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2011 Bears training camp schedule

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Day Date Practice Time (CT)

Saturday July 30 2:30 pm practice (NO PADS)

Sunday July 31 Noon practice (NO PADS)


Day Date Practice Time (CT)

Monday August 1 7:00 pm practice

Tuesday August 2 2:30 pm practice

Wednesday August 3 7:00 pm practice


Friday August 5 7:00 pm practice (Soldier Field)

Saturday August 6 2:30 pm practice

Sunday August 7 7:00 pm practice

Monday August 8 2:30 pm practice

Tuesday August 9 7:00 pm practice

Wednesday August 10 2:30 pm practice


Friday August 12 NO AVAILABILITY

Saturday August 13 BEARS vs. BILLS

Sunday August 14 OFF DAY/NO MEDIA

Monday August 15 2:30 pm practice

Tuesday August 16 7:00 pm practice

Wednesday August 17 2:30 pm practice

Thursday August 18 7:00 pm practice

Friday August 19 1:30 pm practice

Saturday August 20 BREAK CAMP

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Wow what the f*** kind of training schedule is that? When I played football in high school we did two a days and three a days. It was hard freaking work. At the end of the day there was nothing more wonderful then going into the showers with the rest of the guys. But we were molded into shoulders not the softy pillow biting wimps Lovie creates.

Lovie is a marshmallow. Give this team too me to couch and I will turn them into yearly super bowel contenders like tghe Pats even with the garbage talent Angelo has brought in. Heck let me draft the team too and you can take it to the bank the Bears would have the lombardi trophy every year. When I play season mode on madden we dont eve loose a single game. I am that dam good and that dam smart when it comes to football and everyone nos it.

Creighton I cannot say that I know you personally but do you have some kind of mental condition?

Creighton Madden is a video game not real life!! And if you are so smart why aren't you working in the NFL???

Good God, I can't believe people still can't figure out when when the real Creighton posts and when someone posts under his name.

dude can't even spell. not sure i'd welcome him running my football team. for a guy who thought it 'wonderful' to shower with the guys he's awfully rude about 'pillow biting wimps.' hypocrite.

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