pick in 2010  who became a starter as a rookie last season, is hoping to make even bigger strides this year.
''Definitely the Pro Bowl,'' Webb said.
The 6-7, 328-pound Webb already is one of the few sure things on the Bears' offensive line at the start of training camp. Every other position is in flux until the fate of center Olin Kreutz is determined.
''I've got to improve my strength, my knowledge of the game. And I need to improve myself in terms of staying focused and getting the job done every time -- being more consistent.''

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''Definitely the Pro Bowl,'' Webb said.

I go away for a little while and everyone gets delusions of grandeur. Yeah Yeah everyone is making the pro bowl, everyone's an all pro, and Mike Martz has never seen so much talent gathered in one place in the history of the nfl and "boy oh boy can that Greg Olsen block". Oh wait never mind.

Nicely played Creighton....

I would settle for J'Marcus learning how to move his feet before he stands straight up, so he can actually block a quicker player, instead of hoping he can engulf him.

Webb has a lot of physical potential, but he has not translated that into ability yet. If he maxes out his potential, I think he could be a very good RT in the NFL. I am not convinced from what I have seen that he has the feet to be a very good LT, despite what the coaches say.

I think our best bet is Carimi on the left, Webb on the right. Carimi is a technician, and he is a nasty guy to boot. We need that attitude on the blind side. I want a guy who gets ticked off when he makes a mistake and his QB gets hit. Not a guy like Olin who would get a personal foul the next play, but a guy who is angry enough to not let himself get beaten again. I don't see that from Webb. Too many times beaten by the same move last year. He needs to change his mindset if he wants to be a Pro Bowl player. If he can do it, great. But it is all on him now. Tice can only teach him so much...he has to be the one to make up the gap from there to elite player.

I'm not sure he has that in him.

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