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Greg Olsen sheds some light on offense's workouts

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When I spoke to him eight days ago, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler indicated that the offense would have some workouts, but he didn't offer much insight on them.

Players have been largely mum on the topic, but Bears tight end Greg Olsen offered some insight to me Sunday during the First Responders Bowl at St. Rita's High School, where he served as an honorary captain.

"It's been great," Olsen said. "You can train and do all your drills. But you can't substitute actually getting out there and running around and catching the ball."

Cutler and veteran backup Caleb Hanie was joined for three workouts by Bears receivers, tight ends and running backs. It's not entirely clear who showed up and who didn't but attendance was apparently pretty solid.

"We kind of said, 'If you want to be here, you'll make a way to be here, if it's important enough to you,' " Olsen said. "We had such a great turnout, and we have such a good group of guys.

"We don't have to beg anyone to come."

Olsen said it was helpful to get everyone together but he also didn't overplay what took place.

"It was a good start, but it wasn't anything major, and we didn't break any records," he said. "We'll correspond again, and come up with a string of days that works again."

Olsen said he and his teammates aren't worried about how little or much any other clubs are doing. The New Orleans Saints, for instance, reportedly hold workouts for 35 plus players, four times a week.

"Everyone has their own way of doing it. Everyone has a way that works. I'm sure the Saints feel great about the way they're doing it," Olsen said. "But we feel the way we're doing it is best for us."

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Olsen rather consistently tries to say the "right" thing, which indicates he is eithera very nice and tactful fellow, or as my mother would say, "One of those fellows that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths."I'll opt for the former, but then again, what else would one have him say? Something like "Other teams' players have more commitment , and we have not yet had one hundred percent attendance"?

By the way, Is there a reason that no comments have been printed on the Cub blog since April 18 ? Have Gordon and Chris become computer illiterate? Have they died and are now posting posthumously?

Dude Olsen is not that nice, just ask Zack Zaidman who he insulted time and again on a radio show and bullied around, and Zack is one of the guys he likes. Greg or is it G-Reg is a bit of a meatball at times. He can be nice, and he is not stupid, but he can be a meatball.

Anyway what is really important is was Brandon Manumaleuna there? I got this guy for 1400 yards and 21 TD's this year, 18 recieving and 3 rushing. I really get the feeling this is his breakout year.

If was to place a bet on who showed I would say Olsen of course, Forte, Bennett, Aromashodu, and Davis, maybe Knox.

I don't know about Brandon Manumaleuna having 1,400 yards receiving from his h-back position? Manumaleuna needs to work on staying healthy and his blocking. The Bears also got Eddie Williams for the h-back position, and you gotta wonder, do the Bears try youngster Harvey Unga out at h-back? Unga's got the hands for the job, he had 102 career receptions at BYU, and at 244lbs, he should be able to block, should be interesting to see where these guys line up at.

Another interesting personnel move will be do the Bears keep wide receiver Devin Aromashodu around? At the end of the 2009 season Aromashodu looked primed for a breakout season heading into 2010, the guy caught 22 passes to go along with 4 tds in the final 4 games, then he came in this year and fell off the face of the earth. I know part of the reason was the guy doesn't want to play in the slot or do anything inside, but man is Aromashodu an effective outside receiver. I'm thinking they keep him around because they're pretty thin at the position, unless theres a free agent out there Chicago likes? GO BEARS!!

I am not sure that Unga would be an H Back. I see him more as a Peyton Hillis or Le'Ron McClain-type player, who can play the FB as well as HB roles on the offense. I think they will drop Eddie Williams in favor of Unga, but neither of them would spend a tremendous amount of time blocking. Depending on whether Taylor continues to drop off as far as production, I think we could see Unga and a third back (either Bell or a new face) as our running back depth chart, with all 3 active on game day. Unga should be able to come in for short yardage, and with his receiving ability, that could help confuse the defense.

I agree that Manu needs to focus on getting healthy. He had surgery again on his knee if I remember correctly, and that means one more offseason of no strength training in his lower body, which is what cost him in 2010. I think we wasted a lot of money on him for what we got out of him, and we could easily replace his effectiveness with Kellen Davis, especially since we will get about the same performance in 2011 after recovering from surgery. Olsen and Davis is a much better 1-2 punch as far as threatening the defense than Manu and Olsen. Manu can't threaten down the field, nor can he get out and move in the running game. At least Davis and Olsen can offer options as far as both run and pass game, and while neither is as good a blocker as Manu was, both of them are as good as Manu IS now....

The Bears did not tender Aromashodu, so he is gone in my opinion. I think being on 6 teams in such a short amount of time says it all about him. Physically, he has everything he needs to succeed, but mentally, he must not be able to put it together. Sad really, but I expect the Bears to go after a free agent or two, and let Aromashodu test the market to see if there are any takers. I bet he goes to Minnesota next.

Manumaleuma may have a great year,and that would be terrific, but I do have questions regarding Aromashodu. Kevin's comment about how he seemed ready to rumble in 2009, and the fact that Cutler supported him as one of his favorites that year make one wonder just what happened. I know he dropped an easy touchdown pass and was mostly benched after that, but certainly other players ( Olsen for example ) also dropped easy toucdown passes and continued to play extensively. I thought Aromashodu had earned considerably more consideration than he was given and suspect there are other factors involve in his treatment, something like a confrontation with a coach or loose lips in the wrong place.

Unga;s not on the roster anymore, last I checked ...

Unga is showing on the Bears website today on the roster.

IrishSweetness, I don't know where you checked, but you probably didn't see Unga because he spent his rookie season on injured reserve, thats probably why his name didn't show up on whatever roster you checked. But like Joe said, if you go to the Bears site, he is listed. CBS sports also has him listed with the Bears. Unga is expected to compete for a backup running back job in this upcoming camp.

Unga could be a surprise player and become a nice compliment for Matt Forte. Unga is BYU's all time leading rusher with 3,455 yards on 696 carries for a 5.0 yard avg. And he had a 102 career receptions. In 2009 he led the Mountain West conference in rushing. Unga was forced to skip his senior season due to the fact he broke BYU's honor code, had he played another season putting up the same type of numbers, be probably would have been a 2nd-3rd rounder in 2011, and the Bears got him for a 7th rounder in the supplemental draft last season. He'll be a player to watch once camp starts GO BEARS!!

There is no FA period yet so Almost all players are still listed on the rosters. You have guys who's contracts have ended still listed on these rosters. Unga had a 4 year contract and was not cut, so he is still a Bear, last I heard he had weight problem and a conditioning problem, but that was awhile ago.

Almost forgot Unga was not forced to skip he withdrew. However I don;t think there was a chance he even close to ever being a 2nd round pick. It's one thing to run over a LB on the college level but in the NFL its a different story. Unga is big, but he is not all that athletic, he is not Like Turner, he runs with his pads to high, he is slow and not very strong for his size.

Sure he can be an H-Back for the Bears but Olsen took most of those Snaps last year and will probably get them this year.

Creighton, Harvey Unga was suspended from BYU's football team last april for engaging in premarital sex, which violates BYU's honor code. So Unga was forced to miss his senior season and enter the supplemental draft. So the fact he was suspended for his senior season, his last season, he was basically forced out.

Now Creighton, your probably right, Unga probably wouldn't have been a 2nd rounder, but, had he been able to come back as a senior and lead the Mountain West conference in rushing like he did as a junior, I'm betting he'd be a 3rd-4th round prospect. Anyone who leads any conference in rushing in back to back seasons will get a close look from scouts. Unga's lack of speed would keep him out of the 1st-2nd round, but his production and soft hands would have gotten him at least a look in the 3rd. And who knows, maybe the guy has a big day at the senior bowl? That will catch a few eyes also, it s gonna be interesting watching him run once football is back GO BEARS!!

"BYU star running back Harvey Unga has voluntarily withdrawn from school because of an undisclosed honor code violation. "

And the link from ESPN

What was that you were saying? He would have been suspended but he in fact withdrew first. And married the girl he slept with.

Creighton, Unga was suspended, he did withdraw but was still suspended. He withdrew in an attempt to try and stop the dean from supending him, he didn't. Look up this link

Harvey Unga wanted back in school after he withdrew, but BYU wouldn't let him return, so thats why Unga entered the supplemental draft. Unga wanted to return for his senior season to better his draft status. The fact that he withdrew is a moot point because he still wanted to return, he didn't just withdraw and go straight to the supplemental draft like your saying. GO BEARS!!

Creighton said: "Almost forgot Unga was not forced to skip he withdrew."

Creighton, my whole point was yes Unga was forced to skip his senior season, both of the links we posted prove that, both of our links state that Unga hoped to return for his senior season to better his draft stock. Unga didn't just wake up one day and decide to withdraw, he was forced to in an attempt to return to school after breaking one of BYU's honor codes. That was my whole point. Your link, which was dated on April 19th states: "Unga's decision to withdraw will gain some leniency should he decide to return." My link, which is dated on the 22nd, states that Unga in fact DID want to return to school. So the bottom line here is, Unga was forced to withdraw/skip his senior season and he did want to play another year in college but couldn't. Unga did not just withdraw himself and decide to go to the NFL, he didn't have a choice in the matter because he couldn't return to BYU, so yes Creighton, he was basically forced to skip his senior season. GO BEARS!!

I already new all that, but he withdrew first, suspending somone who left your school has little to no authority. He could have gone to other schools, he was not under contract. What he did was not a big deal, it's only a big deal at BYU. Look at McMahon, he admitted he violated the honor code at BYU all time, he said most students do.

Oh Kevin show me one place I said anything like this or even hinted at it.

"he didn't just withdraw and go straight to the supplemental draft like your saying. GO BEARS!!"

Not sure where you got that idea from, I was just correcting a small mistake you made in the order of things that Unga went through. You skipped mentioning his withdrawl which occured first, I never said word one about the draft other than I didn't think he would have been a second round pick.

You read to much into my posts. I never thought he withdrew to enter the draft. I think he entered the draft because he didn't feel he had other options, and because his girlfriend was preggo.

I was just correcting a small mistake you made in the order of events, that's it. Nothing to do with the draft.

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