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How would missed games impact you?

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Players and owners aren't the only ones who will lose if the lockout ends up wiping out preseason or regular season games. In a story I wrote for today's edition, Jerry Roper, head of the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, estimated that the cancellation of one exhibition game at Soldier Field would cost the city at least $3 million.

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What I'm wondering is how missed games will impact readers of this blog, and not just economically. How will it impact you personally beyond having nine hours to fill every Sunday and Monday night?

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Hopefully they get things settled and there is a pre-season/regular season, hopefully? If not, I'll probably just follow my favorite college team a little more hard core, and theres talks that they might be showing some college games on sunday, I think some of the Mac games, if things don't get settled on the NFL greed front. Oh oh, I mean the labor dispute, silly me, typing out loud again.

The situation is what it is, its over $$money$$. A lot of these owners don't just own football teams, they own major companies, the word is the economy is about to take another hit, so they (the team owners) wanna make sure they get theirs$$$$$. Me, I know all about the bad economy, I lost my job of 9 years when my plant went under, luckily I got another job, not as good of paying of a job, but at least I'm working. I say just split the money up 50/50 and get back to playing some football GO BEARS!!

you really want to know how im feeling? ill tell ya. im pissed about the money hungry players wanting more more more!!! the owners wanting the same thing as the players. the fans getting crap out of this whole deal, and if it wasnt for us fans there wouldnt be Fball anyway!!!

so, what should we do about it? get a spokes person to tell the owners and players that if they dont fix it soon were done? stop buying the over priced tickets, jerseys, etc.?
we need to get together as fans and make a stand and let them know how we feel!!!

I would feel just like these people!!

Probably get more done on Sundays in the Fall. I usually spend about 5 hours-ish watching NFL during the season.

Probably go to the gym, or something else.

Hope they play though.

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