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Frank Omiyale says he wants what's best for Olin Kreutz

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From Mark Potash:

Veteran lineman Frank Omiyale said he hasn't heard from Olin Kreutz during negotiations for a new contract.
''We haven't seen him yet, so I guess things aren't working out like we're hoping, as quickly as we hoped. But we're still not giving up. We're still hoping it works out. Whatever happens, we want the best for Olin. He's been a great asset to this organization.''
Omiyale is upbeat about the prospects of the offensive line even without Kreutz. But like his linemates, he thinks the Bears are better with Kreutz than without him.
''Without Olin we definitely have to back to the drawing table and make sure everybody knows their new responsibilities. But I think we'll be OK.''

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