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Bears exploring Cowboys DT Stephen Bowen

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The Bears are interested in defensive lineman Stephen Bowen, a largely unknown -- and undrafted -- player from the Dallas Cowboys.

But multiple league sources say Bowen could "surprise" the general public with his eventual contract.

That's because Bowen is a young player who is versatile and could just be reaching his prime.

According to his bio on, Bowen is 6 foot 5, 305 pounds, and he has started 11 of 32 games in the last two seasons. But he's been productive, with 4 1/2 sacks and one forced fumble.

Why all the interest?

He's athletic enough to play in either the 3-4 or 4-3 scheme, and he's heralded for his work ethic.

It sounds like Bowen would prefer to stay where he's at. But, the Cowboys are one of the clubs with the least salary cap space, while the Bears have among the most.

"I know Dallas wants me and I'd love to be back," Bowen told ESPN Dallas. "I don't know what's happening and hopefully I'll be back."

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They're not going to get Bowen. The Bears are a ship sinking fast!

Why the doom and gloom? Free agency is just starting! Lots of action left.

Sean, at least you're doing a good job even if the Bears front office isn't! Keep it up!

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