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New details on Wolfe's arrest in Miami

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By Neil Hayes

Chicago Bears running back Garrett Wolfe was arrested Sunday morning in a Miami Beach nightclub and charged with retail theft, disorderly conduct, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest with violence, according to Miami-Dade County Police Department records.

His bond has been set at $11,500.

"It started with him refusing to pay his bill at a club," said Miami Beach Police detective Juan Sanchez. "He became aggressive while being ejected by bouncers and two off-duty officers were summoned. They gave him the opportunity to settle his bill and he refused. He attacked one of the officers. Both officers suffered minor injuries."

The arrest of the former Holy Cross High and Northern Illinois star could make it more difficult for Wolfe, whose free-agent status remains in limbo during the lockout, to either re-sign with the Bears or latch on with another team.

"I'm one of those guys caught in limbo," Wolfe told the Sun-Times last week. "I've finished my fourth year. Technically, I'm a free agent but with no [collective bargaining agreement], and under the terms from last year, I'm not a free agent, so I'm caught in between. If we get a CBA figured out I'll be a free agent but if we don't I'm not a free agent. I'm just stuck in-between."

The 5-foot-7, 185-pounder has not displayed the game-breaking ability Bears' general manager Jerry Angelo hoped for when he made NIU's record-breaking running back the team's third-round choice in the 2007 NFL draft. While primarily serving as a special teams player, one of the most prolific running backs in college football history has amassed only 282 rushing yards in four seasons with the Bears.

A Bears spokesperson said the team officials had no immediate comment. Wolfe's agent, Rick Smith, also had no comment.

On Wednesday, Wolfe said he was eager for the lockout to end and his future to be resolved. Four days later, that future remains more unsettled than ever.

"It was good to get some time away from football but it's weird because I'm used to being back at work by now," he said. "It's weird, very weird, something we could never have seen happening this long. The attitude from most of the players is this has gone on long enough and it's something that needs to be taken care of. Guys are eager to get back to work."

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Sounds like just another alcohol-induced fracas that happens in many if not most bars across the country at least once a month. Wolfe is clearly frustrated by the "limbo" of his particular position, and doubtless because his professional career has not lived up to what his college numbers predicted. Maybe he has not been given the opportunities to perform that he deserved, but the fact is that he did not perform well in the few opportunities he was given.

Bye Bye Garrett. It was going to be a question anyway, but no way Angelo brings him back now. That backfield was already crowded and the guy just never really produced on offense under either Turner or Martz.

It may turn out the best for everyone. Wolfe probably needs a change of scenery. I'm sort of curiouis to see if he can find a niche on another team. I like him because he played hard on special teams, but it was looking likely he is in that category of outstanding college players who don't have quite enough talent to take the next step and play in the NFL.

Oh, Garrett, Garrett, Garrett, thanks for proving me right. Well we are down to Greg Olsen from the 07 Class. Although things are not looking that great for his future as a Bear. Doesn't fit the scheme, trade rumors, trade demand rumors, no new contract, and he was part of the 7th floor crew and went by the name G-Reg. Oh it is not looking good for the class of 07 at all, soon to join the ranks of the class of 05.

Oh well Angelo will always have 06, were he drated a part time reciver special teams ace named Hester and 5 year developmental safety named Manning who is probably leaving. Time to start picking off the 08 crew I think we can safely say that Harrison and Steltz won't be around much longer, and Chris Williams could be looking at his last season, Bowman may also get the boot, at least he got Forte, his lone solid starter out one draft class.

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