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Bears lose Rashied Davis to Lions

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Free-agent wide receiver/special teamer Rashied Davis, who has spent his entire six-year career with the Bears, has signed a one-year deal with the Detroit Lions.

Davis may have had his best all-around season last year. Not only did he emerge as one of the teams' most consistent special teams players but proved he could contribute in offensive coordinator Mike Martz's offense when he made had seven receptions for 63 yards in the regular-season finale against the Packers at Lambeau Field.

With Davis gone, the Bears will likely to be more aggressive in signing free agent Corey Graham, who led the Bears with 25 special teams tackles last season. How valuable was Graham? The backup cornerback recovered an onside kick and downed three punts, including two inside the 5-yard line, in a NFC divisional playoff game win over the Seattle Seahawks.

Graham will also likely draw interest from several teams.

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Hahahaha!! Just like I said earlier. Wait until they can't sign Kreutz either. Going to the NFC Championship last season will be this team's undoing. It was because of a series of improbable lucky breaks that they got there, but coaches and management think it was because of their "genius." And the sun also sets on the lucky.

Don, you are a joke! Davis is horrible and letting him go is long overdo. That rookie from THE Ohio State University is a stud and will fit the slot much better than this old stiff!!.................Kreutz is washed up too!!!!!!!!!!! Tice doesn't want him around or they would have signed him 6 months ago! Out with the old, in with the new and younger too!!

You me be right that Kruetz in on the back end of his career, but whose the replacement? Sadly he is the best they have. Don is right because dont expect for a repeat of last years luck. The Bears dont have enough play makers in either part of the game offense, defense. Just look at the D line, Peppers ( a monster) didnt even lead the team in sacks cause no one worried about the others. O line, Kruetz only, receivers are average, corner are average. The biggest mistakes was signing Lovie and Martz and not paying for good players. If you put you money on guys like the kid from Ohio State you'll be broke and mad, again.

Omay, LOL, you're at least dead on in your last sentence. Davis was good on special teams. Kreutz is long in the tooth, sure, but he knows the offense and is still, unfortunately, our best guy. The rookie may be a stud, but he sure won't be ready this year in the Martz offense.

I like Davis, but you can't keep 32 year old receivers primarily to play special teams. Realistically it takes 2-4 years to develop a receiver. There is room for 5 on the team, of which 3 are basically starters who need to produce as of game one. The average career is probably about 5 years.

Do the math. The Bears need to find some prospects and start developing them.

Omay.... Davis is one of the best special teams players in the NFL.. do you not remember the bears vs. jets 2round last year... Davis single handedly stoped a fake punt to send the bears to the next round where Jay cutler quit.... if anyone sucks on the bears it's JAY CUTLER who should be cut... Davis proved he could be threat in the slot against the packers and if you really watched any of the bears games you would see that CUTLER missed every open receiver to throw the ball to his buddy who also sucks EARL Bennett.... so get the facts right before you start putting good players down.. you will see DAVIS will be missed on the bears!!

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