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U.S. Court of Appeals grants NFL expedited appeal

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The U.S. Court of Appeals granted the NFL an expedited appeal and scheduled oral arguments to be made to a three-judge panel on June 3.

Judges Bye, Colloton, and Benton, will hear the arguments at 10:00 a.m. CDT at the Thomas F. Eagleton U.S. Courthouse, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Each side will have 30 minutes.

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So that takes care of the appeal of the ruling. What do we know about the stay of the lifted lockout? That is going to matter a lot more over the next 30 days while we wait for the appeal hearing.

And besides, we need a lot of help on the roster from undrafted free agents as well as veteran free agents.

Sorry...mis-read the story. The stay and the appeal are tied together.

Are they still going to go to mediation on the 16th?

Joe come on now dude WTF??? ?You of all people missread a post by the blog owner??? Get with it man I know you miss read my post all the time and in the end i own you.

If you want my opinion i say week 2 of the pre-season the will have it done then next year go to a 18 games. Thats the best for everybody.I get to see more games owners get more money and the NFL maybe will get rid of 2 teams.

Man I hope the owners lose this. I look at it this way Billionaires complaining they have no money is worse than Millionaires complaing they have no money, not to mention all players don't get paid in the millions.

I always found it intresting that basically right after Jones found out his stadium which was suppose to cost 650 million was going to go over budget by double that number in 2008, shortl after that the owners opt out of the CBA. And who was leading the charge? Jerry Jones. And like most rich people when there is a major economic down turn the rich will look to get richer.

Sean wasn't there suppose to be a ruling today? Hub is saying, that it is being leaked that the Court will not give a ruling and let this go till June. Is that true?

There was the presumption that a ruling would be announced today on the lengthy stay. But, as the court clerk has pointed out, the judges just may opt to do nothing and wait for the big show down.

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