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Chris Spencer gets two-year, $6 million contract

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The Bears' best offer to Olin Kreutz was one-year, $4 million.

When the veteran center didn't accept, the Bears moved on and prepared to add someone else.

On Sunday, the Bears added Chris Spencer. But the contract he signed is interesting, to say the least.

The Bears gave Spencer a two-year deal worth $6 million, not including some incentives, according to a league source.

Surely, though, those incentives are tied to playing time, and the Bears will gladly pay it -- probably less than $1 million.

Spencer has started at both guard and center. He's played in 80 games, with 70 starts.

And he was the 26th overall pick of the Seattle Seahawks in 2005, and he was selected by current Bears director of player personnel Tim Ruskell.

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Seeing how this plays out should be interesting. I suspect he was a great acquisition with the versatility and athleticism to have a positive impact at either position. I think a lot needs to be seen before making any rash predictions, but the offensive line problems seem to me to be addressed as well as was possible. If the line protects Cutler and opens up some holes for Forte and Barber, the Bear offense could be another "gretest show on turf."

Well my two cents on Spencer is this. He lost his starting job in Seattle, PFF ranks him as the 27th best starting center in the nfl last year, and he has not shown to be good at really anything. Although he is suppose to be a better pass blocker than run blocker. He is suppose to be athletic but has never lived up to that lable.

I don't think the Bears have lost anything in terms of blocking, but I don't think they gained anything either. If they lost anything it would be in the way of intagibles, and if they gained anything it would be a younger center. Not sure he has much upside after 6 years and my guess is the Bears have gone back to their old philosophy and that is they believe they can coach up players rather than draft talent and they probably think Tice can make Spencer better player.

The move stinks of Ruskell, I don't have a problem with Spencer but I don't think he is much of a center and once again the Bears have changed the continuity on the line. It was the Bears who were saying their continuity would be a big advantage over other teams this year. Well no part of a football team needs continuity more than the O-Line and they just changed it again. If your gonna make a change to inprove that's one thing, but making a change for changes sake, that is at best a lateral move and will serve only one purpose, to damage what continuity they gained last year. Spencer is an affordable stop gap and nothing more, and can only serve one real purpose and that is for Ruskell to hope he turns his career around so he can redeem the choice of his first round bust and save some face which he has lost a lot of.


I disagree that the Bears don't lose anything in blocking. Kreutz was recovering from an injury last season. He played much better toward the end of the season and was expected to play better this season because he had his first offseason in awhile to work out without having to rehab from injury. Spencer is a bottom-of-the-barrel center, just more typical McCheapsky garbage. Even at this point of Kreutz's career, I think he's significantly better than Spencer. And don't underestimate the intangibles like leadership, that's very important and can be the difference between winning and losing.

Spot on, Wrigley. We all know Kreutz was at the end of his career, but knew the system and had been reading defenses longer. We also know the Seachickens didn't let him walk for nothing.

Arggg! I meant, "The Seachickens didn't allow [Spencer to] walk for nothing."

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