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Even more details on Wolfe's arrest in Miami

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The unpaid nightclub bill that resulted in an altercation and subsequent arrest of Bears' free-agent running back Garrett Wolfe on Sunday morning in Miami totalled $1,572, according to the police report obtained by the Sun-Times on Monday afternoon.

After being charged with retail theft, disorderly conduct, assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest with violence, the former Holy Cross High School and Northern Illinois star's bond has been set at $11,500.

Wolfe allegedly became aggressive while disputing the purchase of three bottles of champaign at Cameo Night Club in Miami Beach. He was forcefully removed from the club, causing business to stop and patrons to leave, according to the report released by the Miami Beach Police Department.

Once outside, Wolfe was initially restrained before being released in order to settle his bill when he allegedly lunged at an off-duty police officer, prompting a scuffle that resulted Wolfe and two off-duty officers sustaining abrasions before Wolfe was finally handcuffed, according to the report.

Wolfe, who officers said smelled of alcohol, had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech, threatened to sue the officers and at one point said: "Let's compare bank accounts," according to the report.

The arrest could make it more difficult for Wolfe, whose free-agent status remains in limbo during the lockout, to either re-sign with the Bears or latch on with another team.

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Hahahaha man what a looser. I new he would be nothing but a complete waste of a pick but Jerry thought otherwise. You tell me what good picks have come out of Northern illinis and I will tell you none. Total reach and total bust. Oh but IO now good things come in small pascksges yaeah right.

I hope Wolf never plays in the NFL again. He is nothing but a punk aa criminal. He did nothing while he was with the Bears but collect unearned money. *If I sdaw him in the streets wile walking bye I would punch him in the face.

Who ever thought such a small player would be such a big disapointment? oh yea I did. Creighton the All Nnowing wasright agsain. If only people would lissten too me mor offten.

If you only knew how to spell, type, or create an intelligent thought in that brain dead head of yours! DA!

I guess you've never heard of Michael Turner.

Hollis Thomas and Justin McCareins have had a combined 22 seasons in the NFL, so obviously they were wasted picks too.

Didn't Micheal Turner go to NIU? Ryan Diem?

Well I didn't write that but allow me to retort anyway.

Hollis Thomas was never drafted and yeah it's not like you would ever miss him. So no he was not a wasted pick, cause he was never drafted. Which is about where most NIU players belong.

Ryan Diem is garbage, a 4th round pick and still better than Wolfe.

Justin McCareins, you got to be kidding throwing this clown out there, he has done nothing in the NFL of note, he hasn't had a TD in two years he has one in the last three years and you think this makes him a good NFL player?

Mike Turner, I like Mike Turner I always have, in fact I wanted him in a Bear Uniform, but that is well documented. He is living proof that the sun can shine on the dogs ### that is NIU. Then again he was 5th round pick and a 240 pound back with speed. Not the over hyped Wolfe who NIU fans claimed was the best back in college football history and claimed he would be a star in the nfl, sorry but 180 pound backs don't last long at this level, and considering he could never make anyone miss to top that off, yes I will he was a big wasted 3rd round pick, but I said that the day he was drafted, and I once again I was right.

Just cause NIU fans think they would own the SEC and Big 10 doesn't mean everyone else does. NIU fans have no clue about football, if they did they wouldn't be NIU fans.

Got to be a prank, by this hidden tough guy named Creighton. You say you would punch Wolfe in the face, really!!! Your made because of the monies you in your small mind believe he didnt earn. Are you currently in the league, have you ever been, are you even an athlete? Probably not. Just some bitter fan who sounds mad that he living a life you can only dream about. Grow up and stop whining about other people's lives GOOFY!!!!

Well Garrett, your bank account is going to be a little lighter after your moronic incident. Good luck finding a job cause you'll need it!

I didn't see Wolfe coming back even before the arrest. Harvey Unga, last years supplemental draft pick out of BYU will probably get a roster spot over Wolfe, Wolfe will be missed on special teams though. But I doubt Angelo is gonna stick with Wolfe, especially after your Tank Johnson's and Cedric Benson's who have been let go after run-ins with the law.

Heres something off-subject, but interesting. Earl Bennett was one of only 2 NFL receivers to have 50 or more catches and no drops. Check this link.
Martz's is saying he'll have an expanded role next year and might get a look outside, thats interesting and maybe a reason Chicago didn't draft a receiver and might not go after any big name free agent wise GO BEARS!!

ahhhh....hey neal were are teh new storys looser? ahhh do i have to reimnd you neal taht i am KING? i ORDERS oyu to rpost somthing new or else neal....hheheheehe....OR ELSE...heehehehee or else i wil SMACK you around leiks id o too taht BRANDO or kevin BUMStead...

ahhh ans tio teh eREST of you DAER YOU questin me....i am WALWAYS right and IS o LNY GIV E FACTS!!!!!i f is Ay thaty wolf is ABUSt and he ereraves to get puncehd in teh face then is true!@! ohhhhh maybe i needs to SMACK all you you two!!

but uou guys now me old crap-ton....just tyring to be paosatcive

ps my my nice ans warm it is for mi pink panties? :)

Good story Kevin, I myself read that same artical. I do believe I did say something at the end of the year that Bennett didnt drop a ball that was catchable, I really didnt know at the time that he indeed did not have a drop all season.
I like Bennett as a player. He is tough, works hard, he isnt a problem player and he just does what the coaches ask him to do. I would be very surprised if Bennett gos to the Pro Bowl any time in his career but i will be surprised if healthy if he doesnt make a big jump in improvment. Bears have enough speed at the wide out spot but what they dont have is a sure handed go into the middle and move the chains kinda player.I think Bennett is that kinda player.

Kinda makes you wonder why he isn't a starter doesn't it? On a good recieving unit Bennett is a slot guy, on this unit he should be a starter. But they probably just like him better in the slot because of his hands and he is a better rout runner than Hester or Knox.

As a slot reciever, and only a slot reciever not when he lined up other places Bennett was pretty good.

Out of the slot yards per catch he ranked 6th in the nfl 13.5 YPC.
His catch percentage in the slot was 62% which is good but not great 14th in the nfl. He still gets bumped off his routs every now and then, but was better in the slot than Donald Driver. To bad for Bennett he doesn't get the chances on the outside that Driver does.

His slot receptions were good for 15th in the league with 34. That's not great but its solid considering the amount he was thrown at. He played in the slot about 72 percent of his snaps, 411 snaps to be exact. So they probably want to get him on the field a little more. As a reciever Donald Driver probably had 2-300 more snaps than Bennett, Drvier had 800 Snaps, Bennett was around 500. Bennett doesn't have the short burst Driver had in his prime, but he is a very similar player to Driver. He could stand to cut a little weight and work on his speed.

Bennett still needs to work on getting open more often he tends to average about 10 yards on the pass but only about 3 yards after the catch, so he is doing a lot of catching in small windows, which explains his TD's. But if he keeps working no reason he can't emulate Drivers career. Drivers breakout season was season 4.

No surprise also is that Knox was in the top 10 in the league in deep receptions with 11. He tied for for 9th. He caught the ball 42 percent of the time on Deep passes as well which is good for 8th in the nfl. On those 11 receptions he recorded 418 yards. Strangly enough he didn't score very often on the deep pass. He is a good deep threat if not much else.

I won't go into Hester as a reciever, I don't want too, it's a waste of typing.

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