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Bears re-sign defensive tackle Anthony Adams

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The Bears have agreed to terms in principle on a two-year deal with defensive tackle Anthony Adams.

Adams, 31, is a Detroit native who started all 16 games last season and he's had a pair of sacks in each of the last two seasons.

Adams is widely respected by his teammates. Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs have been among those to insist earlier in the offseason that re-signing him should be a priority.

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Finally! I was beginning to wonder if one of the lines to Halas Hall was down. The one to undrafted FAs works, the one to draft picks works, the one for trades works, and the one for street free agents works.

They need someone to answer the one to existing Bears players. Got a number for Olin Jerry?

Oh and Lovie is going to need some linebackers pretty soon too. Whenever you find time.

if they put a tackle next to Adams who requires a double-team, I think most people will be surprised how good Adams will be. Now it's up to the Bears to get Tommie Harris's replacement.

Been wondering when this would happen, Olin shouldn't be too far behind or is this the year Chris Williams moves to Center and becoms the next Matt Birk. After all they are practically twins, I mean they both played Tackle at one point. They are both tall, that means they are the same type of player right?

By the way Matt Birk is still kicking ### around the league. Best Center of his generation, or pretty damn close.

Well at least Adams is back, AA gives the best interviews on the team. Surprised more Bear fans haven't demanded he be moved to QB, after all the post game interview is truly the mark of a great QB. Just ask ESPN and Fox,

"OMG Brady just gave the Blue steel look to the camera"

"Jay Glazzer reporting from Fox it's been widley speculated that Brady used his his legendary Blue Steel look on Camera today. But after speaking with insdie sources I have been informed that the look was actually Magnum and not the wrongly reported Blue Steel that ESPN said it was." So reporting on it first here on fox the look was Magnum, that's right, I was first again, Jay Glazzer reporting first on Fox, and I don't have a Napoleon complex, I am just first all the time. Magnum, First, Glazzer, and I own an MMA gym that I let Randy Couture work at, but it's really all about me, I did it all, I even invented MMA, cause I am always first, first MMA fan ever. Glazzer is first, on Fox." "Ps. I do not suck up to real athletes, ever, they suck up to me, cause I am first, and no Twiter reporting this three owers before me does not count, cause it's twitter and it cheats."

One of the better things the Bears have done so far. He is an under rated player and a great locker room presence.

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