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Bears don't need two weeks to prep for fame game

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I keep hearing how the Bears need two weeks of practice to prepare for the Hall of Fame exhibition game against the St. Louis Rams on Aug. 7. While that may be ideal, and while participating teams are allowed to open training camp early in order to have two weeks to prepare, that's not always the case.

The Tennessee Titans opted to delay the start of their training camp in 2009 despite playing in the Hall of Fame game. That year, Jeff Fisher's team reported to camp on July 31st. Tennessee defeated the Bills, 21-18, on Aug. 9.

The Bears are scheduled to report to training camp at Olivet Nazarene on July 22nd. While players and owners must find common ground on a new collective bargaining agreement soon for that to happen, its likely the game would not be postponed even if the Bears didn't report to Bourbonnais until at or around Aug. 1.

For that reason, many Bears veterans are no-doubt hoping negotiations and the start of the new league year drag into the first week of August, because playing a fifth exhibition game is not high on their list of priorities.

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In a normal year what the Titans did would work but this year I believe it wouldn't. Usually teams have had OTAs to prepare for the season. The Bears don't even know who is even going to be on their roster let alone have OTAs so training camp is far more important than previous years.

Yes they do, then need more than that. This is just Hyperbole, they still have to fill out their roster and sign their picks. Rookies still need to go through orientation.

In 2009 Fishre had is picks signed a month or more earlier than the game the Rookies had been to orientation, and they had been running OTA's all off season. The Bears have done none of that.

Look you can play football cold with zero practice, that does not mean it will be good football or that people will know what they are doing.

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