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Gut reaction: Hayes has Bears finishing 10-6. You?

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Mock drafts are being produced every 15 seconds this time of year, proving that it's never too early for meaningless prognostications. With that in mind, I've broken down the 2011 schedule and predict the Bears will finish 10-6 next season -- if the lockout ever ends.

Frankly, I'm a little more optimistic than I thought I would be, thanks largely to the problems the Vikings could have getting their new quarterback up to speed during the lockout and the Bears facing AFC West opponents next season.

Anyway, Here's what I think. Let me know what you think.

Sept. 11: Atlanta Falcons at Bears, 12 noon.

Comment: Lovie Smith's teams usually perform well in openers. WIN

Sept. 18: Bears at New Orleans Saints, 12 noon

Comment: Saints will have extra time to prepare after opening against Packers on Thursday night. LOSS

Sept. 25: Green Bay Packers at Bears, 3:15, p.m.

Comment: 2010 proved Bears don't match up well against rivals. LOSS

Oct. 2: Carolina Panthers at Bears, 12 noon

Comment: Bears even record against Ron Rivera's team. WIN

Oct. 10: Bears at Detroit Lions, 7:30 p.m.

Comment: Lions lose on first "Monday Night Football" appearance since 2001. WIN

Oct. 16: Minnesota Vikings at Bears, 7:20 (Sunday Night Football)

Comment: It will be tough for Vikes to get new QB up to speed during lockout. WIN

Oct. 23: Bears at Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 12 noon.

Comment: If played in London it will be like home game for Bears. WIN

Oct. 30: BYE

Nov. 7: Bears at Philadelphia Eagles, 7:30 p.m.

Comment: Michael Vick gets revenge in Monday Night showdown. LOSS

Nov. 13: Lions at Bears, 12 noon

Comment: Lions better but not good enough. WIN

Nov. 20: San Diego Chargers at Bears, 3:15 p.m.

Comment: Philip Rivers can carve up any secondary. LOSS

Nov. 27: Bears at Raiders, 3:05 p.m.

Comment: Expect Raiders to take step sideways. WIN

Dec. 4: Kansas City Chiefs at Bears, 12 noon

Comment: Bears edge improving Chiefs at home. WIN

Dec. 11: Bears at Denver Broncos, 3:05 p.m.

Comment: Jay Cutler gets last laugh in homecoming. WIN

Dec. 18: Seattle Seahawks at Bears, 12 noon

Comment: Same result as 2010 Divisional Playoff game. WIN

Dec. 25: Bears at Packers, 7:20 p.m.

Comment: Mike Martz's offense struggled against Pack in 2010. LOSS

Jan 1: Bears at Vikings, 12 noon.

Comment: New QB should have settled in by now. LOSS

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Here's my take on 2011.

Sept. 11: Falcons @ Bears- This is Chicago's first home opener since 2004, yeah, they win.

Sept, 18: Bears @ Saints- Saints win, the game is in New Orleans, and like Neil said, the Saints got that extra time to prepare.

Sept, 25: Packers @ Bears- Had Cutler stayed healthy, Bears would have won the Super Bowl, Bears win and Cutler has a big day!

Oct, 2: Panthers @ Bears- New Coach, probably new QB, Bears win.

Oct, 10: Bears @ Lions- This is a contract season for Calvin Johnson, this could be the season where Johnson becomes the leagues best, Lions win.

Oct, 16: Vikings @ Bears- No legit QB for the Vikes, Bears win.

Oct, 23: Bears & Buccaneers in London- I'm still not sold on Bucs QB Josh Freeman, Bears win.

Oct, 30: BYE

Nov, 7: Bears @ Eagles- I look for Eagles 3rd year receiver Jeremy Maclin to have a break out season, this is that magic 3rd year for J-Mac, (most receivers don't really come on till year 3) Eagles win.

Nov, 13: Lions at Bears- Lions QB Matt Stafford will have his normal yearly injury by now, Bears win.

Nov, 20: Chargers @ Bears- If Ron Rivera is the coach many of us know he is, Chargers defense is gonna lose some of their bite, Bears win at home.

Nov, 27: Bears @ Raiders- I actually like the Raiders running back combo of Darren McFadden & 245lb bruiser Michael Bush, and if they were on any other team in the league, they could be special....they're not, Bears win.

Dec, 4:Chiefs @ Bears- Chiefs QB Matt Cassel is a lot better than I thought he could be...or is he? Chiefs runner Jamaal Charles is explosive, but I say Bears edge em at home 10-6 Bears.

Dec, 11: Bears @ Bronocos- Denver should stick with Orton at QB, he's better than Tebow will ever be, Bears win.

Dec, 18: Seahawks @ Bears- Seahawks 2nd year left tackle Russell Okung will make the Pro-Bowl, unfortunately for the Hawks, no one else on their offense will, Bears win.

Dec, 25: Bears @ Packers- Bears will split with the Pack this season, Pack wins at home.

Jan 1: Bears @ Vikings- Bears will go for win #12 to clinch the North for the second year in a row, Bears win. GO BEARS!!

Neil why are you refering to yourself in the third person? "The Hayes says this" "The Bears are gonna be a Jabroni Beatin, Pie Eaten, a## kicken, Packer Whippen, wreaking machine"

You don't be stealing my third person speak Neil.

The Creighton says this to the Hayes. You like writing things down Neil well write this down. Know your role and shut your mouth! How you gonna pick the Bears to go 10-6? What kind of Roody Poo candy ass pick is that?

Just kidding Neil, the "Hayes" in the title thing is killing me.

Ummm as for the record I don't agree with some of your points.

In 2009 the Bears lost their opening game to the pack on the road, and last year they Beat the Lions at home, but I would not call it a good performance.

I would actually flip the Saints and Atlanta win/loss. Bears could be 1-3 or 2-2 after first 4 games. I'll go with 2-2.

I got the Bears beating the Chargers, I think the defense will struggle without Rivera just like the Chicago defense did right after he left. Chargers O-Line is a mess and they are probably losing their 2 best recievers. Plus not much of a running game. Bears play one demensional teams well most of the time.

I got the Chiefs Beating the Bears, they can run and throw and the Bears have been known to struggle with balanced offenses. Pioli has that team looking pretty good and they are pretty solid at drafting these days.

As for the last game of the season Bears at Vikings. Your right they will have a new QB settled in and then Peppers will unsettle him. Bears win.

This is all very tenative on my part considering the draft has not happened yet or FA and its way to early, but for fun I will give the Bears 11-5 at this point. And i am totally looking forward to that London game. I wish it was someone other than the Bucs just for the hype. Could you imagine Bears vs. Packers in London, or NYJ, or Steelers? That would be insane.

Is there some way to leave a wake-up call for the end of this off-season?

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