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Urlacher speaks out on lockout, other issues

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"I get the same thing everybody else gets," he said. "I watch NFL Network and ESPN and watch the clicker on the bottom and that's really all I get. Every once in a while I'll get an e-mail from Robbie. He does a good job of trying to keep us updated. But there's not a lot of information getting out right now because they are trying to keep everyone close to the vest, so I'm getting the same thing you guys are getting but it looks better. I know that much."

Urlacher said he's been working out in Arizona and Chicago in preparation for what will be his 12th NFL season. The cancellation of organized team activities, minicamps and the offseason conditioning program have allowed him to spend extra time with his kids and improve his golf game.

"We're a veteran team," he said. "We'll come in in shape. Guys will be ready to go and knowing what to do. I don't think much is going to change for us those first couple days we ease into it and then we get going in there with pads and stuff every day after that so I don't see much changing for us. ..."

Although the offense has been holding informal workouts at an undisclosed location, Urlacher said Jay Cutler's unit could be impacted more by the lockout than he and his defensive mates.

"I would think they are going to be behind quite a bit when we do get rolling and [start] getting stuff going, but luckily for us we've been in our system defensively for seven or eight years now and offensively it has been at least a year so that's good."

Urlacher has no beef with how Cutler performed last season and expects him to be a better his second year under offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

He also said he doesn't believe the gap between the Packers and Bears is too big to leap.

"Every game we played with them last year came down to the wire," he said. "A few plays here and there and it goes our way but they made those plays last year and hopefully this year we'll make those plays. That's just the way most games are in the NFL and whoever makes those key plays is going to win the game ... Talent-wise, athletically and coaching-wise we stack up well with everyone in our conference."

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Urlacher is right, the lockout will effect the offense more than the defense. And the fact Chicago's defense is a veteran unit, maybe the extra time off will help them be better rested and more effective come time to play, hey, I'm just trying to be optimistic about a messed up situation.

The player I'm most excited to see coming into this season is running back Matt Forte. In the final 7 games of last season, Forte had 112 carries for 599 yards for a 5.3 yard average! In 5 of the final 7 games Forte put up 90 or more yards rushing. If Forte can carry that into this season, he'll have a breakout year. The extra time off should really help Forte more than any other player on the team GO BEARS!!

Can you guys have a Q and A session please. Bc I have a few questions I would love some professional opinions on. Like possibly getting Ochocinco, or Plax, or Braylon etc.

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