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Bears aren't alone in pursuit of Davis

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Re-signing veteran receiver and special teams ace Rashied Davis may be more challenging than expected.

Davis has spent his entire six-year career with the Bears but is drawing interest on the free-agent market, according to agent Wynn Silberman.

"We've gathered interest from a lot of teams and we're trying to sort through it and make a good decision," Silberman said. "The Bears are definitely in the mix."

Davis is not only one of the Bears most reliable special teams players but proved he can be a contributor in offensive coordinator Mike Martz's scheme when he hauled in seven catches for 63 yards in a regular-season-ending loss to the Packers.

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You have to love Davis because he is a good football player with lots of heart. But I don't think Bears can afford to keep bringing back a 30-something player as the 4th or 5th wide receiver. They know his ceiling. He can come in and do the job, but he has never been able to crack the starting lineup.

A veteran team like the Bears needs to use the bottom of the roster to develop younger players. Every year several NFL teams stick in their thumb and find a good receiver in the 7th round or UFA. Often times it is a big receiver like the Bears don't currently have. They need to use those 4-5 wide receiver spots to see if they can find a player with more up side.

I've always liked Davis and thought he should have been used more than he was.I hope the Bears resign him.

LOL! They're having trouble singing Kreutz, Davis. This team is going to suck. People think the lockout is going to work in their favor. Bullcrap. It's the same old pied-piper song every year, and every meathead Bears fan laps it up. My favorite was the 2007 post-Superbowl team which was supposedly "loaded with talent." David Haugh said the offensive line being old was "an advantage." They had "veteran experience." Well that didn't turn out.

i agree with "ms" he could definately help as the fourth reciever but id rather let a young prospect get a chance there.

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