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George McCaskey takes over as Bears chairman

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George McCaskey officially accepted the chairmanship of the Bears' board of directors today at Halas Hall, the team's website reported.

The club announced in April 2010 that George would replace his older brother Michael and the transition has been in the works since then.

"It's humbling and exciting," George told the team's website. "All that my brothers and sisters are asking of me is everything that I've got, and I'm sure Bears fans expect nothing less than everything that I've got, and that's what I intend to give."

George headed the team's ticket office since 1991.

George has met with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson, and he's scheduled to visit with New York Giants owner John Mara before the season.

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I think George McCaskey's first order of business should be doing what he can do to get things straight with the players so we can have a football season, that needs to be #1 on his agenda. This lockout is getting ridiculous, the longer this lockout goes on, the worse its gonna be for the league. Nothing good is gonna come out of a long drawed out lockout except setting teams back and killing the quality of football thats gonna be played during the 2011 season. They need to have things squared away by july so these rookies can have some type of camp before heading into the season. As fans all we can really do is hope.

Speaking of the rookies, you really wanna see offensive tackle Gabe Carimi and defensive tackle Stephen Paea do their thing, but, there seems to be a lot of intrigue as far as what rookie QB Nathan Enderle is gonna bring to the field. Now Martz's is saying he didn't bring Enderle in to be the #3, and that he could push Caleb Hanie depending on how he looks once the hitting starts. Now, I doubt Enderle replaces Hanie, but that is a bold thing for Martz to say. Martzs knows his QB's, he got Kurt Warner from a grocery store when no one else would give him a second look, he found Marc Bulger after the Saints cast him aside, and he got back to back 4000 yard passing seasons out of Jon Kitna, so the guy has a good track record with his QB's. The fact Martz is so big on Enderle really does make you wanna see what the guy can do. Enderle has great size at 6-4 234lbs, and I watched some video's on Enderle here on the net, and the kid can straight up sling it. He'll be one to watch during camp GO BEARS!!

The first thing he should do is FIRE JERRY ANGELO, of course.
Find someone competent, who can take charge of an organization,
like the guys in Pittsburgh and New England.

Enderle will be #2 whenever he gets his chance to play. Everybody says how great Hanie is and all he did was throw the pick six that cost the Bears a Superbowl victory!! As soon as Hanie came into that game, the Packers laid off the blitz and played more zone just waiting for Hanie to throw the game away and he did! Watch the game film. Hanie had all day to throw and he still threw two picks!

"George has met with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones"

Now did Jones appear in a puff of fire and brimstone the moment poor George signed the contract or was he standing on one of his shoulders the whole time, telling him what a great deal this was going to be for him and that he doesn't really need his soul anyway.

Kevin I know its a popular story about Warner being found in a Grocery store but its not exactly true. First, Martz didn't find Warner, Warner was on the Rams before Martz got there. Warner signed his first Rams Contract and was on the team in 98. In 1998 Mike Martz was working for the Redskins, he didn't find him. He worked in the Grocery store for a short time after the Packers cut him in 94, that was his first team. Then he was in the Arena league for 4 years. Then he was on the Rams for a year and then he he met Martz, who made him the backup QB to Green.

The fact is Martz didn't even know who Warner was. That's why he brought a QB with him to the Rams, Trent Green from the Washington Redskins. It was Vermeil who discovered Warner in the Arena league and he took a lot of c### for it when Green got hurt in Pre Seaon and fans thought the Rams didn't have a decent backup. Then Vermeil came out and said we are going to support are QB.

Martz liked Warner so much that he brought Trent Green with him from Washington, and signed Marc Bulger in 2000 the year after Warner's historic season. The truth is the reason Martz likes a lot of QB's is because he goes through a lot of QB's. When it comes to QB's putting up big numbers in his offense, that's pretty common for this offense, most QB's do well in it, but if you take a better look beneath the numbers you will find that his offense is really style over substance.

Any way good luck to George, I will take him over Mike anyway.

Meet the New Boss. Same as the old boss.

George isn't fond of singing, is he???

Actually, this might be a better thing for us. Mike was considered a thoughtful, quiet person, who rarely spoke up in owner's meetings. For a franchise as storied and established as the Chicago Bears, our voice should be louder in those meetings. Letting Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, Robert Kraft, and Jerry Richardson steer the direction of the league can be damaging, so we need the old dogs: The Mara family, the Rooney family, the Hunt family, the Wilson family, and even the McCaskeys (feels so weird to not be able to say the Halas family) need to be more active in setting the direction of the NFL. The reason the new guys have so much power in these meetings is that the old guys have let them take it.

George seems a little more business-like in the brief glimpses we have gotten up to this point, and certainly does not seem as flaky or distracted. I believe he will take this seriously, and will embrace the role as the head of the franchise. Whether he has what it takes to be that guy, time will tell, but he has an opportunity to re-assert this franchise into the discussion.

Let's hope it works.

Creighton, I didn't mean Martz literally found Warner, I just meant he took a guy that everyone else cast aside and made him into a pro-bowl type passer. Same with Bulger and Kitna. All I was trying to say was Martz knows his QB's, and he knows who he wants, he's got a pretty good track record with the position.

As far as Martz's bringing Trent Green with him to St. Louis, that was actually a smart move at the time. Green had enjoyed some success with Martz's in Washington, Martz's was Green's QB coach back in 1998 when Green put up 3,441 yards passing with 23 td passes for the Skins. At the time Green was seen as an up and coming young passer who had already proved himself in the league, unlike Warner. So it was a smart move for Martz to bring Green in. Green never became a "Hall of Fame" type, but he did go on to be a pretty solid starting NFL passer. And you can add Green's name to the list of QB's Martz's has had success with. I'd rate them like this, Warner 1st, Bulger 2nd, Kitna 3rd (could have been rated higher had Detroit had any type of offensive line), and then Green. Jay Cutler could be his best, but we'll have to wait and see.

I'm starting to like Martz's as an offensive coordinator. I admit, at first, I didn't want Chicago to hire Martz, I wanted Viking's QB coach Kevin Rogers because I felt Chicago had the personnel to fit the type of west coast scheme Rogers ran. But you gotta like the job Martz has done in year 1 with the club, and the way he made his scheme fit with the personnel Chicago has. Whats killing Chicago's offense right now is simple, pass protection. If rookie Gabe Carimi can come on, and 2nd year player J'Marcus Webb continues to develop, this offense will explode threw the roof. This offense could be so muh better if Cutler had the time for some 5-7 step drops, theres a lot of plays being left on the field right now. Hopefully these young tackles can get the job done GO BEARS!!

Martz is a egomaniacal idiot. Plain and simple. I have stated on here several times that for whatever reason, he's always had a "hair up his A##" over Hanie. I don't know if it's because Hanie left last year in June for a day or so for the birth of his child and missed 2 days of teaching from the almighty himself, or maybe it's the fact that Hanie isn't "his guy." He has flexed his muscles and pushed to the limit his authority since he got off the plane last year. Had to have Todd Collins. I am taking bets that he couldn't hit Lake Michigan from Navy Pier.

Enderle was, like Lafevour, a wasted draft pick. And I have seen at least one of the "let's mold him and use him as trade bait for draft picks" postings on here. Oh, to have a dollar for each one of those from last year when the same thing was said about Lafevour. How did that work out for you? And like I said last year, it's not a wasted pick because I don't like Enderle. It's a wasted pick because there were other pressing needs and the Bear's wasted their 3rd round pick on a middle of the road safety that would have been there in later rounds. So, in two years of drafting when the Bears had only 11 of their possible 14 draft picks, they have taken as many QB's as they have offensive linemen.

So, let me get this straight. Caleb Hanie who was with Mike Martz from the moment Martz got off the plane wasn't qualified enough to be Cutler's backup last year so we had to bring in Collins who hadn't seen a Martz playbook in years, BUT Enderle is going to compete with Hanie with virtually no OTA's, mini camps, or classroom sessions with Martz? OK.

Hey "For Real"....are you...FOR REAL? How much game planning do you think Hanie got as #3 QB? Probably as much game planning as you got intelligence to post on here. Want to know what COST the Bears the game? Let's start with Angelo who is the one responsible for the 5 guys out there on the O-line. The same guys who couldn't keep the franchise QB standing. Or how about some blame on Lovie and Martz who kept shoving Collins down our throats time and time again when he couldn't throw any more. And then you give us the great insight that rushing 3 or 4 guys and dropping 7 or 8 into coverage gives a qb more time to throw. Really? Next thing you will tell us is that when you have a fastball hitter you might want to throw him a breaking ball. WTG, genius.'re wrong. I have the game on DVR and on the pick 6 play, #37 Shields came off the QB's blind side on a blitz while Raji dropped into coverage. GO LOOK. Doesn't sound too vanilla to me. And it was that blitz that the Bear's coaches couldn't figure out all day. I don't know..I mean, I am not as smart as someone named "for real", but if I was to guess, maybe if Hanie was running something other than the scout team leading up to the game, he might have been more prepared for action. Oh, 1 other thing...on the Shields INT...the Packers rushed 5. Once again, GO LOOK.

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That's fine Kevin but you gotta admit it does sound that way when a person reads it. Ask yourself this in reguards to Martz, did you like what he was doing or did you like what Tice and Lovie made him do? The offense was nothing to write home about either half of the season. But if you look at what Martz did, he cost them a few wins. 1 against Seattle, and two against the Packers. Now the Bears may not have won those games either way, but he never gave them there best chance to win. Oh and 1 one against the Giants, he nearly got Cutler killed in that game just kept doing the same thing over and over, even though it wasn't working. Most of the season the defense had them in games, Martz was not asked to do a whole lot, but he failed at doing what he needed to do at several key points in the season. Not to mention I don't know if you enjoy watching Cutler get killed, but he got killed all year long to the tune of two injuries. Hanie got hurt in the Pre-Seaon. Martz is kinda of d### in my opinion. He comes off a little crazy to me, he may just be Crap-ton.

Gearheadboy, I couldn't agree more with you about Caleb Hanie. And I've said it here in the past, had Hanie gotten reps as the #2 throughout the season, and not scout team reps as a #3, Chicago would have went to the Super Bowl. Keeping Hanie as the #3 after the Panthers game earlier in the season, when Collins proved he wasn't worthy, was the worst personnel move by this team all season, in the end, it cost them a trip to the big game.

Now, like I said above, I doubt Nathan Enderle replaces Caleb Hanie as the #2. Martz said what he said to either motivate Hanie, or to simply justify the draft pick. Who knows? As far as the drafting of Enderle, he was a 5th rounder at #160, I doubt your finding any starting caliber offensive linemen that late. While the Bears could use some help inside at guard or center, was their anybody at #160 that could help, maybe, maybe not? The thing is, the Bears already have some young interior prospects in 3rd year player Lance Louis, who Mike Tice seems to like, and they brought in former 5th rounder Herman Johnson, all 6-7 360lbs of him. And what do Johnson and Louis got that a rookie 5th rounder from this year wouldn't, time in the NFL, Lance Louis even has some starts. These guys might be alright, they're young, sometimes it takes a couple seasons for offensive linemen to catch on, especilly your later round draft picks like Louis and Johnson, both these guys are 3rd year pros, they're a lot more ready than any rookie would be, especially anyone Chicago could have gotten in the 5th this year. You gotta give these guys a chance GO BEARS!!


In your haste to always defend the Bears moves, you just don't get it. "You can't drive to the store unless you first get in your car." You have a better chance of getting a potential starter at the interior line position in round 5, than you do a starting QB. How do you know, unless you draft an OL prospect? And can we please stop with the Lance Louis' of the world? It's not like he was backing up Bortz, or Thayer. As bad as the Bear's line was this past year, you would think he would have gotten his shot....Oh, wait...he did and he couldn't pass block a D-lineman in a wheel chair.

It is going to be very interesting to see what happens 2 years down the line in your own division. After the Bears took Enderle the Vikings took 2 O-linemen. One, in my opinion is slated to be Hutchinson's replacement. He being Demarcus Love. And he was what Angelo was SUPPOSEDLY looking for. A TACKLE THAT COULD PLAY GUARD. If he is pushing Henry Melton and Paea all over the field in 2 years, then it was a waste.

And one other thing. I asked this question when Enderle was drafted. When is the great Mike Martz going to "mold" this kid? It's not going to be this year. This lockout will go at least until the middle of June. And then there is going to be a mad scramble to get teams up to speed, get the rust out, and incorporate high round draft pick rookies. Not to mention the scramble to get free agents. And Martz turned down a contract extension. He's looking for a head coaching job. And unless he somehow takes over for Lovie in Chicago, he will be removed from Enderle. So, when the next OC comes in and Enderle isn't "his guy" then what? He's gone, that's what.

Please...try criticizing Angelo every once in a while. Trust me, they're not going to come in and take your Urlacher Fat Head off the wall. And honestly, it feels good and he deserves it.

Gearheadboy, the "Fat Head" comment made me laugh.

I agree with you about Martz's, he probably is looking for another head coaching job, and if everything goes right for the Bears this year, and the offense comes on, he will be gone. I agree with that. Now, I don't want to see that happen, its gonna suck for Cutler to have to change offensive coordinators for the 3rd time here in Chicago, the Bears best bet would be to bring in someone with a "West Coast" type of scheme, IF Martz's leaves after next season. Cutlers has experience in that type of scheme and the Bears are built to run that type of scheme. Maybe Kevin Rogers the QB coach in Minny? Thats another story for another blog.

Now, as far as Angelo goes, I have my knocks on Jerry like any other Bear fan. It's just hard to come down on a guy that has had the team in a Super Bowl and close to another one this past season, and all inside of 5 seasons. The Bears before Angelo were absolutely horrendous, Angelo's had the team in 2 NFC championships inside of 5 seasons, before him, the only way the Bears were going to an NFC championship was if they had tickets. One of my knocks on Angelo is he doesn't spend enough 2nd-3rd round draft picks on offensive linemen, he seems to want to bring them in late or via free agency, I don't like that either. And Angelo's past first round linemen were by no means great, but solid. Take Marc Columbo, who Angelo drafted in the first back in 2002, he turned out to be a pretty solid NFL starting caliber tackle, and had the Bears stuck with him, there would have never been a Fred Miller, and Angelo's track record drafting offensive linemen would be a lot better, they should of stuck it out with Columbo, that was a bad move on Angelo's part. Now I admit I wanted the Bears to draft Chris Williams, he was a bust as far as being a tackle, and the jury's still out on him as a guard, this will probably be his last shot, he needs to step up this upcoming season. If Williams can make it as a guard, he won't be a total wasted 1st rounder. Now as of late, Angelo might have found a late round gem in 2010 7th rounder J'Marcus Webb, who the team nabbed up at #218 in last years draft, that was an impressive pick. Compare the Bears 7th rounder at #218 tackle J'Marcus Webb, to the tackle the Packers got Bryan Bulaga, who they nabbed up in the same draft in the 1st at #23, Webb might be the better player, and Angelo got him in the bottom of the draft! Thats impressive, a lot of people don't understand how impressive that is to get players late. And this year Angelo got our boy Gabe Carimi, I know you like that pick. This line could get bigger, you got Webb 6-8 320lbs and Carimi 6-7 315lbs outside, and inside if Chris Williams don't make it, big Herman Johnson at 6-7 360lbs could, he was a 5th rounder back in 2009, he could be NFL ready now. Lance Louis isn't big like these guys, but he is strong and a nasty player, the type you want inside, so there's the potential to get a lot bigger and stronger inside with Big Herm and Louis GO BEARS!!

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