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Who will Bears take? Your prediction goes here

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OK, you've seen my mock draft. Now, who do you think the Bears should take at No. 29?

My only criteria is that you be realistic. You can't say "Cam Newton," "Patrick Peterson" or "Tyron Smith," for example, because they'll be long gone by then --- although with this draft, you never know. It's also acceptable to list a handful of players with the idea that you would select whichever prospect happened to be available late in the first round.

It's also acceptable to predict that the Bears will trade up or out of the first round, the latter of which is a real possibility, at least in my opinion.

Let's hear from you. Anybody who nails it will receive kudos here Friday.

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Angelo will trade down into the second round and draft a player that EVERY other team has graded out as a 4th rounder , citing the players "ceiling". Probably won't be on the team in 2013 !

It will for sure be a trade down. If you put any value in trade value point chart, the Bears can trade the 29th pick for a high 2nd and a high 4th round pick. Angleo is a bargain hunter and will jump on that knowing he can still get one of the guys he wanted at 29.

They will probably come on the clock with both Sherrod and Austin on the board along with Ponder and Dalton. What will hurt the Bears is if NE {they pick 1 ahead of the Bears} trades out of the 28th spot to either Buffalo or Cincy. Belichick loves 2nd round picks and has a history of picking good ones. If NE trades out of 28 AND both Buffalo & Cincy didn't address QB early in the 1st round, then maybe both NE and the Bears can move out of the first round.

The ONLY guy i would take at 29 would be Carimi. But I am not Jerry Angelo {thankfull for that one}. Having said that, the NE Patriots trade out of 28, giving them now 3 picks in both the 2nd and 3rd round, Jerry Angelo panics and takes Marvin Austin with the 29th Pick. He will be a very good player, but the franchise QB is still left unprotected on the left side.

i think Marvin Austin slips down there. and i would be very happpy with that. i actuallt remember watching him in a game a few years back and he's the real deal (or at least was)
Another guy that seems to be slipping for no particular reason who i think fits in well at the 3 technique is Muhammad Wilkerson. He was terrific this past year.
Hoping these guys fall also....
Round 2. Marcus Gilchrist/ Stefen Wisniewski
Round 3. Ahmad Black/ John Moffitt.
If the DB then the OL in the next round and vice versa.
Of course, the obligatory choice from Abilene Christian is also out there.
Favorite weekend of the entire year. Enjoy and and may Angelo use his brain for a change.
Creighton, that was really horrible news about Marcus Cannon. I hope he recovers completely.

They will take Danny Watkins early in the second round, after a trade out for a second and a third round pick. They will then take Terrell McClain (1 round early) at 62, and use their third round picks on Austin Pettis (another pick 1 round early) and Kendrick Burney, because Lovie can't resist playing slow, undersized players who have no chance of competing against the big receivers in our division....Burney, not Pettis, who I actually like as a big receiver for this offense. But we could probably get him in the 4th. Burney shouldn't get drafted until at least the 6th with a 4.7 40 time....

We will draft DeMarcus Love in the 4th, who can't block a toddler from getting through a doggie door, and then we will take linebacker and safety, for special teams, like Jerry always does, in the 5th and 6th.

I don't hope he recovers, I know he will recover. He is gonna be fine, he is gonna miiss most of this year and slip alot in the draft because of it, he may not even get drafted. But I hope the Bears take a flyer on the kid and I think in the long run he will be worth it. My dad delt with the same thing a couple years back, and he is in 80's and still kicken my a## so I pretty sure the big gun will be okay. Some team will take advantage of him slipping though and they will be glad they did. I have him as my number 1 guard in this draft. I know it comes off bad me being glad the Bears have a shot at him later in the draft, but I don't have a negative attitude about things beyond anyones control. Nothing anybody can do about him slipping, and its not like anyone wished for him to have treatable cancer. But if he is gonna slip I don't see why the Bears can't take advantage of it. The way I look at it is its turning a negative into a positive, a kid who is sick but going to recover has big chance of not getting drafted, well I think he should be even if he is sick right now. And don't think he won't be greatful to get drafted at this point.

As for my pick, I kinda agree with the general concensus. I think if Austin is there the Bears grab him or if they can trade down to a place where they know they can get him they do that. If Austin is gonna to Seattle or the Saints they will probably trade down, if they can't trade down, then maybe Wilkerson if he is there. I really think it would be best if we made are picks a little closer to when the Bears are actually on the clock, just sayin.

Hey where the hell is Mike? MIKE! Get your a## out here the draft is only a few hours away. And don't give me none of that competative gaming crap, you have had plenty of time to kill 12 year olds(man do I hate those big mouth 12 year olds) on Planet Reach, its draft time and you have been MIA long enough.

Speaking of Mike, Gearhead I think Ponder and Dlaton will have alot to do with the later rounds.

What? You two know you go hand an hand on this blog, I can't be the only one keeping all the arguments and fueds going. And I refuse to get involved with your feud other than to help keep it going and fresh. I need my entertainment too you know and no I am not a good person, I already know this so save your speeches.

Now I got some time to kill before the draft, so I am gonna go smack some 12 year olds around on planet Reach, cocky little ba###### got it coming. I am coming for you Master Chief 117 killer. Oh and before you say anything Mike, do as I say not as I do, thats a long standing rule on this blog.

Baldwin is the pick. Read between the lines and people will see that. The Ot or guards will be picked through for the 1st round. Love the WRs they have but they dont fight for the ball. Baldwin is a guy Jay needs. Look what he did with Brandon Marshall. Same type of WR but Baldwin wont be the trouble maker Mashall is.

Can't give you exact players, but Angelo's draft will look like this:

Round 1 - DT
Round 2 - DE
Round 3 - LB
Round 4 - DT
Round 5 - LB
Round 6 - CB
Round 7 - Someone from Abeline Christian

Post-draft quote from Angelo, "Oh, was this draft draft for offensive players too? Oh well, we'll find someone off the scrapheap on the free agent market and let Tice coach 'em up".

Post-draft quote from Lovie, "We like where we are, and we'll go from there".

I'd love for Wisconsin tackle Gabe Carimi to slip, probably not gonna happen. Also, if the Bears do trade down to say the high second, they could take Penn States Stefen Wisniewski, that could happen? I don't know if Angelo is gonna want to take a chance on defensive tackle Marvin Austin with the character issues, I don't know if Angelo wants another Tank Johnson fiasco on his hands. You gotta love the talent, but, your taking a chance. Angelo has also said he likes the depth at defensive tackle in this years draft, making me think round 2-3 is where they're gonna get a 3-technique. Angelo has also said Mississippi State tackle Derek Sherrod has no character issues, I say they stay at #29 and take Sherrod. Sherrod has a long wingspan and has started 34 games at Mississippi State, its gonna be interesting. Heres my mock, I did one the other day but this one is my last before it all goes down.

Rd1 Derek Sherrod OT Mississippi State 6-5 321lbs
Rd 2 Drake Nevis DT LSU 6-1 294lbs
Rd 3 Niles Paul WR Nebraska 6-1 224lbs
Rd 4 Adrian Moten LB Maryland 6-2 230lbs
Rd 5 Buster Skrine CB TN-Chattanoga 5-11 190lbs
Rd 6 Adam Weber QB Minnesota 6-1 211lbs GO BEARS!!

It's the final countdown to the draft. That said I always need a little music with my countdown. Gets the blood flowing.

Rumors are that the Cleveland Browns are looking to trade the sixth pick possibly to New England.

In the same bold risk taking attitude that Jerry Angelo used to get the Jay Cutler trade done, I say the Bears trade this years first and third round picks and next years first round pick to the Browns for this years sixth pick.

The Bears then take "sure thing" WR A.J. Green; the "Elite" blue-chip kind of playmaker Jay Cutler needs for the next ten years.

As I write this, SF has just made their pick.


The Altanta Falcons gave up a ton {more than the Bear's gave up for Cutler} to go get Julio Jones. In my opinion, a horrible move. With guys like Little, Baldwin, and the kid from Indiana who could be had in the 2nd, and 3rd round.

*The Titans just took Locker. 2-3 months ago, on this blog I said that, with regard to the draft, there are always surprises and idiot GM's who take guys in the first round 10-20 slots before they're supposed to go. Harvey to the Jags a couple of years ago comes to mind. We all remember the 2 bog ones back in the day. Jeff Lageman to the Jets when a young Kiper Jr. blasted the Jets on national T.V. And then when Bill Tobin bypassed a QB {escapes me right now} and took a lineback from Nebraska. And Locker was this year's version of that. All this does is push one more guy down further towards the Bears. What it also does is scare teams like Cincy and Buffalo. Locker was projected to go late first {I had seen him to Seattle in some mocks}. With guys being pushed down the board, and Cincy and Buffalo needing a QB, you could see movement at the 29th pick.

I didn't understand what you meant with Ponder and Dalton. They have {for whatever reason} rocketed up the boards and can/will be a factor in the late 1st or early 2nd round. It will definitely be interesting.

**I don't know if I can take 2 more hours of "Chucky" falling in love with every player. It's like Paula Abdul at the draft...

Vikings just helped the Bears.

#1: Another player gets pushed down towards Chicago. Now this makes 2.

#2: Now you really have Cincy and Buffalo thinking because 2 of the 3 guys projected to go in the later half of the first or beginning of the 2nd round have gone before pick 15. Bears are in a good spot.

Crap...Lions Just took Fairley. One one hand this "helps" the Bears by pushing a tackle down the board, but on the other hand...Suh and Fairley against {right now} Williams, Kreutz, and Garza? I think Cutler just threw up on Kristin Cavallari.

Thanks for updating the site so quickly.

Oh crap Lions got Fairley, thats not good Bears better upgrade the interior. Nice pick by the Vikings Ponder is perfect for the WCO. Lions will go CB in round 2 maybe Oline.

Draft is shaping up good for the Bears so far.

My bad gearhead, I meant later first round, I posted that earlier on Neils Mock that they would have a big effect on the first round as well. Although I did not imagine one of them would go that high. I was in hurry you can check it under Neils mock.

What is going on with Carimi, dropping like a rock Seattle just passed on him for Carpenter? Locker surprised me, then again a few months back he was a top 10 pick.

Here is the quote from the Neil mock I wrote.

"Bears will probably look to trade down if Austin is gone and hope someone wants to move up for Ponder or Dalton." The Vikings pick made sense but still a surprise.

Here we go boys Carimi and Sherrod vs. Austin or a trade down, could there be a surprise coming? Either way its been a hell of a first round. Lets see how the Bears want to build this team.

Gabe Carimi welcome to the Bears, good pick, he can play RT or G. Not sure if he can play LT but Tice must be thrilled. Love his attitude, although thats suppose to be why he fell, whatever, I like mean players.

Did anyone see when the Browns were on the clock before the trade and Gruden starts talking about a QB to the Browns and Boomer is like umm they have Colt McCoy who they took last year and Gruden is like what?? LMAO. He sucks so bad, I have been switching between nfl network and ESPN all night whenever Sanders is doing an interview I go to ESPN but when I get there Gruden is still talking. Mel and Boomer have basically spent the night nodding their heads at him.

Here come the slackers pick. Probably best available player. Homer Mike Lombardi had JJ Watt falling to them in his mock, what a homer. And the pick is Sherrod, well well well. We know that is going to be a comparison for the next few years.

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