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2011 schedule: Chicago Bears play Green Bay Packers on Christmas

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The Bears will play four prime-time games in 2011, which include two "Monday NIght Football" games and two Sunday Night prime-time affairs. Here's their schedule, as released by the NFL Tuesday evening.

Sept. 11: Falcons at Bears, 12 noon

Sept. 18: Bears at Saints, 12 noon

Sept. 25: Packers at Bears, 3:15, p.m.

Oct. 2: Panthers at Bears, 12 noon

Oct. 10: Bears at Lions, 7:30 p.m. (Monday Night Football)

Oct. 16: Vikings at Bears, 7:20 (Sunday Night Football)

Oct. 23: Bears at Buccaneers, 12 noon (Wembley Stadium, London, England)

Oct. 30: BYE

Nov. 7: Bears at Eagles, 7:30 p.m. (Monday Night Football)

Nov. 13: Lions at Bears, 12 noon

Nov. 20: Chargers at Bears, 3:15 p.m.

Nov. 27: Bears at Raiders, 3:05 p.m.

Dec. 4: Chiefs at Bears, 12 noon

Dec. 11: Bears at Broncos, 3:05 p.m.

Dec. 18: Seahawks at Bears, 12 noon

Dec. 25: Bears at Packers, 7:20 p.m. (Sunday Night Football)

Jan 1: Bears at Vikings, 12 noon.

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holy cow this season is going to be ugly....this schedule is gonna rip apart these bears

Neil man your schedule has a typo, its Falcons at Bears. Bears open at home.

That's a pretty cake schedule opponents 2010 record was 128-128. You get the AFC west and that's always a good thing these days. Toughest games are probably Saints, Eagles and Pack in GB. Chiefs could be a problem for the Bears but I doubt it.

The Bucs game will be like a home game for the Bears, London has a lot of NFL fans and those fans are not Bucs fans. They tend to cheer for big name teams and the legends of the league. The Bears vs Eagles should have been the London game.

Even if the Bears have a bad year I can't see them going less than 8-8 with this schedule. Broncos, Vikings, and Panthers should be 4 wins easy. Outside of the Packers no teams looks that tough. Eagles at home, and the Saints but the Bears have played the Saints really well for a awhile now.

I am sick of seeing the Eagles every year, and the Seahawks are getting a little to familiar. I am glad to see the Raiders on the list, that should be a fun game, Chiefs too, I am now mad that McNugget got fired in Denver, I would love to see the Bears whoop his a##. Cutler revenge game, that would have been some fun. How mad do you think Denver is that they hired Fox only to see Fisher enter the market? Fox will be fired in 2 years, he is such a bad fit for Denver fans.

yeah, just like last year. same haters. Do you think teams like playing us? You don't think offensive coaches fear that they might not only lose but lose their QB as well?

I love when naysayers predict disaster and then eat their words. Pretty much like every journalist in the country last year and now starting with you this year pal.

Bear Down and stop being a puss

yeah dude, we may lose every single game. Come to think of it, why do we even bother suiting up for the games. It is obvious that we stink, I mean look at last year. Everyone said we would be terrible and they were right. We couldn't beat anyone. Our defense was ranked last in the league i think. Hester was terrible as always and shouldn't even be returning kicks. We didn't even make the playoffs....

Bear Down and stop being a coward.

have some faith fake bears fan

Wow, the Bears must have p'ed somebody off big time, has anyone ever seen a schedule like that?

5 pre-season games +

A London game +

A late bye, Week 8 (=12 games in a row) +

5 Non-conference games in a row +

Christmas Day +

New Years Day +

4 Night games (1/4 of the season).

Is there anything else the NFL could throw in? If you designed a "let's crush the Bears" package, this is what it would look like.

oh goody. jay can quit on christmas

(un)Merry Christmas! Oh, well, the past 15 or so haven't been that great. A Bears' loss to the Peckers isn't gonna make it any worse.

Two Monday Night games usually = two losses. Bears are putrid on Monday Night.

Should be an interesting season, if there is a season. Beating the Packers on Christmas day would be a great Christmas present. It is all I would need or want.

Does anybody see this team winning more than 7 games next year? I sure don't.

The London game will not be like a home game for the Bears. This is not the "Super Bowl Shuffle" Bears of 1986 who went over there to play the Cowboys. TB has the largest UK fan club of any team. And that's not hard to believe because the ownership has business ventures in the UK and has been promoting their team very heavily over there.

This schedule is harder than some people are led to believe. I don't like the Saints in their dome and that's right after the Falcons in Soldier Field. There is no continuity to the schedule either. Less than half the games are at noon. The London game is listed at noon, but it's really 6:00 P.M. They also have 4 "prime time games {including the London game} in a row with their bye sandwiched in after game 3.

The Lions game up there is going to be much tougher. That team continues to improve. It is now the Vikings who are the weak link in the division. The Broncos will be much better as well. John Fox is a good coach who will put a focus back on running the ball and playing good defense. That is a team that will benefit from a horrible season with high draft choices in each round and might end up with 7-9 victories. It will be an interesting season to say the least.

This schedule looks a lot better,i.e. easier, than last year. Lets sign a couple impact players next week and Bear down.

Umm dude are you serious?or High?
The 4 out of 5 Non Conference teams are against AFC West...thats a good thing.
We get a bye AFTER the London trip...thats a good thing.
And Christmas and New Years falls on a Sunday...everyone is playing on those days.

Ohhhhhhh, boy, 18-0 here we come!! And it will happen just because they're the BEARS! Hall of famers, all! And just like someone wrote above, we do need some impact free agents. For starters: Dusty D! Mike Haas! Dan Bazuin! Total beasts, all!
Everybody do the Bumsteadance! And by the way, GO BEARS!!

Looking at the schedule , I'm thinking 8-8 this year. Before you jump down my throat , take everything into account. The number of "prime time " games (where the Bears traditionally struggle) The trip to London , followed by another road trip to Philly after the bye. Does anyone think the Lions are a gimme anymore ? If so , you're not paying attention ! The Chiefs are no push overs and Denver will inprove with Fox as HC . I hope I'm wrong , but I don't trust Angelo to improve through the draft , and see him over-paying "average" vetern players to fill holes (see B. Manumaleuna and C. Taylor)

It may not be the 85 Bears, but believe me they don't know that. Remember the Buffalo game in Canada last year? Just like a home game for the Bears. Dude we have already had people from London on this board talking about how excited they are to see the Bears. Trust me it will be like game fan wise. I don't know who told you the Bucs were a popular team over there, but that would be a stretch. Dallas, Pit, NE, Chi are the top 4 teams over there. The Bucs are at the bottom of the list. That's why the two first teams to ever play in London were the Bears and Cowboys. Miami also has a big base over there as well as NY.

Are you kidding do you know why the Bears are going over to play? Because it is the 25th anaversery of the first NFL game ever played in London and the Bears are the team who played their and won. Dude the Chicago Bears were named 2010 NFL team of the year by the UK, the poll was based on UK fan votes . Believe me they are popular in London.

Man the Bucs can't even sell out a home game, NFL probably wanted to send the Cowboys and Bears but Jones probably made a stink about losing home revenue. Bears are one of the most popular NFL teams in the world the Bucs fall well short of that mark. Did you watch the Pats vs Bucs game? The fans went nuts for the Pats not the Bucs?

I love the schedule its not easy but I get the Bears in London which is cool, the Bears on Christmas which is great, and some intresting games like Bears vs. Raiders, and Chiefs which is a nice change and a Broncos vs. Bears game which has its own story. Plus a new years game. It may be a tough start but look at the way it finishes. Lions and Bears on monday night in the first game in forever on monday night for the Lions. The only game I don't like is the Bears vikings on Sunday night. Maybe the league is hoping Favre will return, whatever.

That schedule has some flavor its not some typical boring schedule plus a HOF game. I am all good with it. I got football all day on the big holidays, that's my Christmas present this year. Chargers lost thier DC don't forget that, that's a good thing for the Bears.

By the way the Bears have owned the Saints and the Bears are better in a dome. That doesn't mean they will beat them, but thet will not win every game. If the Saints can't run the ball and just go pass happy again they will lose. Don't forget they lost to the SeaHawks, they are not that good.

I really am sick of the Eagles, Seahawks, and Saints and would rather play some other teams but oh well.

I really don't think you have to worry about the Panthers, Seahawks, Vikings, Broncos, and Bucs. Lions have not been on monday night in a long time, that could be a choke in the making. I mean who knows with injuries and all that but it is not a killer list. Besides given the Bears luck of late we will be seeing 6-7 third string QB's. Falcons are not that good either last time I saw them the Packers were stomping a mud hole in them.

Hell I am gonna see if my dad can get tickets to the London game, and go pay him visit for a nice little Bear vacation.

My first reaction was "Wow, 0-3 looks like a real possibility." But, Atlanta won a lot of close games last year and then were exposed by the Packers in the playoffs. The Bears played the Packers close in all three games, plus it's a home game, so I think the season will start on a winning note. The real key is from Nov. 13th - Dec. 18th. Lions, Chargers, Raiders, Chiefs, Broncos, Seahawks. The Bears need to go on a run during this stretch, winning at least five. If they do, they'll make the playoffs.

It's not me saying they have a huge following in the UK, it's the internet and also the NFL Network. it was either ESPN or the NFL network that suggested, just last week, when the announcement of this game came about that if the support in TB doesn't improve that there are rumors that the TB ownership would be willing to move to the UK at some point down the line. And remember, the Glazers also own Manchester United.

I know how popular the Bears are over in the UK, but like I said, according to what i read this morning, the biggest fan club belongs to the Bucs. It wouldn't surprise me if you could buy Bucs gear at ManU games. There will be at least 2 Bears fans there with me and my best friend. We fly free, and have friends who live in Leeds.

As for the schedule, I agree with the Vikings, Panthers, Seahawks. But I think the Lions will be much improved {with or without Stafford}, and the Broncos will be better. They have quite a bit of talent on that team. And the Chiefs have done it right the last couple of years by building through the draft. And at some point the Raiders will "lose" the buffoon running the club and all the talent they have amassed over the past 6-7 years will blossom. It almost looked like it last year.

If the Bears can add a little bit through FA and hit on 2-3 of their draft choices, they have a good chance of going 11-5 or 12-4. It will be interesting.

Ok lesson one on the Brits and the Glazers

First never, ever, ever ,ever ,ever associate Football with American football. Don't even call American football, just football unless you want your teeth kicked in. And don't call Football soccer.

Second, there is no fan base in the world more loyal than Man u. But they are not to the owners they are loyal to the club and the name of the club.

Third, they hate the Glazer family who continues to cut team financing. I mean they really hate the Glazers, I mean hate the Glazers, they want to kill the Glazers. An American family owning a British power house club. Oh god no, not now and not ever will the Brits like the Glazers.

You see Man U fans don't consider the Glazers or anyone else owners of that team. The fans own the team the team belongs to them end of story. Don't ever argue that with a Man U fan, by the way Man U is my club, and I am not a Football fan. But it is my club I support it end of story I will leave it at that. You really don't understand Football Hooligans, dude that's Man U the Red Army, the men in Black. That is the biggest badest Firm on the planet. Gearhead believe me when I tell you this, thats a different world over there. Go over to the Red Army web site and ask those guys if they support the Bucs and the Glazers, see what happens.

The Glazers have tried pushing the Bucs name over there because they need money and are trying to expand the market. Much like Buffalo has been doing for 2 decades with Canada, and you saw how well that was working for them.

Now the Glazers, the nfl and the PR staff will tell you how much the Bucs are loved over in Jolly old England. American Football fans over there will tell you something else. It is a mixed bag as far as fans of teams go over there but the big teams still dominate the market.

I am sure some Man U players will show up in Bucs gear, I am sure the Man U fans will love that. Here read this.

"Between 2003 and 2005, Glazer gradually bought out the shareholders in English Premier League football team Manchester United in a deal that valued the club at around $1.47 billion. The takeover was fiercely opposed by many fans of Manchester United,[20] who organised themselves in the form of the independent Manchester United Supporters' Trust (formerly Shareholders United), partly because the Glazer takeover saddled the club with a large debt (over $850m) and interest that comes with it (approx £60 million a year). The mainly match-going fans object to the escalating ticket prices at a time when the club receives more money than ever from TV and sponsorship deals. In anger at the takeover, thousands of fans failed to renew their season tickets. Many of these got together to set up a new club called F.C. United of Manchester. The new protest club has had great success which includes three successive promotions in three years while attracting gates of well over 2000 fans each week, with a record attendance of 6023.[21] Anti-Glazer songs and chants are still regularly heard at away games across the country.[citation needed] Since 2005 the ticket prices at Old Trafford have been increased by over 42% (12.3% then 14% then 11%)."

"The protests were evident on March 10, 2010, with the Champions League match, and with the football business successfully concluded, United's supporters conducted a protest against the Glazer family, with huge banners unfurled around Old Trafford and thousands of green and gold scarves, the symbol of their discontent, on display. Joel and Avi Glazer were in attendance at Old Trafford. Fletcher's goal interrupted the well-orchestrated demonstration"

Dude if the Man U fans show up to the Bears game, they will not be cheering for the Bucs and the Glazers. It will be the exact opposite. Look for Navy Blue and Orange scarves.

Dude watch the 2009 Pats vs. Bucs game, the Bucs are booed and the Pats are cheered. By the way if you cross over the pond and you get down to Wembley look for a Bears scarf, I am really shocked that the scarf thing never caught on over here. You would figure with a winter sport it would be all the rage.

Here go to about 1:30 and watch from there.
Watch what happens when the Bucs take the field and during the game.

No kidding bear down f-ing haters! Definition of Deja Vu: everyone (sadly including some schmucks who call themselves Bears fans) talk shiz 4 months before the season about how we'll get trounced, and then we F everyone, or lose by the flukeiest of margins (i.e. Dropping NFC title with 3rd string Q to what everyone called "The Best D in Forever!" by a whoping 7pts!!!). Go Bears, see you chimps in the playoffs!!!

Almost forgot Gearhead its at Wembley, the OT army is not gonna march all the way over to Wembley to watch an American football game. For good or bad you won't see many Man U fans there. If they show up people will be affraid, and they probably won't get let in.

However should you find yourself surrounded by a butch of angry looking guys in Black, print what I wrote and use it as a guide line. Oh and refer to Arsenal as the great pretenders. Don't worry about what it means but it can save your life.

Glazer family is probably thrilled its at Wembley then they don't have to worry about the OT fans showing up and protesting them.

Gearheadboy, boy you sure don't know what you are talking about. Since that is the case why pretend??

Creighton, good stuff my friend. Your knowledge of the situation is spot on. Cheers!

When the Bears needed him the most Cutler picked up his crayons and decided he didn't want to play anymore.

The Bears could have won that game against he Pack and they truly needed Cutler to dig deep and get it done, like so many of the top level QB's with guts have done in NFL history.

This coming year will be Cutler's defining year, he will either be champion or never a champion. So far he is mediocre despite the kudos given him for mediocrity in his time in the NFL.

Cutler, yards passing means nothing, championships mean everything.

Make the city of Chicago proud, they deserve another Super Bowl championship.

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