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Hester ranked 32nd by NFL players

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Devin Hester ranked No. 32 on the NFL Network's Top 100 players, which was way to high for Sports Illustrated's Peter King.

The rankings were the result of 415 NFL players being polled.

Here's what King wrote about Hester in his Monday Morning Quarterback column at "Way too high for me. Outstanding punt returner, but I can't put a guy in my top 100 who, in two seasons as a full-time starter for the Bears, has 97 catches for a pedestrian 12.7-yard average. Antonio Gates is my 32nd-ranked player. He's a tight end. Average per catch in the last two years: 15.0."

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So basically what Peter King is saying is special teams don't mean much? He's wrong. Yes, as a receiver Hester is pedestrian, but that isn't why his peers ranked him #32, they ranked him #32 because Devin Hester is the leagues best return man, maybe ever. And when your great at something, you tend to get recognition for what your great at. What Hester does for the Bears, feild position wise, means a lot and helps their offense. I think its a nice ranking for the "Windy City Flyer"! GO BEARS!!

First of all he didn't get picked as a receiver smart guy he got picked as a return man. Second he's not just an outstanding returner he is THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!!! and he's still not done

Kevin that is not what King is saying at all, he is just saying Hester is too high on the list. And he is right, I don;t care if he is the greatest return man of all time. It's a lot easier to take a return man out of a game than it is for a return man to be great. Hester has what 15 TD's for returns in 5 years. That's great but we have seen Backs and WR put up those kinds of numbers in a season. Yes he can influence a game but so can a good punter just look what Green Bay did to Hester in the return game, trapped him almost every time. Not to mention as Hester himself pointed out, he could not do it without his blockers. And NFL networks list is very short on guys who block. I will give you a list of guys that he sits above and you can tell me if Hester is more valuable than these players.

Joe Thomas LT(By the wya Logan Mankis is listed above Joe Thomas which is a joke), Ben Rothlisberger(yes he is scum but he has won some rings), Jamall Charles, Robert Mathis, Suh, Matt Ryan, Colston, Justin Tuck(who is listed above Trent Cole, yet another joke), Trent Cole, Brandon Marshall, Cameron Wake, Hali Tamba, Miles Austin, John Abraham, Greg Jennings, Furgeson, Woodley, Mike Williams Bucs, Josh Freeman (Really impressive last year), Joe Flacco. Would I take Hester above any of these guys, probably not, would I take him above Owens or McNabb, Nick Collins or McFadden? Yes, I think King is justified in saying Hester does not belong at 32, not when guys like Matt Ryan and company are below him, that's crazy. If the draft was tuesday do you really think any team would take Hester over a Matt Ryan or Josh Freeman, I am sorry but no chance. He is too high on the list. There are punters and kickers who can effect a game just as much as Hester can and none of them are on the list. Not to mention if you actually watch the Hester video on NFL network it's a total joke refering to him as a starting Caliber corner, and a top reciever and how the offense has exploded under him??? What ever they ranked 30th, I would not call that an explosion as much as an implosion. It's a popularity contest, there is not a team in the nfl that wouldn't trade Hester for Joe Thomas, not a team in the league.

I would put him on the list but not at 32. I would take Hester over almost any TE in the NFL, I wouldn;t take him over Gates but most others.

I mean they rank Hester above Bowie, Bowie had 15 TD catches last year, that's Hesters entire return career. I will take a reciver giving me 15 TD's over what Hester does any day. I mean god bless the little Soldier boy but lets not get crazy, he didn't exactly do much on special teams in 08 and 09. In fact I remember he spent a lot of time going lateral or backwards.

is it really any shock that Peter King disagrees with a high ranking for a member of the Bears? He consistently undervalues the team and its players.

Where was Cuttler ranked?!!!

Creighton, I agree the ranking is probably partly a popularity contest, but, that wasn't my point. My point was King was acting like the leagues players ranked him at #32 because of what he did as a receiver, they didn't, they gave him a high ranking because of what he brings to a team special teams wise. There are 3 phases to football, offense, defense, and special teams. Ask any coach in the league, and they'll tell you the same thing, you have to have all three phases to make a run. And yes, Hester's 14 tds in 5 seasons compared to Dwayne Bowe's 15 in one might not seem like much, but your comparing two totally different positions. Put it this way, Devin Hester is a better return man than Bowe is a receiver. There are a bunch of better receivers in the league than Bowe, there isn't a better return man in football than Hester. I think your taking for granted how special of a return man Hester is. Hester put up 14 tds in 5 seasons, it took the next return man 10 seasons....TEN! As a special teams player, Hester is much more valueable than Bowe is as a receiver. When they made this list they probably knew that had to give some love to the special teams, why not Devin Hester?

And Creighton, Hester was ranked #32, who cares, he's a Bear! As a Bear fan you should be happy. Heck, I think both Urlacher and Brigg's should have been ranked higher than Hester, but who really cares, I'm just happy to see a lot of the Bears players making the list. I can't wait to see where my boy Matt Forte lands, and I'm betting Julius Peppers gets the highest ranking of any Bear GO BEARS!!

That whole list is a joke, it's a popularity contest nothing more. If you look at some of the names on it and some of the names missing you would know this. Also if you actually listened to what they said about Hester on NFL network you would know they are clueless. They refered to Hester as a starting calibure corner( which is BS we all saw him play corner and he was a disaster), a star WR which is more BS, and the best kick returner ever, which is true. But he has a lot of help with his blocking up front and he knows it and admitted it. All you have to do is look at 08 and 09 to know how much he needs great blocking to score. 15 TD's in 5 years is great for a returner but it's nothing for a top WR or RB. Also they claimed that since joining the offense at WR the Bears offense has heavily improved which is also a lie all you have to do is look at the numbers the offense has gotten worse with him starting. He is a return man leave him there and he does not score enough to change the outcome of a season, he don't belong on a list of top 100 players a lot of the guys on that list don't belong. Heck there are guys on that list that didn't play last year, that list is a joke.

He was ranked over Urlacher and Briggs, so no I am not happy. I have seen what this defense looks like without Brian, I have seen what special teams looked like without Hester. Brian was by far the bigger loss. Besides I said I would put him on the list, just not at 32, I wouldn't put a lot of the guys on that list, on that list. McNabb are you kidding me? Once yeah, but now?

Oh and yes I have heard of these three phases of football: Pitching, Skating and Dribbling right? Thanks for pointing out those phases for me I get confused in my old age, I am gonna grab my walker and head over to the Senior Rec center, they got free Jello tonight, Free! Best flavor to, lime mmmmmm.

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