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Mike Martz gets a developmental quarterback

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From Neil Hayes, who doesn't know how to use a computer very well:

Based on offensive coordinator Mike Martz's strong recommendation, the Bears took Idaho quarterback Nathan Enderle in the fifth round (160th overall).

Enderle was a four-year starter in Idaho's pro-style offense and is said to be intelligent and competitive as well as heavy-footed.

He's a project, a developmental quarterback not unlike Dan LeFevour. The Bears selected LeFevour in the sixth round last season before cutting him at the end of training camp. That Martz thought so highly of Enderle was the deciding factor in the Bears selecting a quarterback instead of a linebacker, cornerback, receiver or a player at some other position of greater need.

"Martz went out and worked him out this year and he really fell for the kid in terms of the intangibles," player personnel director Tim Ruskell said.

Enderle completed 56.7 percent of his passes last season for 3,314 yards with 22 touchdowns and 16 interceptions, which Ruskell believes is more attributable to the 6-foot-4, 240-pounder losing the key playmakers that made him more successful as a junior, when he completed 61.5 of his passes with 22 touchdowns and nine interceptions.

"It was awesome when he came out," Enderle said of Martz. "You could tell he had so much football knowledge. He started to tweak with my drop and some other things I was doing just when he was out here."

Here's my question: What's to prevent what happened to LeFevour from happening again?

LeFevour was locked in as the third-string quarterback heading into training camp last summer. Based on his performance during offseason minicamps and early in training camp, he wasn't somebody who would see the field. Then came an injury to backup Caleb Hanie, which meant LeFevour was forced into backup duty long before he was ready.

The Bears responded by signing veteran Todd Collins, resulting in LeFevour being cut late in training camp. He was signed by the Bengals.

The Bears went to training camp with three quarterbacks last season but will likely take four to Bourbonnais this season --- Jay Cutler, Hanie, Matt Gutierrez and Enderle. Ruskell said he and the coaching staff are comfortable with Hanie being the primary backup next season and Martz was intrigued by what he saw from Gutierrez during his brief stint in training camp and wanted to see more.

If Hanie were to get hurt again, their wouldn't be as great a need for a veteran because the more experienced Gutierrez could take over the backup role.

"He's done a good job over the years with guys who maybe weren't at their highest tier," Ruskell said of Martz. "He's done a good job finding these guys and developing these guys. That factored into the decision."

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What in the H**ll is going on around here? We need a LB,CB,G,C and we take a guy that'll never play. Homan and Carter on the board. Sanzenbacher on the board,also Jordan Todman. After such a great start with Carimi and Paea. we follow it up with a couple of free agent types. This is getting depressing.

So here's a question....Can Cutler get in touch with Enderle (or Hanie for that matter) and "accidentally" leave the playbook around for him to make copies of? Seems like a team like the Pats will be doing that with all of their rookies, under the "suggestion" of the coaching staff, unofficially of course. Carimi could have gotten a playbook before the lockout started, but none of the other guys would have gotten one.

Anyway, just a thought.

Was Neil in the Bears draft room on thursday, I don't know, maybe talking to the Ravens at one point, just curious?

Joe players can talk to players and workout together, they can do whatever they want except play football for there teams.

Deja Lefevour I have seen this pick before. I Don't hate the player but its a luxury pick and the Bears don't have the luxury.

I find it humorous that Ruskell points out that Enderle struggles this year because his playmakers were not all that. You would think at one point they would use that insight on there own team.

Bears needs starters:Offensive Tackle, Center, Guard, Linebacker, Number 1 WR, a 3 tech, a 1 tech, Cornerback, Safety

Developmental needs: Offensive Tackle, Linebacker, Quarterback, Running back

Those were the Bears needs coming into the draft, looking for 9 starters and 4 reserves. 13 players.

They got a OT, a 1 tech who thinks he is a 3 tech(that's ok it works for the Tampa 2), a clown for a Safety, a QB and a reserve LB.

With 6 picks they managed to get 5 players(Should I say 7 picks, I mean they did use one pick twice, Neil) 2 of whom will probably be starters. Maybe 3 starters if Cone pans out in the long run. The way I see it the Bears gave away 2-3 picks in this draft. They better hope Conte works out. I think Conte kinda sucks though.

So Bears managed to address 2-3 out of 9 starting needs and 2-4 reserve needs. Picks 3-5 were just stupid moves and picks.

Nathan Enderle has nice size at 6-4 230lbs, put up great numbers as a junior with 2,906yds, 22tds to only 9ints with a 61.5% completion percentage. Enderle's completion percentage dipped a little as a senior probably because he didn't have the same personnel as he did as a junior. Martz's probably likes him because he's a very smart player who has the ability to change protections and plays at the line. He's also good under center, and being 6-4 230lbs, is a big strong player that will stand in the pocket keeping his eyes down field knowing he's gonna take a hit. Doesn't have the strongest arm but is good down in the red zone with his touch passes and fade patterns.

As far as what happened to LeFevour, I don't see that happening to Enderle for a couple reasons. First, LeFevour was a little more hyped than Enderle coming out of college, LeFevour was an exciting player coming out of Central Michigan that a lot of people knew about, if you remember, LeFevour had a big day at the Senior Bowl that I think caught a lot of peoples eyes. Another reason Enderle should be safe on Chicago's practice squad, his senior season, the fact his numbers dipped, completion percentage from 61.5% to 56.7%, and his ints went from 9 in 2009 to 16 in 2010. Them numbers will scare a lot of people away from Enderle, even though a big reason his numbers dipped was due to having more playmakers as a junior vs as a senior. Myself, I think LeFevour was a better QB prospect than Enderle, and Caleb Hanie is better than both, nonetheless, Enderle is a solid prospect who obviousl Martz see's something in, it will be interesting to see him in action whenever that is? GO BEARS!!

Nathan Enderle has nice size at 6-4 230lbs, put up great numbers as a junior with 2,906yds, 22tds to only 9ints with a 61.5% completion percentage. Enderle's completion percentage dipped a little as a senior probably because he didn't have the same personnel as he did as a junior. Martz's probably likes him because he's a very smart player who has the ability to change protections and plays at the line. He's also good under center, and being 6-4 230lbs, is a big strong player that will stand in the pocket keeping his eyes down field knowing he's gonna take a hit. Doesn't have the strongest arm but is good down in the red zone with his touch passes and fade patterns.

As far as what happened to LeFevour, I don't see that happening to Enderle for a couple reasons. First, LeFevour was a little more hyped than Enderle coming out of college, LeFevour was an exciting player coming out of Central Michigan that a lot of people knew about, if you remember, LeFevour had a big day at the Senior Bowl that I think caught a lot of peoples eyes. Another reason Enderle should be safe on Chicago's practice squad, his senior season, the fact his numbers dipped, completion percentage from 61.5% to 56.7%, and his ints went from 9 in 2009 to 16 in 2010. Them numbers will scare a lot of people away from Enderle, even though a big reason his numbers dipped was due to having more playmakers as a junior vs as a senior. Myself, I think LeFevour was a better QB prospect than Enderle, and Caleb Hanie is better than both, nonetheless, Enderle is a solid prospect who obviousl Martz see's something in, it will be interesting to see him in action whenever that is? GO BEARS!!

What started out so promising less than 48 hours ago has turned into a complete waste. Sean, I understand that you have to write this stuff, but the garbage that is being spewed forth makes a landfill look empty.

"If Hanie were to get hurt again, their wouldn't be as great a need for a veteran because the more experienced Gutierrez could take over the backup role." Ok, where does that leave Enderle? IN THE SAME SPOT AS LEFEVOUR!! If this kid shows anything at all, he won't make it through waivers. So, you either have to cut Gutierrez and make this kid the 3rd string QB, or cut this kid and pray he makes it through.

"Mike Martz gets a developmental QB." Come on...Mike Martz has been looking for a HC position since before the ink dried on his Bear's contract. He's not going to "develop" anyone. His main "deveopmental" project SHOULD be Jay Cutler. Helping him to improve on the strides he made last year.

This management staff is nothing but a joke. 2 years in a row this team has had so many glaring needs and they have had limited draft choice resources and they draft like they were the Patriots who had extra picks in every round. IF and I mean a big IF...the Bears had multiple picks in rounds 2, & 3 and they had addressed the WR, CB, and C positions, then maybe you splurge on a QB. When they took Conte, there was still the CB from TX Curtis Brown on the board and this guy lit up the combine. You couldn't get Sanders to shut up about him. Devon House was also on the board {went to the Packers with last pick of 4th round} as well as the WR Doss. Both of those CB prospects are better than what the Bears have on their roster right now with maybe the exception of Tillman.

There are a couple of UDFA's out there that I would like to see the Bear's bring in. I didn't see Tim Barnes drafted at all unless I missed something. Also the center from Oregon St. is still out there as well as Zane Taylor. There are a couple of decent WR's out there, 1 of which I think the Bears were interested in. Terrrence Tolliver from LSU and Tori Gurley from SC. Also that Ricardo Lockette kid has good size and speed combo.

Leave it to Jerry & Co to take the wind out of every Bear's fans sail on one of the most anticipated weekends of the year.

Well. The top 2 picks better be something else, or this draft is a screw up again. I don't mind the round 6 pick. At that point, you figure you are filling a special teams contributor. You have to be extremely lucky to get a good player out of the 6th round.

But what happened to rounds 3 and 5? There were lineman available. They still needed lineman. Why not go for broke in the trenches? Sure, you may strike out. But Jets picked a guy with tremendous potential in Ellis right after the Bears grabbed Conte. Sure, he may have ended up with a weight problem, but he also could have been a defensive cog in the middle of your line.

And there wasn't a decent guard or center available in the 5th round, ala Nicks in NO? C'mon man.

If Carimi and Peae end up good (meaning this year), then Angelo did good. But he, once again, opened the door for criticism with the picks in rounds 3 and 5. Those are 2 guys who have little chance of contributing this year.

I guess they are banking on free agency (when/if that happens) for bolstering the lines again.

I've often said that Angelo isn't the total moron that many people on this blog make him out to be; he's only half moron. And this draft pretty much sums that up. Great job with the first two picks, then it goes from suspect (Conte in the 3rd round), to totally stupid (Enderle in the 5th). It'll be four years before this kid either plays or gets traded, and that's a best case scenario. What a waste.

I've read some of the comments and what I don't get is this: How do any of you know that Enderle won't be any good? Honestly, who out there has actually watched him lead that Idaho offense?

Yes, his statistics aren't very good. But, he's a big kid with a strong arm and quick release. I don't know whether he's going to amount to anything, either. But, I think it's dangerous and premature to cast judgement on him and the Bears scouting staff for taking him.

Last year, they obviously erred, in bringing in LeFevour, releasing him, watching him go to the Bengals then enduring Todd Collins. But, they did learn that Hanie is pretty solid. And as good teams like the Packers and Patriots have proven, there's nothing wrong with trying to develop talent at the quarterback position.

Martz does have a solid track record of developing guys, and while he's only got a year left, who knows what his future holds beyond that.

Just a few thoughts.

What do you guys think about how the rest of the NFC North did?

I think the Lions have put themselves right back in the picture if not more. Fairley and Lashore is big. Pack always seem to do good. Minny heading south.
As far as your comment, you just said Hanie is pretty good. and cutler is the franchise. position is taken care of. so go fill all those other holes.We had the chance to, but didn/t.
and that's why we're all disgusted.

I watched Enderle for 4 years. You will never see a harder worker and a guy more willing to carry the team. I believe that's something your current qb is lacking. This author also fails to say that Enderle got sacked 50+ times during his senior season. With no offensive line, no recievers, and a half a running back, Joe Montana couldn't have put up great numbers. His junior year, Enderle had an o-linemen get drafted, they had two receivers get drafted and had a RB get drafted. Take that away and the guy still has a 50+ completion percentage. You guys don't know how lucky you are to have a guy like that joining your team. You also just got a bunch of bear fans in the North West.

I just really feel like they had two great picks, and then two really questionable picks. And then the last pick was okay. I think the real punch in the gut was the third round pick, Conte Had they drafted a highly touted guard or cornerback or maybe even a wide receiver we could have accepted the last two picks a lot easier. If Conte plays well then everything is forgiven, but if he turns into another wasted Rosevelt Williams pick, JA/TR better look out.

Thanks, Chris. Great insight, since you saw so many games. Nolan Nawrocki of Pro Football Weekly questioned his leadership skills. Did you think that was a problem? And what other intangible things stood out or didn't stand out?

Well, I was kind of considering giving up on football after the five yard kickoff rule change, but I got wind about the draft so I thought I'd check it out.

I like the first two picks, I see solid but not spectacular contributors and that's just fine. Carimi doesn't have to be all pro just decent and he'll end up being the best player on the line, as well as a step in the right direction with the whole youth infusion thing.

As for taking this QB and Chris Conte...what the?

Who is Chris Conte? I mean, I'm looking for highlights on this guy and there's nothing. He looks weaker and smaller than freakin' Craig Steltz! Steltz! By the way, Steltz actually had highlights from his college days and we all know how he turned out. Maybe Conte will be good, I don't know, but a third rounder? Really?

Sean, how ya' doing by the way? Still with the Bears I see. Anyway, to address your disbelief, think about it. Jay Cutler was the most sacked QB in the NFL last year. In that Giants game, a record was broken in one half when he was sacked nine times. Kreutz and Garza are either done or near the end of their careers, Omiyale isn't anything special, Webb's an untested rookie who may or may not improve (probably will), and then there's Chris Williams; the only lineman I've seen get thrown to the ground multiple times in a season.

So as it stands, the worst offensive line in the NFL gets one new player. Who in their right minds would leave it at that? They need to throw multiple picks at that monstrosity especially with how the rest of the teams in our division are enhancing their D-lines.

Now, you wondered about Enderle being a good player. Does that matter? The team is built to win now. The QB position is fine, it's not in need of a critical overhaul like the o-line. A corner would be nice too with Tillman getting older, just like a big WR. These last few picks after round two just don't seem to be competent attempts at filling the needs that could put this team over the top in 2012.

Woah, am I actually agreeing with Gearheadboy?

So Kevin is so excited he is double posting, Kevin read the article next time, your just repeating what Neil wrote.

Gearhead, Sean did not write the article Neil did, Sean just posted it for him because the scary magic picture copy info machine scares Neil. It's not a total waste, you got a couple of quality players, better to blow the late picks then the early ones. Its not like you excpect a lot out of players taken in rounds 5-7. Giving away the 4th and wasting the third rounder that's the bad part.

The fact that they could have had Cannon in round 4 and as a 4th round pick you can give him a year to two years to develop and get healthy. That just killed me.

Looking at round 2 the Bears traded up 8 spots.

First Eagles were not looking D-Line at all.
Chiefs were looking Hudson all the way and are not about to take a 4-3 guy.
No threat to go to the Pats.
Lions already got their guy
Ravens were not about to miss Torrey Smith
Browns already drafted defensive linemen 2 of them
Texans were not going D-Line again either, plus he doesn't fit the system
Chargers already took Liuget, not about to take his lesser clone.
Redskins clearly didn't want him for a 3-4 defense, plus they would not have traded the pick.

Bears were dying to give away that 4th rounder all draft. Worst case, the Bears could have drafted McClain who they loved or Jurrell. Either way they blew that 4th round pick for no reason. They panicked when KC was ahead of them and thought htey would take Carimi, which I can understand. But then they freaked out again when Austin was taken and jumped up for no reason.

The Bears better have a big FA. One player does not fix the worst line in football. And I don't want to see the usual Bargin basement FA's he throws at the line while D-Line gets a Peppers. I want a solid young player ala Marshal Yanda, 6-4 315 pounds a very good young RG who is good enough to be a RT. Only 26 years old, a 4 year starter, line him up next to Carimi and you got that young vet Rookie mix that all teams love. He also plays in a similar system to Chicago.

I think the problem is that the Bears do not set their draft board like other teams. They identify targets for their spot, and then react to what other teams are doing. Carimi, they tried to trade up, and they did trade up for Paea after Austin was drafted.

They seemed to have no idea what to do when their picks came up in the 3rd, 5th, and 6th. Conte would not have gone before the end of the 3rd, and probably not until well into the 4th. Could they have traded back and still taken him? Maybe, maybe not. But they could have taken much higher value at positions of need, such as LB, CB, WR, or OL. I didn't realize a safety converted from corner that has range is a unicorn, because it sure looked like 4 or 5 other teams drafted guys like that in the 6th and 7th round....

It almost seems like we prepare ourselves for a couple of potential home runs, and then don't know what to do next when we don't get a pitch to hit. McClain, Pettis, and Hankerson all went off the board in the 3rd, and it's like we didn't plan out that scenario. Enderle was taken probably where he needed to be because of Yates going early in the 5th, which surprised me, but we got nothing for our real needs. Can Thomas start at strongside LB, or play well enough for Briggs to move over on 1st and 2nd down to the strong side? I doubt it. From what it sounds like, he is Leon Joe....all athlete, no ability to read and diagnose.

But we got no center, no guard, no corner, no wide receiver, and only one DL player. Yet Angelo comes on the Bears web site and says they managed to fill most of their major needs considering where they were picking. Several other teams parlayed their meager collection of picks into a pretty full draft. All we managed to do was tick off Ozzie Newsome and the entire Ravens organization for not making a phone call to the league. No harm, no foul, but it certainly does not look good for a guy who already has a terrible rep for the draft. There will be a lot of teams who will not consider us as a trading partner in the future, unless we give up more than fair value (which Jerry routinely does anyway).

I really liked the Carimi and Paea picks, but after that, as usual, the wheels came off when the 2 or 3 guys we had planned didn't work out. Prepared teams have a full draft board...Does Jerry work off an Etch-a-Sketch?

Let me get this out of the way first "MIKE!!!" I agreed with Brando one I got a nose bleed. Just sayin.

How did hte wrest of the North do. Well I think FA is going ot have a big impact on all the teams.

I'll start With the Lions Sean. Nick Fairley lining up next to Suh, this bad on so many different levels, good luck with that Bears old crappy interior line. I think they got Titus young because they saw what Welker did to the Bears, he is a compliment to Johnson and will kill the Bears out of the slot in the coming years. Leshoure gives them a legit power back, my question is who is going ot run block for him on the inside? They need interior help on the line and their secondary sucks, that said I have a feeling they are going to fix that secondary real soon. Safety and CB are just rich in FA this year. They need a guard in a big way and will probably address that in FA as well. I think they got 3 starters and a couple of special team players. They had the strongest draft in the north in terms of instant impact. B+ getting three wuality starters is always a good thing.

The Viqueens: What can you say other than they got a WCO QB who is going to need a couple of years. The Rudolph pick is just like whatever, yo ualready had a great TE, double TE sets are not that great of a thing just ask Ron Turner. Burton, Ballard and Love were good picks with Love moving inside. They got a bunch of specia lteams help with the late picks. But Ponder will not be an instant impact this year, and 2 TE sets don't wow me a number 2 TE with a second round pick seems like a waste. They needed Safety help and Moore was on the board, Ijilana would have been a better pick, Paea would have been a good pick with Williams pretty muc h done, Brandon Harris or Torrey Smith all would have been much better picks. C wasting a second round pick is wasting a second round pick, Ponder is a project, the grade could be a B if Ponder turns out ok.

The Packers: I am not a Sherrod fan but he fits their Zone scheme I wonder where he will play though. Cobb was a good pick again another team looking to attack the Bears in the Nickle. Packers can make Chicken Salad out of Chicken you know what when it comes to running backs and they got a decent multi threat back, who fits their system really well. Packers seem to know DB talent better than anyone and the rich got richer with Devon House. I can't figure out how they are going to use Williams. They got some guys who will become nice Backups in the long run, more of a long term draft then instant impact class. No real wow factor. B-, solid draft but not special. my have gotten 4 starters but Cobb and House will be depth for a couple of years. SHerrod may not start next year as well.

As for the Bears they got 2 possible starters in Carimi, Paea, but then they basically gave away a 4th round pick, caused a controversy, seriously reached on a third round pick, then of course Angelo comes out and puts a ton of pressure on him by comparing him to Sehorn and Lynch why not just add Ed Reed to the mix. Had no reason to draft a 5th round QB other than Mike Martz wants a new toy to play with while Tice calls all the plays. Here Martzy Martzy, Daddy Angelo got you a new QB to play with, meowww, thats a good Martzy. I give them a C-C+ two solid players and then Angelo driven chaos.


Detroit made a strength stronger with Fairley, and added a decent RB. They might get to 8 or 9 wins next year.

MInnesota went for broke at the QB position. They might be a 5 win team like last year if their QB sucks again. Or, if their QB produces, they, all of a sudden, have a ton of weapons if they re-sign Rice.

GB seemed to simply pick the best player available. Even if they struck out on the entire draft, they have 15 guys coming back from the injured list. YIKES!!

Overall, I think the Bears improved the most in the areas they drafted in the first 2 rounds. The Lions will still have trouble protecting an unproven, often-injured QB. They didn't really help their position of need that much. Minnesota drafted its position of need, but they need luck on their side to have a good year. The Packers needed no new talent.

As I said before, if Carimi and Paea end up as major contributors this season, then the Bears did the best of the NFC North in the draft to improve areas of weakness. My frustration with the picks in rounds 3 and 5, is they selected players resembling a luxury to have. The problem is, the Bears don't seem to have the luxury to have luxury selections. I would have rather seen them go for 2 more lineman, and hope they pan out.

Maybe next year, they can draft for luxury.


As others have said, it doesn't matter how could this kid is, he's the last thing the Bears needed. Cutler is the starter and Hanie has proved to be a capable backup. Even if they try to develop this guy as trade bait that would mean he has to get into a game to prove himself, and Lovie has shown time and again that he'd rather pick some washed up veteran off the street who has "experience" than let a young player play and gain some experience. I think Martz made this pick so that when he's a head coach somewhere else in a couple years, he can pluck Enderle from the Bears and hit the ground running.


It's true that the teams ahead of the Bears may not have taken Paea, but that doesn't mean someone else wouldn't have traded up to snag him before the Bears picked. I think trading the 4th rounder was a good call.

Some great points, guys.

But like I mentioned on Twitter, it's the fifth and sixth round. You can't count on players selected in those rounds to fill holes. The Bears still have free agency and, relatively speaking, they don't have to fill any major, major holes. Sure, they'd like a tall receiver but there are a couple who could come at a bargain price. They don't need a go-to receiver, and they'll obviously take more of a committee approach because of the production of Knox (close to 1,000 yards), Hester, Bennett and Olsen. And let's not forget Kellen Davis and the fact that Forte is going to catch a ton of balls.

I'm going to address needs soon.

But my point is, they see something with that quarterback Enderle, and I don't think it's a problem spending a fifth-round pick to see if they have something. Look, if we see in a few years that a bunch of players selected behind Enderle become studs, then you can second-guess. But the reality is, those later picks can't be counted on.

Yes, Hanie is the backup to Cutler for this season. But Hanie may do anything possible, when he gets his chance -- depending on new CBA -- to bolt and not stay Cutler's backup.

Creighton, the Bears probably targeted Marvin Austin and Steve Paea. Once Austin went, they decided not to take the risk -- thinking lightning doesn't strike twice, since they got lucky with Carimi -- and gave up the fourth-rounder to get Paea. Frankly, I think that was very, very smart. No, you can't read too much into a Combine record 49 reps in the bench press. But, if you ever watched him play, Paea has some juice. So what's his hang up? He's kind of short for the position. But he's Tongan; what he gives up vertically he makes up for horizontally!

Just a few thoughts. Enjoying the dialogue.


I have read the comments as well and I don't really see where anyone is questioning Enderle himself. It is just the pick in general. As I said before, when is Martz going to develop this guy? Right now he can't even speak with him and this labor situation seems to be getting worse, not better. You sort of knew that was going to happen when it hit the courts. When they do eventually get this worked out, there is going to be such a rush to get FA's and get system's ironed out and "rust" removed, that there won't be time there. And when they go to camp that is all about the starters and high round draft picks. Lower rounds get their chance on special teams, late in pre-season games, and if there is an injury, but the first two don't apply to late round QB's.


You don't think other QB "mentors" out there haven't seen the tape of this kid's Jr. year? Say a Sean Payton, Mike McCarthey, Mike Holmgren, Mike Shannahan, or Jason Garrett? They can all put 2+2 together and if they want him, take him. Really the only way the Bears can "protect" him would be to place him on IR, but that would prohibit him from practicing with the team.


Tell us again how lucky we are to have a guy who won't see the field, probably won't be on the active roster come September 1, and {by no fault of his own, mind you} takes a draft slot that could have been used on a player that could help the Bears alot more. Demarcus Love was taken 8 slots later by a division opponent, no less. Keep your fans in the NW, give me a big A##, mauling guard.

As for Grades:

Detroit: {A.} Not only have they learned how to draft, but they do it to not only help their team, but also with a mind to attack their division opponents. Fairley and Suh? Wow. The only consolation is that if both become studs, then most likely, Detroit will be forced to choose between one or the other in a few years. But until then, these guys will be a force. They get a pounding RB to compliment Best.

Green Bay: {B+} In the first round they got a project. I don't think Sherrod can play inside, and he, like Solder, isn't strong enough to play either tackle position. But, with some added strength, he could turn out to be a very nice tackle with the 32nd pick. Devon House was a steal with the last pick of the 4th round. Another big, physical corner to bully Knox and Hester. The RB out of Hawai'i was a little bit of a reach.

Minnesota {B-} Hey, as a Bear's fan, I was glad to see the Ponder pick. But they sort of had to do it with the labor issue. I like the rudolph pick and they as well add some size to their defensive backfield with two corners who are idealy suited for the cover 2. Demarcus Love could be an eventual replacement for Hutchinson.

Chicago {C-} Love the Carimi Pick. And its not that I don't like Paea. I do. I just don't like giving up a 4th to move up when he probably would have been there AND McClain was still there. Didn't address WR, G/C, or CB. Those are going to come back to haunt them. Creighton was right. For whatever reason, that 4th round pick was like a 10 dollar bill in a drunk's pocket. It was burning a hole in it.

Mike....I told them where to look for you....they wouldn't listen...I said..."hey Creighton, go look under all the pizza boxes and empty 2 liters", who am I kidding, I would love a pizza from one of my favorite Chicago area pizza joints right about now. Good to have all the regulars back.

I have no problem with Paea being picked as I have pointed out several times. But the Bears need to know the draft board better so they don't go giving up 4th round picks. Nothing smart about giving away a free pick. As I pointed out its not hard to look at those teams and know he was not being picked. In the case of Carimi I got the move, KC had scouted him heavily.

As for Paea's ability, I never said he was small. He's 300 pounds, I was just trying to point out that Bench doesn't translate to field skill. I have watched a lot of his highlights, and I get why the Bears took him. He plays the run like a Mike, which is funny cause he wears 54. He is very good in lateral pursuit, very fast, doesn't look like a 300 pound player not cause he is small but he is dense. Not very smooth but quick fast and explosive. His pass rush consists of slipping and bull rushing and thats about it. He is stout at the point of attack.

All that said he lacks any real tech, a lot of his sacks and tfl's came when he was unblocked, OSU had one of the worst defenses in the country and he was the anchor. Of his 14 sacks over the last three years 5 of them came against UCLA, he had 1 against USC and 2 against Stanford. He is very Raw and he belongs at the 1 tech until he is coached up. I think he can play either position in the long run, but right now he has no real pass rush repertoire, he is just quick off the ball. I think what Lovie really likes about Paea is not his pass rushing, he is disruptive against the run which is good, he plays laterally which is good in the Tampa 2, oh and he is really good at stripping the ball and forcing fumbles.

Sean you didn't say anything about the third round pick? Oh you just don't give away 5th on a luxery pick. Not on a team like the Bears, as Mulligan wrote the Bears are set to lose most of there special team stars, one of the major focuses of the Bears is outstanding special teams, and one reason they have an outstanding special teams is because they draft for special teams in the 5-7 rounds somtimes in the second and third rounds. They picked up two guys to play special teams in Conte and the LB. Looking at the Bears history they have done a nice job with round pick, Johnny Knox, Justin Guage, Corey Graham, Kellen Davis, some players yet to be determined, while you won't get stars I think the 5th round is still good enough to find starters and key contributers. Again the QB was nothing more than a Luxery pick. How about they finish developing Hanie first. He is a third string Rookie, your not gonna get any contribution from him unless there is a disaster.

I totally agree that FA is going ot be big for them, that is if they spend the big bucks. Personally I think it is better to build through the Draft like the Packers and Steelers. But what does that say about your ability to draft when you always ahve to go into FA to get your best players.

By the way did you read Hayses piece on Angelo today. That's all you need to know about this draft. Also Sean what is your grade on the north who do you think did the best?

It appears that the Conte and the Enderle pick were viewed as poor picks by the majority of the above group.

Time will tell, although Conte comes from the Peoples Republic of Berkeley (University of California) they still play in a tough conference and play against some pretty good QBs and WR's. Conte is a better player than this group is giving him credit to be. The value a top level free safety brings to a defense really can be a huge difference in the performance of that defense. The Bears free safety play has been poor for a number of years after Mike Brown's decline, although last year they were OK. There is a good chance that D Manning will be lured away by another NFL team for a few reasons,first he is becoming a better safety both at free and strong and he offers a team a kick return threat. Will the Bears secure him after the lock out or match a large offer for Manning? We have to remember that this is the Bears, they don't usually overspend. If perchance Conte turns into the real deal and maybe in the next few years approached the level of a Mike Brown then the Bears will be "Winning" as Charlie Sheen would say.

It appears to me that Major Wright has strong safety written into his future with the Bears. He seems to be a far better fit as a Strong Safety. Therefore this pick for Chris Conte if it turns out well could be a great pick, Time will tell.

Now for Enderle, lets just put it this way. The great teams seem to always have a good to great QB in the wings and the Bears have really never had any developmental ability since the late 50's with their QB's. The Forty Winers had Montana and Young as a backup and Favre was a backup to Makowski and Favres backup Aaron Rodgers just won the Superbowl. Tom Brady was a backup and a 6th round pick. Montana a 3rd rounder, Favre a 2nd rounder.

The Bears finally are getting it in regards to the absolute necessity to develop a QB behind the starter and that the consistently good teams usually do this as part of their culture.

Cutler, although he is exceptionally talented, so far he is still ranked statistically in the middle of the pack of QB's around the league. I know that the O line and lack of great WRs has hurt Cutler's overall performance but also his decision making also has hurt him and the Bears as well.

It is never too early to place emphasis on developing the QB position to a level of strength which it now appears the Bears are committed to do and I applaud them for this effort.

Good Video of Paea in action, you can see he is quick off the snap, disruptive, plays both tackle positions, really gets after the run game and collapses the pocket.

However you also see he gets out of position a lot and misses some tackles, you also he can strip the ball, that is were his strength comes into play. He plays very very low, he is like a young Olin Kreutz on defense, that's a good thing. He wins his battles at the line more time than not. He explodes foward in whatever direction he is facing, but he does not change direction well, that's why he misses tackles

The dumbest thing I read about him said he lacks the abilty to chace down running backs from behind. I have seen this in every review of him. Really the 300 DT can't chace down the 2010 pound 4.4 running backs? No kidding. Lack of agility and change of direction plus a lack of pass rush moves means he is probably not a natural 3 tech. If he plays there he plays there but I see him as a very good 1 tech who can collapse the pocket, draw double teams(which is what the 1 tech is suppose to do in the Tampa 2)shut down the A gap, stop the run up the middle or force it to the outside. With his agility I think he would struggle running TEX games at the three tech, whihc the Bears like to do. He will play down and he will hustle after the runner. You should see the play were he explodes off the line misses the tackle but takes the runner down with hand, and gets the strip as well, he yanked down a 210 pound back while off balance running past like he was a rag doll. Dude is country strong. Gets good leverage with that build but he also has short arms.

There is nothing wrong with drafting a QB. The Bears need to have a developmental QB on the roster. Always. Period. If they don't, they waste part of the value of having a stable QB situation in having Cutler. It gives them the luxury of having a kid in the wings who can be a real asset down the road. Collins in hindsight, was a mistake that cost them a potential asset last year. I get why they had to do it, but it did cost them a development opportunity.

You take the shot and if they can play, these guys are not only insurance, they are great bargaining chips. You can turn a late round pick, or undrafted free agent, into a high pick a couple years later. Orton was a success because Denver wanted him in the Cutler trade. He has given them good value in that trade too.

Hanie is reaching the end of his first contract. They will need to sign him, trade him, or cut him in the next year. When they do, they need another kid with a year or two experience to fill that role and follow the cycle again.

They need the next Hanie. At worst you always have a cheap backup. That's all they can afford with a francise QB already on the roster. At best you find a Tony Romo or somebody.

Burning a late round pick on a young QB is a good move in concept. The only question is if Enderle has the talent to play in the league. HIs numbers at the combine are not encouraging, but obviously Martz likes him. Martz has seen a lot of NFL quarterbacks, you have to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Hey Creighton, how ya' doing buddy? Getting along nicely with the regulars on here?

And I see even Gearhead is happy to see me? Hmm, I guess hell could use a cold day every once in a while.

Tier 1 havin fun, Legacy of the ST6 go DEVGRU

Just a salute to the few of the the Gold and Blue.

Lower your heads boys real men have just acted.

Glad your back man, was wondering what happened to you, I put a shout out there to you right before the draft.

Glad to see your back, as for the blog, you know me always popular with the ladies.

Speaking of which got some news for you. Brando changed his name to Brandy and he and Kevin are engaged. They like to go by the name Kandy, you may want to give them a shout out.

What else? Oh Kevin, Brandy, MDKevin and MsBearsfan have formed their own cheer squad the "New Age Honey Bears" You really got to see them live to appreciate this.

I have been doing my best to corrupt Neil and Sean, made some good progress, I am bringing them over to the darkside one of these days. Seeing some of the old schoolers back on the board over the last few days is always good, but you Wrig and I am leaving someone out showing up is always good. Me and Joe will probably always be around but its always good to have the other fans in the know show up.

Oh and something happened to the trib blog, that seems to be gone.

Almost forgot Bears just had a draft. Guess what Angelo did? Yep you guesed it. If anyone was listening to the radio Hub just stuck it to Jerry. Oh and he says Chris Conte will be gone in 2 years. He wonders why Jerry and Lovie keep looking for John Lynch when they should just take the best player available and by no means was Conte that guy. He also wonders why they keep drafting Safeties who are liabilities in pass coverage. He thought hte Bears should have gone O-line and taken Marcus Cannon who was first round talent that won't play next year but has All pro potential at guard. Imagne that, the Bears are desperate for O-Line help and they take one offensive linman and use 4 picks to get 3 defensive players.

Oh and Bin Laden is dead. So no matter what the first weekday after the draft is a great day. I am a little high on the happy right now and have not slept yet.

It's so nice to finally see all the regulars back posting. I know last year was my first year of regular posting, and I've missed it since the season ended but I got tired of all the so called fans blogging. They really had nothiing to say, so I hope to continue being a regular blogger with the likes of Creighton, Joe , Gearhead, Mike, Kevin, and even Brando. I hope we can have some good comments through out the season.

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