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Busted: Cedric Benson ... again

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Cedric Benson has been released from jail in Austin, Texas, after being arrested for assault, according to the Associated Press.

The ex-Bears running back was arrested on a misdemeanor count of assault with bodily injury involving a former male roommate. It was first reported that the dispute was with a Benson family member but Benson's attorney, Sam Baskett, claims that is erroneous.

Benson, a free-agent after leading the Bengals in rushing in each of the past three seasons, was arrested last summer after an alleged fight in an Austin bar. He was charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly punching an employee of a bar in the face.

The Bears released Benson, a former first-round draft pick, before the 2008 season.

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Not a surprise, and not the Bears problem anymore. Hearing things like this really makes you appreciate the type of player Matt Forte is, on and off the field. Forte's work ethic is worlds above Benson also, Angelo did the right thing a couple years back in unloading Benson. Its sad though, Benson could have been a pretty good player had he been a harder worker and didn't have all the off the field stuff going on, the talent has always been there for old Ced.

Looking back, Angelo sat the Bears up better long term wise in unloading Thomas Jones, who is now hitting that wall most backs do who are on the other side of 30 years old, and letting ol Ced go for obvious reasons. Forte will be leading the Bears in rushing long after Jones and Benson are out of football GO BEARS!!

Right on Kevin. As fans, we are the first to let Bears management have it when things don't go our way. I need to thank Angelo for throwing out the trash (Benson) and letting the right back go ( Jones ). As far as Forte goes, what a great draft pick. Hoping our top 3 picks this year can work their way onto the field this season. Go Bears !!!!!!

Cedric "The Tin Man" Benson. If he only had a brain.

Cedric Benson is an example of someone who is his own worst enemy.

I'm not sure how people have the urge to congratulate Jerry for a). trading Jones for what turned into nothing when he still had several good years left and b). cutting a very high draft pick (Benson) thus proving he was a wasted pick.

He's now the 19th NFL player arrested since the lockout. 18 of the 19 are, well never mind...why cant the topic never be discussed, let alone even mentioned? Isnt that called enabling? Theres something terribly wrong and we all look the other way because of what? Fear? Fear of the truth that our beloved Sports figures have deep rooted problems that tend to be too much on the side of violence against others. Better we just shut up and root for the team. The Black Culture is dying. Stop this madness, help them. Silence has gotten us nowhere. Benson will do this again. He apparently cant help himself anymore. Someone in the NFL help him and others.

Wait how did Angelo getting rid of Jones set the Bears up for a better future. He never should have drafted Benson, that was a waste of 4th overall pick. That's is not setting up the future. And even if the y keep Jones he still would have needed another back. Why do you think he signed Chestor Taylor because the Bears need two backs. Taylor was bad but he was signed for a reason. Jones would be in Taylors role right now instead of Taylor and I would rather have Jones than Taylor. So please explain how that was a good thing. Jones had a 10,000 yard career so far, with a 4.0 average and 68 TD's.

It Benson who should have been cut sooner not Jones. Why in gods name would you want to keep Benson over Jones. Oh I get it your worried they may not have taken Mat Forte? Oh my god what if they had waited till the third round of the NFL draft and taken Jaamal Charles, oh god not that, or what if they traded down and drafted Ray Rice. Cause it's not like there where any good backs in that class, it was just Matt Forte, and McFadden,, Stewart,, Jones, Mendenhall, Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles, yeah nobody in that class worth drafting.

Basically your logic is by wasting a 4th overall pick(Benson), a wasting a 14th overall pick (Williams), and Dumping a back who from 07-09 ran for close to 3900 yards, 28 TD's, and this is good to you because they got Forte?? Cause that's the actual process that led to Forte. You seem to have missed all the crazy talented backs several of whom are better than Forte that the Bears could have drafted. What next are you going to tell me it's a good thing the Bears didn't sign Arian Foster because who would take carries away from Forte.

Matt Forte is a very good back but no way in he)) do I give up two first round picks, a second and Thomas Jones to get him. Matt Forte was not that great of a pick both Rice and Charles where drafted later and are better players. Arian Foster wan't even drafted and he is a better back. He is a nice player and a safe pick, but in no way was he a great pick or even a great player. He isn't even in the top 10 at his position.

No Kevin it would have been much better to get rid of Benson and keep Jones.

Creighton, I'm talking about the NOW, you know, the NOW. The only point I was making was Jerry Angelo sat the Bears up better long term wise with Matt Forte. I'm not talking about yesteryear, NOW. Who would you rather have right now, 30 plus year old Jones, Benson, or Matt Forte?

And come on, back when the Bears took Benson, nobody argued, Jones wasn't anything special, he was basically a career bust when the Bears brought him in, but by no means was he anything special. And isn't it weird the guy didn't start pounding out 1,000 yard seasons until after the Bears brought in his replacement? Why did it take drafting a guy like Benson to finally motivate Jones? And I don't care what you say, Jones was a locker room problem. I don't think it was any coincidence Jones caused problems in New York with Favre after he left Chicago, where Jones had problems with Benson. You ever notice there weren't any locker room problems in Chicago AFTER Jones left. Bottom line, getting rid of Jones, at the time, was the best move. Benson was the younger back and didn't look bad when he came in as a #2 runner. Benson is a talent and would have panned had he not had all the off the field stuff going on.

Again, my only point was, Angelo did a good job getting a runner who will be better long term wise for the club GO BEARS!!

The Now the Now? That's not what you said at all. This is what you said "Looking back, Angelo sat the Bears up better long term wise in unloading Thomas Jones, who is now hitting that wall most backs do who are on the other side of 30 years old"

Looking back is part of the now is it? Looking back to now, is that what you meant. He totally screwed up and your trying to say his screw ups are good because he ended up with Forte. That's basically what you wrote.

My point was his mistakes where mistakes and Forte is a good pick not a great pick and while he got Forte, he could have done much better with the situation as whole. I know this and you know this because everytime he made one of those mistakes, I hammered him for it. And you know as well as I that I busted him out on all the those moves I listed and I was write about all of them when nobody was talking about them. You know and it's well advertised on this blog that I always disliked the Benson draft choice, the Jones trade, The Chris Williams draft choice, and I like several other backs before Forte. I do not think he is a bad back, but Andelo drafted him because it was a safe choice and nothing more, in draft class loaded with backs and few of them are better than Forte and Angelo could have had at least 3 of them. So I am not going ot give him credit for a series of mistakes that led to the drafting of Matt Forte, and I am not going ot sit here and listen to you make excuses for your post that clearly states "Looking Back" while you try to claim you were not talking about the past and just hte future and the now.

I am not trying to upset you Kevin, I just found your logic to be in question, Forte is a good player and was a good pick agree with you on that. I do not agree on how they got to the Forte draft pick. That's all. I don;t agree that looking back cutting Jones was a good thing, because they still would have had to draft a back if the cut Benson instead. Or just by making Benson the backup and Jones the starter, it would have not stopped Benson's downward spiral, probably sped it up and you probably would still have Forte, or Rice even.

Oh and Kevin just so you know I know you liked Matt Forte, but I also remember you really liked Chris Johnson and his speed. Yet another fan who would have drafted better than Angelo. And you can CAPS all you want so I'll caps to "LOOKING BACK" 'LOOKING BACK" You like that does that get my point across better, oooh look the letters are big.

ahhh, THE FIGHTING AND SNIPEINIG is in full force on the blog, and its time to get ready for some Football. I've taken a hiatus with the lockout, but I see that Kevin and Creighton are still going strong............Also MS Bear fan had a good post in here as usual.....

BEARS have money to spend and holes to fill, the next few days will go a long way to giving us a feel how far this team can go this season. I say start with bringing back Kreutz, then have him work with the FA they are bringinig from Oregon State with Tice to get him ready to take over, I say give Oiln 2yrs at 10 mil and call it a career.

We need LB's also, I understand that the Bills might let Postlusky go, he'd be a good fit with our starters and could be groomed as #54's eventual replacement....What do you think? I'm sure that we all are ready to get this party started........

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