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Jason Babin to Eagles heating up, Bears cooling off

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The Bears were definitely interested in Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Babin, although how much is unclear.

But as the prospect of him coming to Chicago cools, the prospect of Babin returning to Philadelphia, where he played in 2009, are heating up

The Bears may have been interested in Babin because of personnel executive Tim Ruskell, who, as team president then, brought him to Seattle via a trade with the Houston Texans. But Babin only played four games in two seasons. He bounced around to the Kansas City Chiefs and Eagles before landing in Tennessee last season.

The Titans were richly rewarded with 12 1/2 sacks. His defensive line coach there was Jim Washburn.

This offseason, Washburn was hired in Philadelphia. During an appearance on Pro Football Talk Live, Babin spoke of his fondness for Washburn.

Why were the Bears interested?

Bears coach Lovie Smith and defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli always say they can never have enough quality defensive linemen, and Babin's work ethic could have been a nice fit. But, ultimately, the Bears probably had a price in mind, hoping they'd get Babin at a discount, and the Eagles -- clearly in need of help on the defensive line -- may have priced them out of the market.

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Why are the Eagles desperate for DLine help. I always see them acquiring DLinemen. I know the top pick from last year is hurt, but they have Cole and Tapp. Parker and Graham. Plus a slew of DTs.

Why do the Bears always have a cheap price in mind? omgosh, not again.

Philly is just driving the price up on Chicago. They'll take the guy whether they need him or not - I think they'll dump Kolb's salary, resructure/resign Jackson for a modest increase, and try to become the 2nd best team in the NFC.

Chicago should be able solidify their number 2 spot by nabbing a good WR in this melee. I hope one is on their radar - cause a there are a few out there.

I don't know about the OL though. I'm hoping they can at least get some depth at guard, tackle, maybe even center. I guess that pretty much covers the entire line.

What abou Roy Williams? Any thoughts?


Jason Babin would have been a nice fit, but I wouldn't overpay for him. Chicago's interest in Babin might have been partly due to the fact they could have gotten him for a discount price, but, it makes you wonder how they really feel about Israel Idonije? Idonije is a solid all around end, but will he become the elite edge rusher Chicago is looking for to compliment Peppers? Probably not. It will be interesting to see how 2nd year defensive end Corey Wootton has developed going into year 2, could he be the guy to give Chicago that other edge rusher to take some of the heat off of J-Pep? Wootton's development is gonna be key. We're really not gonna know till the hitting starts.

I think Chicago's breakout player this year on defense is gonna come from the line, not at end either, the player I like to come on this year is 3-tech Henry Melton. Last season in limited snaps Melton tied for 2nd on the team with 9 pressures and had 2.5 sacks, the guy can bring some heat. Melton is a little undersized, but with more snaps I think he can be a really effective player for Chicago GO BEARS!!

Line me up opposite Peppers and I can nab a few sacks.

That's what the Bears are saying about Idonije. He did perform last season and I believe it was the butterfly effect of having Peppers on the other side.

Eagles fan here.

I don't think Philly is even thinking about Chicago in this deal: they feel, in part, that they shouldn't have let Babin go last year, and the familiar surroundings plus acquisition of Washburn, as noted in the article, makes Philly a very comfortable place for Babin.

And yes, the Eagles do need a guy: the reason they're always picking DLinemen is because they always seem to wash out (see Jerome McDougle) or move on (see Derrick Burgess). Cole and Juqua Parker are the only consistent contributors, and Parker seems to have an annual snap limit after which his production tails off. Graham's recovering from an ACL and Tapp hasn't really produced at the level the team was hoping for. Everyone else has very little playing experience, including fifth-year vet Victor Abiamiri, who's spent more time on IR than on the field.

If anything, the Eagles are likely to feel that Chicago's the one driving up Babin's guys need him way less than we do...

It just same as usual for the Bears. Pepper needs help from some where on the line another pass rushing end or a dominate tackle. He cant do it by himself and bears don't blitz effectively with the linebackers or corners cause they are so into that same old Tampa two garbage.

Babin would be a great for the team. Ultimately defense wins games. I agree with Kevin though, no need to over pay for him. It shouldn't always come down to a paycheck.

Unfortunately the NFL is all about paychecks, starting at the top and all the way down to the undrafted FA's trying to make a team. I will agree with Don though, because Philly was definitely kicking themselves when they let him go. Then he puts up double digit sacks for the Titans.

The bears are thin in the secondary and would have benefited greatly if they signed Babin opposite Julius Peppers. Two pro bowl DE's definitely make it much easier on the secondary.

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