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Bears expected to sign WR Roy Williams

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The Bears are expected to sign former top-10 pick Roy Williams, a league source told the Sun-Times early Friday morning. Contract lengths and terms are presently unknown.

Williams provides Bears quarterback Jay Cutler a big target, although the talented receiver has had a tumultuous career.

Williams was a legend in Texas, a native of Odessa who starred for the Longhorns. But after he was selected seventh overall by the Detroit Lions, he had a turbulent run and eventually was traded to the Dallas Cowboys in 2008 for a handful of picks.

He's only had flashes since then, and he's had problems with consistency.

The Bears, though, may be optimal landing spot for Williams.

His best NFL season was in 2006, when he played under Mike Martz, currently the Bears offensive coordinator. Martz had a forgettable run in Detroit, where he served under current Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli, then the Lions head coach. But, Williams was one of the highlights, catching 82 passes for 1,310 yards with seven touchdowns. He was named to the Pro Bowl.

Despite some struggles in Detroit, the Cowboys gave up first, third and sixth round picks in the 2009 NFL Draft for him then rewarded him with a six-year, $54 million contract that included a whopping $26 million in guarantees.

Unfortunately, he scored 13 touchdowns in three seasons and never topped 600 receiving yards in a single season. The Cowboys released Williams Thursday.

At 6 foot 3, 215 pounds, Williams certainly provides the big receiver to complement Johnny Knox, Devin Hester and Earl Bennett. He's also a very smooth runner, but his hands have been inconsistent.

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Williams is indeed going to be a Chicago Bear. Received insider info via text that he signed this evening.

You can see the story here:

Like the blog once the deal is confirmed by media that you saw it at RobbyNova's Pop World first!

im sad we gave up rashied davis. ive watching him from the stands at san jose state. but roy will be the pick we need for cutler to perform better.

I'd rather they sign Denise Williams, she's probably tougher.

Jensen does it again! Can't see that this is a huge surprise. I'd like to hear the contract details. If the Bears got him on the cheap, he might not be a lock to make it through camp. If they overpaid him then they will likely keep him through camp. I'll say this, he is a better fit in this system than Greg Olsen was fwiw. Time will tell...

I like this move!!

You should feel lucky! The Bears are only going to do this because it'll be cheap. They don't want to spend the cash on a proven success! If he wasn't released the Bears wouldn't have signed a WR at all!

Expect Caleb Hanie to be gone soon too. Martz hates him.

Forget Kreutz. Start the future now. Cutler can get sacked 56 times, be ranked 21st in points scored and 30th in yards gained with a rookie center.

Olsen gone is a good first step, but a year too late. Learn from your mistakes Bears.

Trade Matt Forte NOW! Sell HIGH! We've got other RB's who can get the job done. Chester Taylor was underused. What about Unga and Bell?

Get those high draft picks so we can improve the O-line or trade up next year.

Play Carimi at Left Tackle and see how it goes. You're telling me a 1st round pick whose position in college was LT can't do better than 7th round Webb, who spent all year sucking at RT?

Not the upgrade we were hoping for, but he becomes the best wide receiver on the team. Now all we need is a center, offensive tackle, defensive tackle, a cornerback...

wow.....all I can say is wow......On second thought, WTF????
ROY WILLIAMS? That's the best we can do? Is it not painfully evident that Martz's guys are all wastes of energy to bring in? Todd Collins, Manumaleuna, he wanted an over-the hill Torry Holt (who incidentally no one else wanted). He also wanted McCown, who is still in the UFL if I recall correctly.

This guy has no eye for talent, and he thinks just because they played in his offense, they are a good fit. Williams can't concentrate, has at least 2 key fumbles every year in critical spots, and is a whiner....Way to go.....Even Braylon Edwards would have been a better choice. Displays the same inconsistency, but at least has some talent and heart.

I was happy with getting rid of Manu, and let's face it, getting a 3rd rounder for Olsen was a coup. He was not as fast in pads as he was in shorts, and never showed the ability to beat decent coverage. Spaeth and Kellen Davis is a nice 1-2 punch, and I like the UDFAs to battle it out for a 3rd TE. But I can't get on board with this signing. How exactly does this make us better? It makes us bigger, but it doesn't necessarily make us better. What would make us better is getting Johnny Knox to learn how to complete a slant route, or fight for the ball. Or teach Devin Hester how to read a defense. We have a better chance of both of those things than Roy Williams becoming a #1 receiver again. Because let's be honest, he will be the split end, and be expected to be a top receiver on this team.

Good luck with that.

I hope this works out

This will be a good move for the Bears if they get him on the cheap. Roy Williams isnt the first choice of WR I would have like the Bears to get, but he is tall. Williams has bad hands and needs to improve his route running, but Jay Cutler throws off his back foot and he makes bonehead throws. Sould be interesting to see if Williams and Cutler can play nice and be good boys for one heck of a 2011 NFL season.

2010 highlights of Roy Williams.
The Bears fans and media have been beging for a big, phisical wide out for a couple of years now. The Devin Aromashodu love going into last year was a bit foolish, for a career practice squad player.
Lets hope Roy Williams is looking to resurrect his career to be a legit number 1 WR, cause that is what the Bears are going to do.

This is absolutely intriguing! This could happen? Is this like Randy Moss going to the Pats from Oakland, or is it TO going to Cincy? Mike Williams to Seattle or Berrian to the Queens?

Williams is, or was, an elite talent. Sean what is the scuttlebutt on him? He obviously didn't fit in Dallas, but was it bad karma or has he lost a step that was never there in the first place? The way I see it Dallas has been almost as disfunctional as Oakland or Washington lately.

Two-steps forward and always one step backwards! Why are we waisting time picking up a old "has been" receiver who can't out run anybody! When are the Bears going to stop holding on to there check books and go out to pay some top quality receivers. Roy Williams (Come on Man!) a defensive back wnt even have to come out of his back peddle to stick this guy. The Bears could do Roy a favor by giving him a one way ticket back to Texas.

Now all Martz needs is for Mike Furrey, Shaun McDonald, and Aveion Cason to come out of retirement.


Sincerely, a Lions fan.

If Chicago does sign receiver Roy Williams, the move would make sense for the simple fact Williams could come in and already have some familiarity with Martz's scheme. Plus, with tight end Greg Olsen gone, the Bears are now gonna need a player with some size, especially down in the red zone. And quarterback Jay Cutler seems to like the bigger targets. Williams would also give the Bears a player that has the size to play the split end position. Williams is an 8 years vet and has been really erratic throughout his career, but he was a Pro Bowler in Martz's scheme. Maybe playing with a QB like Cutler and being in a scheme he's had past success in will rejuvenate his career? It should be interesting GO BEARS!!

O great a scrub, I'm so excited. How about we get a good receiver. Greg o was not good and neither is this stone hander.

My gut tells me Roy Williams will return to being a great pick up and a go to receiver in the Red Zone. Williams, I think has something to prove this year although he gets lazy and his hands go from unbelievably great at times to hands of cement.

Prediction time, 1000+ yards and 10 TD's.

Alligator Arms Roy. Was very annoying to watch his first down celebration when we were down by 21 points or more in the 4th quarter.

So the Bears get rid of Olsen and we are to believe that Williams, Hester and Johnny Knox will set the field ablaze. I love Knox, Hester has flashes of greatness but the inconsistency of Williams is replacing Mr.Professional Olsen? Come on Bears get real!!!!

There's a reason he was cut by the Cowboys. Another "has been" added to the Bear's roster. 2006 was a long time ago. Hopefully this and giving up Olsen - a 1st round pick - for a third round pick will be the nail in the coffin for Lovey and Angelo.

Muhsin Muhammed, Brandon Lloyd, Roy Williams? Why do the Bears continually whiff on WR pickups? We gave up a proven commodity in Greg Olsen and didn't make a serious run at any of the top tier free agent WR's. I just read that Roy Williams would make a solid number two on most teams. We brought him in to be our number one. No matter how it comes out, signing Roy Williams will wind up leaving a season in the toilet.

Problems or not, Williams is better than all the other Bear receivers put together. And that applied even before they let useless tweener, er I mean Olsen, go.

Sadly I have to disagree with you and the writer. Yes is 6 foot 3 but what else? Do you think he is an up grade from Olsen or heads above knox or Hester. The answer is unfortunately, no. He doesn't even come close to having the character of Olsen either. I was just watching the replay of the NFC Championship game last season with the Packers last night. Commentator and former QB Troy Aikman asked the same question I have. With the talent and skills Olsen has cant Martz find a way to work him into the system? Now we have Williams, upgrade, I think not.

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