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More praise for Hanie

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Praise of Caleb Hanie in the wake of his performance in relief of Jay Cutler in the NFC Championship Game continues.

So, why is it that it sometimes feels as if Hanie is more appreciated more outside Halas Hall?

Bucky Brooks ranks Caleb Hanie among the up-and-coming backup quarterbacks in the NFL, continuing a trend. Here's what the analyst wrote:

"Hanie opened eyes around the league with his surprising performance against the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship Game. His arm strength rates above average, and he throws the ball with exceptional velocity. Hanie's natural physical skills are also complemented by sound footwork and fundamentals in the pocket. Even though his inexperience will lead to some mistakes in his reads and progressions, his ability to play well against an elite defense in a high-pressure environment will prompt some to take a closer look."

I, too, was impressed by Hanie's performance against the Packers. He injected life into what had been a moribund unit under Cutler, leading the offense on two scoring drives in the second half.

He also threw two inexcusable picks that helped send the Packers to the Super Bowl, as offensive coordinator Mike Martz mentioned during an interview at the NFL Combine.

"Caleb still threw two picks," Martz said. "It's not like he had a great game or anything. But at least he moved the team and they responded to him. I thought he competed very well. You have to remember, he didn't take a snap all year since July. This was all from the classroom. That part of it was pretty remarkable."

I can't help but get the feeling that Martz --- for whatever reason --- is far from sold on Hanie.

"What's two times four," Martz said at the combine, projecting Hanie's two second-half interceptions over a full game. "That's eight picks. Let's temperate it. He's still got a ways to go. Let's temperate it. He's still got a chance but there's still some questions about Caleb we need to find out."

Hanie will be a restricted free agent after next season.

The Bears drafted Idaho's Nathan Enderle in the fifth round of the April draft with hopes of developing him into the quarterback of the future.

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Seems like Martz hates the kid. Martz will talk any player up to the press, but not Hanie. I get what he means, but this is the same guy that thought Collins was better...

Hanie sucks end of story. That little b**** cost us a trip t othe superbowel with his two picks in the conference title. Cutler is way better and there shouldnt even be a disscussion about it. If teams liek Hanie so much trade that looser away for a 4th rounder to some team that wants him.

I've been saying it all off-season, had Caleb Hanie gotten any type of reps with the second team throughout the season, the Bears probably beat Green Bay. Because yes, Hanie made the ints (that basically gave Green Bay the game), but with any kind of reps going into that game, whose to say he would have thrown any? The biggest personnel mistake made on this team last season was keeping Caleb Hanie as the 3rd string QB when he was clearly the #2. Back in week 5 vs the Panthers, to me, was the game Todd Collins played himself out of the #2 job and Hanie came in and showed some type of promise. In that game, Hanie hit on 2 of 3 for 19 yards with a 66.6% completion percentage. Not out of this world numbers, but sharp nonetheless, especially with no reps going into the game. The week before vs the Giants Hanie hit on 3 of 4 for a 75% completion percentage. That point on, after the Panthers game, Caleb Hanie should have been the backup. That personnel mistake ultimately cost Chicago a trip to the big game.

I hope Mike Martz doesn't have a problem with Hanie. I hope that wasn't the reason Hanie never got a shot till it was to late? I like the praise Martz gave Hanie about not getting any reps and coming in and moving the team, maybe Martz's was just being critical for his own image as a coach that expects more out of his players. Hanie is a talent. If the Bears were smart they'd extend Hanie, let him gun it this pre-season, build Hanie's rep as an up and comer, and trade Hanie next off-season. That be cool if Angelo could get a 2nd rounder for Hanie, who was originally an undrafted free agent GO BEARS!!

I like Hanie, I have respect for Martz but Im not so sure if Martzis trying to down play Hanie. Last year Haine was injured early and in a new complex system as a very young undrafted free agent, confidense was Martz biggest problem. Who knows what the Bears are thinking at this point with Hanie I just hope that if the Bears need him that he will be ready, thats all you can really ask from a back up player.

I think Hanie is good quarterback. In fact, I feel that he should compete for the number one quarterback with Cutler. I think Martz is afraid that Hanie is good enough to beat out Cutler.

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