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NFL spokesman says league looking into trade snafu

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The Baltimore Ravens want compensation for the botched trade with the Bears, and the league is investigating.
We're looking into it," NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said this morning.

The Ravens believed they had a deal with the Bears to give up their 26th overall pick for No.29 and a fourth rounder.

Bears GM Jerry Angelo accepted responsibility for the mix up

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It's the Ravens fault. They should know better than to cut a deal with the bumbling bunch of amateurs like Angelo and his minions.

It was all Bears, Ravens already relesed a detail report of what happened. Bears were afraid the Chiefs were going to take Carimi. And made a trade with the Ravens to move up, the Ravens confirmed the trade with the league, but were told the Bears didn't. So Newsome called the Bears and said what was going on the Bears insisted they had confirmed the trade. Later Angelo stated they didn't confirm the trade and the mistake was on the Bears side. Ravens may now get a 4th rounder It doesn't mean they will but they might.

If the Bears are going to lose the pick and feel they are going to lose the pick, they should offer it to the Ravens as an apology and show of respect, it would be good PR, right now league wide it looks like the Bears made a deal and are now spitting in the face of the Ravens after screwing up.

The Ravens two biggest needs were Reciever and Corner. What if they wanted Baldwin? Maybe they did maybe they didn't but it doesn't change the fact that the Bears look bad right now. Maybe offer them a 4th round pick for next year as a show of compinsation, I mean it was a mistake, they didn't mean to do it. But you still want to show a willingness to honor your deal.

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