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Orton to Vikes could spice up NFC North quarterback derby

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The already intriguing quarterback arms race in the NFC North could get a whole lot more interesting.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting (via that the Vikings are interested in obtaining ex-Bear and current Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton.

The quarterback-starved Vikings, as you surely recall, used the 12th overall pick in the April draft to select Florida State's Christian Ponder, who many thought would go much lower. Since expecting a rookie to take over during a lockout that could extend into training camp is stretch, acquiring a veteran such as Orton makes sense.

Lest you forget, Orton was traded to the Broncos along with two first-round draft picks and a third rounder (the Bears also got a fifth-round pick from Minnesota that they used to select Johnny Knox) before the 2009 season.

Full disclosure: It was a deal I begged Bears' GM Jerry Angelo to make at the time, although the cost of the trade remains the subject of great debate.

Anyway, stay tuned ...

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It's not a subject of debate for anyone who's ever played organized football.

Auhh...I don't want Kyle Orton to end up in Minnesota? If the Bronco's do trade Orton, which they will, it will mark the second time in just 3 seasons they let a legit NFL QB go. And Kyle Orton is a legit NFL starter, all the guy has done in back to back seasons in Denver is put up 3,802 yards in 09, and 3,653 yards last season, oh yeah, he missed 3 games in 10 so his numbers would have been bigger. Also, Orton has put up 20 td passes in back to back seasons, Orton wasn't the problem in Denver, Tebow will be. If the Vikings land Orton, it will set them over the top, if Orton can put up them kinda numbers with Knowshon Moreno and Brandon Llyod in Denver, think what he could do with Adrian Peterson and Sidney Rice/Percy Harvin in Minny? Not good.

I think Orton would be better off in Arizona, they would commit to him and make him the #1, in Minny he's just gonna be keeping the seat warm for rookie Christian Ponder. Also in Arizona he'd be throwing to a guy named Larry Fitzgerald, hopefully the Cards get him GO BEARS!!

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin...

How is it I knew that you and you alone would be trembling at the notion of the Vikings picking up Captain Dink and Dunk? I don't think a single Bears fans besides you even batted an eye at this news.

Weren't you the same guy that threw a parade when we picked up Todd Collins?

Mike, Mike, Mike...

Weren't you the same guy that.......Oh wait, you never really have your own opinion, you just go with whatevers popular opinion on the board and go behind anyone who doesn't agree and make really bad bad.

Captain Dink and Dunk is a lot better than what the Queens have now. What do you call those 10 yard bombs Brady throws to Welker 15 times a game? It doesn't take much to be a hero in Minnesota when you can turn around and hand it to Peterson 25 times a game or chuck it to Rice on a quick slant and watch him run. Just ask Brett Favre.

This could be interesting. Usually having the Queens sign a high dollar free agent or make a trade is a good thing for the NFC Central. But you could say the same for Denver. In the recent past dealing with either Denver or Minnesota was easily accomplished if one just used one of the popular intimate lubrication products. It still amazes me that another team didn't just order up some KY and wind up with the Vikings first round pick on draft day. Maybe they just figured that letting them pick was a way to move up a spot for free? That's basically what happened. Not sure they couldn't have waited till the second round and still got that Ponder kid.

I'm not sure that Denver is that easy now that Elway and Fox are running the show.

The real issue on this story is that Neil Hayes is handling the Bears spin on a story out of Minnesota. Does this mean we have finally completed the corruption of Sean Jensen?

Orton to Minnesota? So what.

In the words of the great Bill Walsh when describing Steve DeBerg, "He's just good enough to get you beat".

Good guy, smart, some good leadership qualities, etc etc ... and absolutely no ability to throw downfield on any sort of consistent basis.

1st & 10: Orton throws a 7 yard out

3rd & 10: Orton throws a 7 yard out

3rd & 20: Orton throws a 7 yard out

Whether or not Orton goes to Minnesota, the Vikings are going to be tough this year.With the ongoing Favre fiascos perhaps a thing of the past, Orton could be a good acquisition for the Vikings. He obviously prefers shorter passes but can still throw for distance when given enough time. He bails out too early too often, but with the Peterson and Harvin as safety valves, he could be pretty solid. I'll still take Grossman or Cutler though.

Mike, nobody is saying Kyle Orton is the second coming of Dan Fouts, the only point being made here is the Minnesota Vikings will be a better team if they do land Orton, and you do not want a division rival getting better, thats the only point being made here. Also, Kyle Orton isn't no Steve DeBerg either, you don't put up 3,600 plus yards and 20 td passes in back to back seasons with bo ability to go deep, you just don't. You gotta ask yourself Mike, why are there 3 known NFL teams (Vikings, Dolphins, and the Cardinals) that would like Orton's services? Answer: Because the guy is a legit NFL QB that would make their teams better. And I don't wanna see the Vikings get better GO BEARS!!

Let him come to the Vikings. We have all seen Orton in a WCO, the Vikings will pay to much and damage the future of their team. They have an again defense that can no longer stop the run, a suspect offensive line and they most likely lose Rice. Which means we get to watch Orton lateral the ball to recievers on hot reads all game long, or lateral over their heads.He can also dump off to the TE.

Don't let bloated numbers in a pass happy spread style offense in Denver fool you, he didn't help Denver do anything and cost they multiple games late. There is a reason Denver fans don't like him. Not to mention didn't the Vikings just draft Ponder in the 1st, that means they they would just want him as a stop gap if they do want him. How much are they going to pay for a stop gap?

The Vikings did draft a TE in the second, oh boy the two TE set, can't get enough of that, can you Kyle? The old Orton WCO favorite, lets hit them with the old double TE for 3 yards or an incomplete pass, that will show the North who is boss. It would be very strange if he comes given Tim Tebow is the next on the list of Denver QB's. But who knows for sure what Denver is up too. Vikings may think they are in a win now situation, they would be wrong, they don't have the secondary or O-Line, not to mention if Rice is gone.

Although I hope he does come I will enjoy his first of many meetings with 300 pound Julius Peppers. Orton has two ways he throws the ball, he takes six seconds to get rid of it or he hot reads to whoever is split out wide and throws it over their heads or for a near pick as teams have sat on him doing this for 3 years now. Oh I am sorry I forgot his third throw the up for grabs, "I got it in the general area of the play"

Orton, third-string rookie, fourth round pick -- wins 10 games with half the playbook. Remember that, Bears' fans.

"In the words of the great Bill Walsh when describing Steve DeBerg, "He's just good enough to get you beat"."

There you go quoting somebody else again. You borrow all your thoughts from other people because you can't think for yourself. LAME LAME LAME!!!

I would just like to say Kyle Orton the last 2 years for the Broncos had better numbers then Jay Cutler. More yards, less INT's and his avg. per pass is better. So the crap Creighton wrote about Orton probably holds true for Jay Cutler but Cutler insted of throwing the ball near someone Cutler throws the dang ball to the defenders way more then Kyle Orton ever did. What it boils down to is that Chicago should have stayed with Orton and kept the two first round picks. Kyle Orton is a smarter QB then Jay Cutler and Orton knows how to keep the chains moving.
The only thing Cutler has done in the last 2 years with the Bears is throw 50 TD's and 41 INT's. Kyles has 41 TD's to only 19 INT's.
In a nut shell, Cutler will cost his team more games then Orton will. Also remember Denvers defense is crap and cant hold teams outta the endzone how is that Orton's fault?
One more stat. Jay Cutler in the last 2 years has 19 fumbles, Orton on the other hand has 8 fumbles in the last 2 years.

Looks like to me Creighton is hatten on a player that has played better then his love Jay Cutler.Im not surprised

Yeah Orton won those games, hahahahaha, I love the way he carried the defense, special teams, and the rushing attack. That legendary 1800 yard 9 TD 13 int season and 12 fumbles really helped the Bears win, LMAO. My god if they had a real QB they would had ring in 05.

Hey Dago maybe they should stick with giving him half a playbook, he hasn't won 10 games sense he learned the whole thing. Did you ever think maybe he is the reason they didn't win more in 2005? I mean the offensive genius had a chance to carry his team last year and he did just that. He carried to 4 wins in the AFC west, that's like 2 wins in the north and both of those would be against the Vikings.

Haha I do? Really? Actually I didn't write that; that's a different Mike. Speaking of borrowing thoughts though bearhater, how do you find the time to come on here when MSNBC is running a 24-hour news cycle?

DagoT, you must be joking. "Here Thomas Jones! Let me hand you the ball again!" As Creighton pointed out, his rookie year was laughable and nobody trusted him to do anything. They won games behind a #2 ranked defense and the running game. The winning was done in spite of Orton and unless you are a Broncos fan still miffed at Cutler leaving, Trent Dilfer, or Kyle Orton himself, you should be laughing when someone tells you he "won" those games.

Ok Kevin you got me there. But here, give me a chance and lemme come up with some original opinions:

-"Praise the heavens! The Bears got a 'proven winner' in picking up Todd Collins!"
-"Look out for Dan LeFevour!" (I am looking, and I don't see him on the roster.)
-"I can't wait for (insert name of undrafted free agent) to tear up the League since he had good stats in college!"

Oh wait, those are all your opinions! Shoot!

Ms, if you're going to compare Orton and Tom Brady, then you've already lost the argument.

Let's see, did I respond to everyone? I know there's Brando but the regulars on here already know that for years he's been blogging from the Asylum up on that spooky hill so he gets a pass.

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